Interview with Birt of Team FiRE!



Wed 25th Sep 2019 - 7:47pm

On the weekend of September 11th, 80 of the world's best teams competed in the Apex Preseason Invitational in Kraków, Poland. Teams played their hardest over the course of three days in order to gain the title of Apex Predator and earn top dollar. Today, we sat down with one of the competitors, Mitchell "Birt" Casey of Team FiRE to talk about his experience in the event and, of course, some good ole Apex Legends.

Do you mind telling us how you became a member of Team FiRE?

Birt: Urban and I were approached by Team FiRE shortly after the EXP Invitational in Minneapolis. We were in the process of finding a team to represent for the Preseason Invitational a month later. After a couple meetings with Team FiRE, we realised that our goals aligned with theirs, so we decided that we wanted to be involved with them moving forward into the future of Apex Legends.

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Birt: I main Pathfinder. The first thing that drew me towards Pathfinder was the complexity of his movement. I have always been interested by different characters movement in games, and the fact that Pathfinder has so many little tricks that can help him in different scenarios in game was super cool to me!

As a pro player, you may do a lot of scrimmaging and practicing for events. Can you tell us what a typical day is like for you when you’re getting ready for an upcoming event?

Birt: When there is an upcoming event, a typical day for me I would describe as full. In the weeks leading up to an event, my days consist of playing a lot of Apex. Usually I start off by warming up with 30 minutes to an hour of Kovaaks, followed by pubs for an hour or two. Following that, I join up with the team, we play scrims for the night and usually ranked for a couple hours after that. Every couple days, we usually do a review of one of our scrim days and try to pinpoint large mistakes we consistently make in order to correct them.

September 17th marked the end of the Voidwalker event, giving us a cool story about Wraith. If Respawn were to run another event like this, who do you want to see as the character of choice?

Birt: I would like to see an event centered around Caustic. I personally really like Caustic's aesthetic and he seems to have a really cool backstory that I would like to see more of.

As Season 2 comes to a close, what are your thoughts on how the season went (any criticisms, things that could’ve gone better, highlights)?

Birt: Season 2 went pretty well. They ran into some hiccups earlier on in the season although, to their credit, they were able to fix them pretty quickly. The ranked system early on was super fun and interesting, but after a lot of people started hitting Apex Predator, the quality of the matches declined. It became more of a pub style gameplay. Late into the season, ranked has essentially become a fast-paced push-fest which is not what I personally envision a high-ranked match to be.

Building off of that, what are you hoping Season 3 brings for players?

Birt: I hope that Season 3 brings in high quality cosmetics. In my personal opinion, the cosmetics in Apex have been not the best, although they have been improving, which is a very good thing. On top of cosmetics, I would also like to see limited time game modes weekly or biweekly that the community can enjoy.

Over the weekend, you participated in the Apex Preseason Invitational in Poland. Can you tell us how your experience was during the event?

Birt: My experience was so great for the Preseason Invitational; it was my first LAN tournament that I had competed in. I was excited and nervous going into the first day. I didn't realize how long of a day it would be by the end of it. By the second day, I was only nervous in the minutes leading up to our first game, but after we started playing all the nerves vanished. Overall, this was such a fun and cool experience getting to meet so many people that I have been playing with for months now.

Respawn has given us information as to what Ranked Series 2 will look like for this upcoming season. Do any of the changes surprise you or did you see anything that you don’t like?

Birt: I was interested to see the system they have decided to go with for the new ranked season, the new kill multiplier is a system that a few other BRs have implemented and has worked nicely to weight placement and kill appropriately. I hope that they are open to continuing to balance weapons weekly and not once a season. As long as Respawn keep weapon balance in their minds, we hopefully will have a very nice ranked season ahead of us.

A few organizations have been disbanding their teams such as 100 Thieves. In your honest opinion, do you see Apex Legends thriving competitively like other popular titles?

Birt:  I think that Apex has a large potential to have a thriving competitive scene behind it. Respawn needs to implement very crucial features in order to facilitate a positive viewer and player experience. These features include: Custom matchmaking servers, a free moving observer camera, and cosmetics that feature favorite teams' logos.

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?

Birt: I would like to thank you for inviting me on this interview, and, of course, I would like to thank my teammates Urban and Lax and Team FiRE for supporting us and allowing us to travel to all the upcoming Apex tournaments!! I hope everyone enjoyed the Apex Preseason Invitational, and I hope you all tune into the future Apex events!

Good luck to Birt and the group at Team FiRE as they continue their journey!

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