Interview with Jaedong: "I have the dream of becoming a foreign team's player."



Mon 29th Oct 2012 - 8:21pm

The three time OSL and one time WCG Broodwar Zerg champion Jae Dong 'Jaedong' Lee shares his view on recent performances, the promise to his fans and voices his concern over the SC2 community.


In the GSL tournament you dropped into the up and down brackets where you were eliminated. What are your next steps in order become a better player?

Jaedong: At the moment, I am trying to find a new motivation to better myself as a player. I have made up my mind on taking everything step by step than being too hasty. Additionally, I feel grateful for those who are cheering me on and I am doing my best to not to embarrass those people who support me through daily self-reflection on myself.


When can we expect you in a foreign tournament?

Jaedong: I really have no plans at the moment. Even though my foreign fans are from a completely different country and culture, I believe that they have the same heart as those Korean fans who are supporting me. I wish to participate in more foreign tournaments and enjoy the experience by having conversations with my fans.


When you came in for the MLG KeSPA Invite tournament you seemed ecstatic to have large fan base. You are even quoted to say "I love you all!" in your best English. Do you look forward to the same reaction when and if you do come to a foreign tournament?

Jaedong: I was able to physically experience the sheer number of foreign fans that love Starcraft 2. I was ecstatic to see my fans welcome me and this was one of the biggest motivation I had at the time. I intend to study harder in English and enable myself to have more conversations with my fans. However, my first goal is to make my fans overjoyed through my great performance in games.


With the future release of expansions where do you see your self professionally in 1-2 years?

Jaedong: Although I cannot make promises about the future, I will not upset the people who love me and like me. I believe that I will be able to rise once again to the top through standing firm as a gamer and trusting myself and never forgetting to have a grateful heart.


In recent days some players recently have spoken out about Heart of the Swarm, saying that if Blizzard does not take action StarCraft 2 will die as an eSport. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Jaedong: I see that the e-Sports entertainment has so much more to give. However, seeing the industry become stale and underdeveloped because of certain issues makes me grieve greatly as a member of the e-Sports community.

Even though the e-Sports entertainment is going through a recession, I believe that this is just one small part of the growing of this industry. This industry is decided by the fans. I personally believe that the fans that love the game and the players are the ones who are running this whole entertainment. For that reason, I reasonably think that the ones who are leading this industry should change their position from the past and listen more from the fans. If everyone makes some sort of compromises and think more deeply about this industry, those things will eventually become the core that will change the hearts of the fans.

In my place as an individual player, I will put all my efforts into creating the best games ever.


Now I selected some community asked questions so if you could answer them please do!

From CosmicSpiral: "SC2 is significantly faster in terms of unit movement and how quickly battles are usually resolved. After these months of solely focusing on SC2 how well do you think your BW skills have translated, especially your trademark aggression and control?"

Jaedong: The trademarks from my Brood War career, which is aggression and control, have become very weak. Even though its an aspect that I cannot do much, this is one of the biggest factors that give me stress.


From vpatrickd: "We recently had a Kespa player: Sea, joining a foreign team: Team Liquid, which is quite a feat. If you can join a foreign team, would you? Why and why not? And which team?"

Jaedong: I have the dream of becoming a foreign team's player. If the right opportunities present itself, I am willing to work with them.


From Qwyn: "How do you feel about classic ling/bling/muta?"

Jaedong: I do not have any favorite unit compositions since I personally think that there are no "best" compositions except that it all depends on the player's own decision making in different situations.


From Chronald: "How do you think Queen Larva Inject has changed your fundamentals of playing zerg?"

Jaedong: The skill of the Queen have become one of the most fundamental mechanics playing as a zerg. For that reason, there is not much advantage I can gain from it. However, I always think of the possibility to strengthen that aspect that will be different from the others.


One last thing from the community! "JD FIGHTING! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!"

Jaedong: I love you too.


Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you found the interview fun

Jaedong: Thank you for interviewing me even though I am not producing good results.


Is there anything you would like to say?

Jaedong: I love you fans, and I wish to see you again.


Thank you for reading the interview everyone, I hope I've met your expectations again. I would like to thank my KeSPA contact Seungyoun Lee again, because without him I would not have had this opportunity. I would also like to thank my translator Kevin Eun/Mograine, I wouldn't have been able to put up the interview as fast as I did with out him. You can follow me on twitter @John_Perd.

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