Controlling Important Chokepoints in Apex Legends



Fri 31st May 2019 - 5:43pm

Positioning is a subject that we've recently covered in one of our latest articles. Almost every game ,you're forced to go through multiple chokepoints to reach the safe part of the zone. Approaching these locations can be quite tricky if there are enemy players waiting there. If you have no other option but to go through a chokepoint, you're in a very vulnerable state since you'll have no escape routes. In this guide, we're going to go over how you can control a chokepoint, why they're so important, and some of the best chokepoints on King's Canyon.

Controlling a Chokepoint

Controlling chokepoints isn't always the same since many varying scenarios can unfold at the exact same location. Starting off, there are some important things to keep in mind whenever you're defending or approaching a chokepoint:

• Where are the enemies most likely coming from? What spot would the enemies utilize to camp a chokepoint?

• Prioritize your targets. If your chokepoint is near the edge of the zone, your back will be against the wall if you didn't position yourself well.

• High ground and corners are very important to take control of a fight

• If you're on the high ground, what routes can enemies take to reach your position?

• What are your blind spots?

Awareness is also an essential quality that you need to possess, since there's a high chance that multiple teams come through a chokepoint. You should always keep the flight route of the spawn ship in mind, that'll give you a better understanding of where enemies will come from.

Make sure that all of your teammates focus the same general area, this almost always is one of the few entrances that your opponent can use to reach your position.

In long fights, it should be noted that you should play unpredictably. That'll save you from wasting all of your healing supplies. You should always try to hit the enemy as much as possible so they're forced to use their healing supplies. Also, push when you've hit an enemy player for more then 130 if you're coming from a disadvantageous position.

If you're in an advantageous spot (for example, on high ground) and you know that you can single out an enemy, push whenever you have broken their shield. Make the calculations and if you're certain that you can reach your enemy before they're able to heal up, it'll be an easy kill.

Last but certainly not least, pick the right weapons. If you're planning on contesting populated chokepoints, you're best off with weapons that do damage quickly. For example, a Devotion without a Turbocharger may actually lose you the fight since fast reactions will be the key to winning these type of fights.

Importance of Chokepoint Control

In this section of the guide, we'll briefly cover all of the pros of controlling a chokepoint and why you should consider taking on the fight against your enemies:

• The risk/reward ratio is high. If you get to a chokepoint late, there's a realistic chance of finding death boxes.

• In a defensive position, you're likely to rack up the kills swiftly.

• You determine the pace of the fight.

Apex Legends currently has kill tournaments as a way of competing against other professional players online. Chokepoints are some of the most popular hotbeds where you'll be able to go for the kills, rather than the win.

Best Chokepoints

There are some chokepoints that stand out from the crowd since the map is riddled with them. There are multiple qualities that you should look for when determining what chokepoint actually gives you a large advantage over your opponents. This "List" will be in no particular order.

1) Bunker

Probably the most populated area in the map, Bunker is definitely not a place you want to be forced into. With an extremely narrow hallway and nowhere to escape when you're being bombarded by grenades, it's almost certain that you're going to die when you meet enemies on your way in.

If you know players are in Bunker and you have time left to walk around it, we heavily recommend doing so. The chances of your squad either losing against the defending party or a third squad coming up behind you is too high.

Caustic is a character that excels when you're utilizing him for defensive purposes and is undoubtfully the best character at Bunker. Take him into strong consideration whenever you want to play at/around Bunker or the zone so happens to be there.

2) North of Bunker

This area is definitely harder to defend compared to Bunker, thus automatically making it easier to approach. Since it's an outside area, Pathfinder as a whole and Bangalore's/Gibraltar's Ultimate abilities become more useful. You could also say that Bangalore's Smokes become more useful since there's no room inside Bunker to move horizontally.

There are large advantages to this chokepoint as the defending party compared to Bunker, including:

• Easier escape routes,

• More vision on approaching enemies, and

• Varying flanking options, especially as Pathfinder.

3) North of Bridges

These mountain ranges have narrow paths running through them, from the northwest part of Bridges to the northeastern part. Altitudes vary here, so the high ground advantage will probably shift in your favor or your opponents favor quite often.

There are many spots in the cliffs that you can camp on at this location. Here is an example of a great camping spot:

Both images show the same location from a different angle. Clicking on each image will redirect you to the full resolution image.

4) East of Cascades

We've all seen it, an airdrop lands near the east of Cascades and draws the last few squads towards it. There are multiple locations that provide a high ground advantage here, definitely try to be careful when you don't know the location of your enemies.

In between the cliffs, you'll become very vulnerable to grenades and long-range weapons. Those are amazing around here!


Chokepoints are some of the most pivotal locations on the map, as they are hotbeds for teamfights and rotations. This guide should help you identify these chokepoints and help you use the map to your advantage as the zone narrows. Good luck in King's Canyon.

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