Apex Legends: Armor, Attachments, Healing, and More



Thu 28th Feb 2019 - 8:54pm

Similar to other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends involves an assortment of accessories that help you deal damage and protect yourself while doing so. With a multitude of enemy opponents roaming the map and a quickly enclosing circle, trying to keep your health and shields full is the number one priority. To help out, there are a variety of accessory items located around the map, each with their differing ‘color tier level’ and effectiveness.

These pieces of gear and other equipment can be found in four colors, which associate them with a certain rarity and effect. Most of these accessories can be found littered around the map inside buildings, but some are also located within drop packages and various equipment containers.

This Dignitas Apex Legends guide will showcase the different Grenades, Healing Consumables, Armors, Attachments, Backpacks and Shields, along with detailing the statistics of each and suggestions about the most effective method of using them.



There are currently 3 universal grenades or throwables in the game, aside from certain class/legend-specific ones like the ‘Nox Gas Grenade’ that Caustic can use as a part of his abilities.

Arc Star

The Arc Star is a throwing star that, as described in-game, “Sticks, then explodes after a short delay. Causes damage and blurred vision”. The throwable can also be thrown and stuck on enemies, which will cause an initial damage on hit and additional damage upon it exploding after time.

Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is a normal grenade that, as described in-game, “Explosive ordnance. Throw to start fuse”. After approximately 6 seconds, depending on the proximity of the enemy player and the exploding grenade, the damage will vary.

Thermite Grenade

The Thermite Grenade is an impact grenade that, as described in-game, “Creates a horizontal wall of flames”. Opponents that come into contact with the grenade are applied with a “burn” effect that continually causes them damage over a short period of time. These are great to use, similar to the smoke grenade launcher that Bangalore has, to seal off an area and prevent an opponent from crossing over.



Healing Items

No matter whether you play a tank-class legend or support-class legend, your health bar is always maxed out at 100 points. This is shown in the bottom-middle of the screen along with a shield bar that can be filled up using Shield consumables. Armor items, on the other hand, grant you additional smaller Shield bars above your health bar, with each one being worth 25 points.

Syringe: Restores 25 Health Points (5 second use time)
Med Kit: Restores 100 Health Points (8 second use time)
Shield Cell: Restores 25 Shield Points (3 second use time)
Shield Battery: Restores 100 Shield Points (5 second use time)
Phoenix Kit:

Restores 100 Health Points and 100 Shield Points (10 second use time)

Ultimate Accelerant:

Restores 20% of Ultimate Ability Charge (7 second use time)




Armor, Shields, and Backpacks:

Unlike some other Battle Royale games, Apex Legend Shield items do different things from absorbing damage via additional smaller Shield bars, damage reduction, to blocking damage completely. There are also four tiers, which can be differentiated in-game through the color glow surrounding each of the items, where Common is White, Rare is Blue, Epic is Purple, and Legendary is Golden.

Body Shield:

Common: Adds 2 smaller Shield bars, equivalent to 50 extra health points.
Rare: Adds 3 smaller Shield bars, equivalent to 75 extra health points.
Epic: Adds 4 smaller Shield bars, equivalent to 100 extra health points.

Adds 4 smaller Shield bars, equivalent to 100 extra health points. This also recharges completely after you execute someone, using a finishing move.


Common: 30% Reduction of Headshot Damage
Rare: 40% Reduction of Headshot Damage
Epic: 50% Reduction of Headshot Damage

50% Reduction of Headshot Damage. This also reduces each Legend’s Tactical and Ultimate ability recharge time.

Knockdown Shield:

Common: Blocks 100 Damage
Rare: Blocks 250 Damage
Epic: Blocks 750 Damage

Blocks 750 Damage. This also allows you to revive yourself, one time, after being downed.


Common: 2 Extra Inventory Slots
Rare: 4 Extra Inventory Slots
Epic: 6 Extra Inventory Slots

6 Extra Inventory Slots. This also reduces the “use time” of healing and shield consumable items, by half.



Hop Up Attachments

Hop Up Attachments provide a unique improvement depending on the gun and are only attachable to some specific guns. If you have a compatible gun, they can help you increase accuracy and increase damage.

Name: Effect: Attaches:
Selectfire Receiver: Allows you to switch between single-fire and auto-fire. Prowler
Precision Choke: Holds ADS for a longer time to reduce bullet spread. Peacekeeper, Triple Take
Skullpiercer Rifling: Increases headshot damage. Wingman, Longbow
Turbocharger: Reduces spin-up time. Devotion

Optical Attachments (Scopes) 

Optical Attachments consist of multiple variants of sights that allow a player to improve their aiming. Some scopes only work with certain weapon types and legendary scopes also grant a special enemy highlighting ability.

Name: Effects: Attaches:
1x Holo: Close-range sight All Weapons
1-2x Variable Holo: Close-range variable sight All Weapons
1x HCOG (Classic): Close-range sight All Weapons
2x HCOG (Bruiser): Close-range sight All Weapons
3x HCOG (Ranger): Mid-range sight Snipers, LMGs, ARs, SMGs
2-4x Variable AOG: Mid-range variable sight Snipers, LMGs, ARs, SMGs
1x Digital Threat:

Close-range sight with enemy highlighting detection.    

Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols
6x Sniper: Long-range sight Snipers
4-8x Variable Sniper: Long-range variable sight Snipers
4-10x Digital Sniper Threat:

Long-range variable sight with enemy highlighting detection.   


Magazines, Stocks, and More.

This section includes the miscellaneous attachments that increase magazine size, reduce recoil, and reduce draw time of weapons to allow you to improve your aim. 

Name: Effect: Attaches:
Extended Light Magazine:

Increases ammo capacity (Reduces reload time for magazines blue onwards)

All Light Weapons
Extended Heavy Magazine:

Increases ammo capacity (Reduces reload time for magazines blue onwards)

All Heavy Weapons
Shotgun Bolt: Increases fire rate. Shotguns
Barrel Stabilizer: Reduces recoil. LMGs, Longbow, Alternator, Carbine, Hemlok, R-99, RE 45, Scout.
Standard Stock:

Decreases weapon draw time and reduces aim spread.

Sniper Stock:

Decreases weapon draw time and reduces aim spread.



And there you go! Aside from a few items that only specific legends can use, as a part of their class skills, the equipment listed above are all the items that you can find in Apex Legends. While the color system and in-game equipment descriptions already tell you what each item may do, it may not always be in your best interest to sacrifice backpack space to pick up a Legendary (Gold) scope, as you may feel another scope suits you better. Adding onto this, loot is randomized in Apex Legends, but the Supply Ship and "Hot Zone", noted by the blue circle on your mini-map, will often have a greater chance of Legendary equipment appearing. For more Apex Legends content, make sure to keep tabs for more from Dignitas!

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