Eleven Questions with Choppadown of Chaos Esports Club



Wed 3rd Jul 2019 - 8:36pm

The July 2nd launch of Apex Legends Season 2 is on the horizon, and after EA Play, we've received a ton of new information about changes coming to Apex Legends. Today, we are joined by "Choppadown" of Chaos Esports Club to talk about what's new this upcoming season.


Do you mind telling us how you became a member of Chaos E.C ?

Choppadown: I became a member of Chaos about 8 months ago, while I was scouting for organizations playing Fortnite.


Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Choppadown: As of recent, I main Lifeline. Her fast healing and care packages make for great team synergy/help and to help stay engaged in the fight.


Respawn finally gave us details on Season 2 of Apex Legends. What are your thoughts on the changes coming? 

Choppadown: Changes are definitely needed. Although the most the changes look good on paper, I'm interested to see how they effect the current meta of the game.


Watson is the newest legend being added and gameplay was shown for her at EA Plays. What do you think of her and do you see her becoming a favorite legend? 

Choppadown: Based off the gameplay I saw, she may be viable depending on how teams decide to play their game, based off positioning, rotations, etc.


The “fan favorite” Mozambique is getting a buff through the form of two hop ups, both which we have no idea what they do. What do you think Respawn is going to do to change the Mozambique?

Choppadown: It will most likely still be awful and just a troll weapon/filler for useful loot.


It seems like Respawn has heard some of our criticism over lack of content with the inclusion of the Legendary Hunt Event. How has your experience been in Elite Queue, and does it get you hyped for the Ranked mode coming next month? 

Choppadown: Elite Queue is a slight step up from public matches, not to mention the increased influx of cheaters. I'm hoping ranked matches are more ELO based, with more incentives to win.


Speaking of Ranked mode, if you don’t get cool rewards, why even bother playing. What are hoping to see in the reward pool that will keep players engaged for the long run? 

Choppadown: ELO should be implemented. In other words, you play against teams and players who are equal in your skill/current rank. Also, I feel like if you win 5 ranked games in a row, you should be rewarded with a free crate, or something like that to keep players engaged.


It seems like with every hotfix or patch, there still leaves a lot left to be fixed. What’s your biggest issue or concern that hasn’t been addressed yet? 

Choppadown: Grenade indicators. I cannot tell you how many times I have died to Arc Stars because I thought I was out of range due to no indicators on my screen.


Respawn's hinted at the possibility of the map changing much like Fortnite changes their map. How do you think King’s Canyon could improve? 

Choppadown: To me, loot distribution in this game is the worst I have ever played in any battle royale. I'm hoping to see some changes to that loot formula if they change the map by adding new areas.


You’re in charge of Apex Legends for a week. What changes are you making to the game? 

Choppadown: I would definitely work on loot distribution for sure and decrease muzzle flash.

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with? 

Choppadown: I'm excited for the new season, and be sure to stay tuned to the grind.

Season 2 is right around the corner folks, and we'd like to wish Chaos E.C the best moving forward!


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