Why am I so bad at Starcraft 2?



Tue 1st Jan 2013 - 11:39am

This will not be a usual “My journey to master league” blog. While it will follow my progress through the leagues I hope to make it more entertaining than just lists of builds and tactics.

So at time of writing I'm in top 8 bronze league (like a boss), have around 30 wins and a win rate of around 55-60%. I am playing Zerg and mainly focusing on roaches with either hydras/mutalisks or infesters depending on what they have and how sassy I feel during that particular game, and normally pushing for the win with a +2 attack timing push.

The main subject of this blog, was my Starcraft 2 Sunday! Picture the scene, its 1pm, everything that needs to be done for the week is done, including the weekly shop, time to sit down and push hard for that silver league promotion.

Game 1 – ZvT

My 12 drone scout shows a delayed barracks and a low worker count… Hmm what is he planning? A quick scout around nearby shows that he is planning nothing, he’s just a bit bad. “AN EASY VICTORY!” I think to myself as I start rolling into roach production, just waiting for a few more units to push out for th…

Wait…. Why did my second monitor just switch off, and what happened to my sound? That’s right, one of my house mates started ironing with his broken iron, and tripped the fuse on the entire building *golf clap*

So not the best start to my starcraft Sunday, but after resetting the fuse and shouting at my house mate for 5 minutes, we're ready for game 2.


Game 2 – ZvT

So this game can’t possibly go worse than the last one, my house mate has been thoroughly chastised and will not be ironing again today. Scout drone (hense forth known as 'Steve') shows nothing particularly interesting, early gas but that could mean anything at this level. Place a few lings around the map for some scouting information but they are promptly killed by the rush; 4 marines, 1 marauder AND A THOR!

Now I only have handful of roaches at this point so slap out a few more and wait for the attack to come. So the dreaded attack has come, the thor slowly stumbles to my ramp closely followed by the wave of SCVs…I said the wave of SCVs…? *ahem* SCVs? NOPE! No SCVs, so the thor promptly falls and a quick counter attack makes game 2 a win.

Game 2, Thor

Game 3 - ZvZ

ZvZ in the lower leagues can be quite easily, since a large amount of bronze zerg seem to think they are infact Stephano. Nothing of any real interest in this game, Steve catches the early spire and his mass mutalisks is quickly put down by some hydras.

Game 3, Muta

Game 4 – ZvT

The Terran really were coming out of the wood work on Sunday, and so was the heavy aggression play. Proxy 2 rax all-in, GG

Game 4, Agression

Game 5 – ZvZ

Steve finds nothing of interest during his daily walk so went for the usual build. Was just starting to get my roach warren & evo chamber down. Oh wait there’s 7 roaches in my base...

A battle arises, I lose my natural, I lose my spore crawlers and 3 queens, I barely manage to hold him off getting it down to 4 vs 3 roaches in my favour… when 9 more roaches walk up my ramp

F10, N

Game 5, Roaches

Game 6 – ZvT

Protoss where surprisingly absent on Sunday, probably due to the massive amount of cheese and rushes going around, their usual habit of cannons and 4 gates presumably not working very well. Initial SCV scout wanders into my base, oh hey look a bunker…

We both know how that game went…I decided to stop playing starcraft for a few hours after that. Cheers for reading this, hopefully it provided some form of entertainment for you.


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