Outpacing the Competition, an Apex Legends Movement guide



Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 5:21pm

Now that everyone is settled in and adapted to the new take that Apex Legends has to offer for the Battle Royale genre, it's time to get into some more advanced aspects of the game. Both movement and positioning are an integral part of your strategy, whether you're playing solo or with a complete squad. What's the fastest way to move around King's Canyon and do the professional players use other methods then the normal pub players? These are examples of what we're going into and try to explain the best we can. Without further ado, let's jump right in!

Movement by foot

This type of movement is the one you'll use most and includes running, jumping, and sliding. You can run with your weapon holstered or equipped. There are advantages to either one, but you should always use them for different scenarios. Running without a weapon in your hands will leave you more vulnerable but increases your movement speed quite significantly. I would recommend to always press the "3" key when there's no presence of enemies in your direct surroundings. It's also a viable option when you're running away from enemies, but we'll get into that very soon.

Running with a weapon in your hand is definitely slower, but you're more prepared for possible enemies that can peek around a corner. When you're running away from enemies, you should determine whether it's worth it to put away your weapons. Running around a corner and fighting back has proven more successful for me, especially when you're playing against a character like Bloodhound that's able to track you with his passive and his Ultimate Ability.

Jumping & Sliding

Jumping and sliding are where the game's mechanics get quite interesting.

When it comes to jumping there are multiple things you'll have to know about it, we've conveniently listed them below:

• Jumping will throw off your enemy. This is because most players are used to aiming at the center of mass.

• Jumping right after you slide off a slope will boost your movement speed, which automatically allows you to keep on running

• When you're being chased and also have to heal, try to bunnyhop to the sides. This will make your movement speed while healing around 50% faster.

Full credit for the image goes to greendiamond. Here's a link to his Youtube Channel

Sliding is also very beneficial. Not only does it make your hitbox a lot harder to hit, it'll also make you go extremely fast while still being able to shoot. Tips when it comes to sliding include:

• Try to avoid sliding when you're almost at a standstill. This will make you crouch or go extremely slow.

• Sliding off of tall stairs is probably the quickest way of moving across the map, so climbing onto the high ground is even more beneficial in this game!

• If you want to get down from a tall mountain, don't release CTRL when you're sliding from one cliff onto another.

Movement Abilities

All characters in the game have the same movement speed, the only thing that makes some of these characters different is the unique Abilities that they possess.

Bangalore can't activate her own passive ability, Double Time, since it's a situational passive that's fit for aggressive players. When enemy players shoot at her, she'll move at a much faster pace. Keep this in mind when you're eyeing down an enemy Bangalore before you start shooting.

Wraith's Ultimate Ability, Dimensional Rift, gives Wraith more mobility. She can't shoot when this ability is activated but can cancel it at any time, leaving behind a portal. Running away from opponents that know the exact location where you've activated this Ultimate Ability is futile, you'll be forced to fight back. (You can always try playing around the portals and it'll also help your teammates move across the map faster when you're out of danger)

Bloodhound's Ultimate Ability, Beast of The Hunt, is already one of the most impactful Ultimate Abilities that are currently in Apex Legends. This ability will give you both movement and wallhacks, indefinitely allowing you to control the pace of a one-on-one. This ability has a windup, so be careful to not use it right in your opponents' faces!

Pathfinder has his Grappling Hook Tactical Ability, this allows him to be the only character in Apex Legends that can scale vertical surfaces without the use of Balloons. Using this ability horizontally has little to no use, you're better off grappling your opponents

On top of that Pathfinder's Ultimate Ability, Zipline Gun, can transport anyone for quite a long distance. Be wary that anyone can use this Zipline, meaning that it can also be used against you!

Balloons & Ziplines

You can find Balloons and Ziplines throughout the map, so we'll cover what you should use them for and some tips and tricks to go along with it.

Balloons are attached to vertical ziplines that allow you to fly to a different part of the map in this game, we find optimal usage is to surprise enemies or to quickly get out of a hectic situation. There are multiple goals you can use the Balloons for:

• Out-of-reach places on the map (most likely mountain tops) are easily reachable. What normally forms a Chokepoint on the map can be scaled when using Balloons. Be careful that you don't get kicked out of the game because of the in-game 30-second timer!

• You can quickly ambush distant enemies by using the Balloons. Try to stay behind them since the colored smoke trailing behind you is easily visible. We don't know if this is intended but, even when you're gliding, you barely make any noise for other players.

• When you're outside of the ring, go from Balloon to Balloon to quickly move across the map. This is my preferred method of traveling when I'm staying behind to loot the last few compounds and tank some damage.

• Balloons make you extremely vulnerable against players with long-range weapons. If you know that your enemies aren't using Snipers or a Wingman, make sure that you utilize the Balloons.

Ziplines should almost always strictly be used to get around your looting areas more quickly. Some Ziplines that go over edges of the map are very dangerous, but at least there's still a way to recover since your chest will be placed on the shore closest to where you fell off.

Another way you could use ziplines is to quickly get away after you've juked an enemy and he doesn't have vision on the zipline that you're about to use. This is still a dangerous move to make since you probably won't exactly know where the other enemies are but it is a viable option.


This is all we currently know about movement and how to efficiently use your time. We're about to bring out a lot more Apex Legends content so make sure that you keep an eye on this space and let us know what you would like to see! 

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