The Art of Entry Fragging: Improving



Wed 3rd Feb 2016 - 10:56am

What is entry fragging? 

Entry fragging is when a player (who is normally a dedicated entry fragger) will enter into a bombsite and attempt to either distract or kill one or more enemies. This is a crucial role in opening up bombsites for your team so that they can be taken. These players will normally look weak statistically due to the nature of having to run into someone's crosshair and shoot faster than them. Entry fraggers need to be confident to run into these situations and usually have above par aim to give them a chance to trade kills. Although the stats may not look glorious, you are fulfilling a big role on your team which normally can mean the difference between winning and losing, depending on how well you can entry frag.

How do I improve at entry fragging? 

To improve at entry fragging there are a few aspects of your game that will need to be refined. These areas are aiming / reaction time and bombsite knowledge. These are the areas of the game an entry fragger must be able to excel in but each is no lean feat and they will take time and dedication to excel in. 

- Aiming / Reaction Time

Aiming is a very general term and is one that is often associated with rising through the ranks of CS:GO. Since the term is so general, the nuances of it can be hard to effectively describe and practice, but improving in areas of aiming just takes practice. To effectively train your aim, you should practice with a balanced mix of both deathmatch servers and aim training maps with AI. Reaction time is simply how fast you can react, which gives you a distinct advantage over slower reacting enemies allowing you to get off one or two bullets more than them, which can often lead to getting the frag as opposed to getting fragged. 

  • Deathmatch servers - The servers are easy to find but you may have different preferences due to latency, provider, etc. To find a list of deathmatch servers simply go from the CS:GO main menu to PLAY GAME > BROWSE COMMUNITY SERVERS. Here you will have a text box (highlighted) where you simply input 'deathmatch' and filter by your preferred settings. Here is what it should look like


  • Aim training maps - These are used for practicing any area of aim you wish you hone further, such as flickshotting, tapping, spray transfers etc. The maps all have different settings for the bots and environments for you to train on, giving you an all-encompassing experience without the challenge of having to go up against other people. Some of the more well-known / more used maps are; aim_botz by Mr.uLLeticaLtraining_aim_csgo2 by kataS and Fast Aim / Reflex Training by yolokas. These maps are great for not only training and improving on, but also doing a short warmup before a match with your team or your first game of the day.

- B
ombsite Knowledge

Bombsite knowledge is knowing angles inside a bombsite and checking those angles for enemies. This is for locating enemies when you enter a bombsite as the first in and even if you aren't able to trade a kill you can exchange damage, force them into using ammo or distract them so they can be picked up fairly easily by the 2nd or 3rd person entering the bombsite. Normally, when you enter a bombsite there will be smokes and flashes from your team to assist you, but be wary of enemies lurking behind smokes as they may use the unexpected aspect of their position to get the jump on you and frag you with no return. Although checking angles must be thorough to avoid any unwanted CT surprises, you must be quick checking all of them. This is because when your smokes are down and the CTs hear you running in and possibly pre-firing angles, they will most likely call for rotations, giving you away. 

For example, checking all angles at Inferno's B bombsite should take no more than ~7 seconds if you don't have to take an aim battle. Below are the angles (in order that they should be checked in) that are generally worth checking. Checking in this order is efficient due to how you can expose yourself to these angles one at a time and how you have the cover of the bombsite wall most of the time while checking. The wall itself is not only great for bullet cover but also for flashes and other nades. However if you choose to hug the wall and stare into the bombsite beware of lurking CTs in the spawn area looking to backstab you.

Basically entry fragging comes down to practicing your technical skills and honing your in-game knowledge. These take time, but a good entry fragger is priceless to your team, not only because it's a role many won't step up to but how an entry fragger can shape the game with their openings, setting the tone for aggression and timing.

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