The Solo Lane: Realizing How to Utilize Its Significance in SMITE



Sat 30th Apr 2016 - 1:08pm

In SMITE, the solo lane is often seen as a role that doesn’t matter much at the lower levels as many players see it as simply a constant tug-of-war where there is a lot of action for seemingly zero reward. In reality, the solo lane is one of the most important roles for a few reasons. For starters, it has the most god diversity because you can play almost anyone in the solo lane and be effective. The solo lanner often acts as the buffer between your guardian frontline and your squishy backline. The solo lane is such a powerful role that it alone can shift the way games are played. A good solo is often worth their weight in gold because of how much influence they have in a match. This guide will help show you how to successfully use that influence to help your team win.

First things first, to even begin to show that you have the ability to change the pace of a match in the solo lane, you have to not only assert your dominance in lane but never show an ounce of fear. If you show the slightest bit of fear, the enemy solo will pick up on it and begin to rotate or steal away your jungle because they know you won’t do anything about it. Asserting your dominance is easy to do. Either clear the wave faster than them or use your threat of massive damage early to zone them away from the creep wave as most warriors do insane amounts of damage in the early game. If you find yourself being dominated in lane, just remember that you don’t always need to win lane but lose gracefully. That is, you may not ever be able to out push your opponent, but you can continue to keep up at least in XP as you slowly concede the lane.

One of the biggest impacts a solo can make is deciding if and when to rotate to things like mid camps or mid lane. By helping out your mid, you give them the lane, gold, and XP, but you’ve just wasted valuable time for farm. Of course, the necessity of farm is equivalent to the type of god you are. Warriors need huge amounts of farm so they can get ahead and finish builds earlier than other roles on the map because they begin to lose relevance past a certain point as they become less of a damage dealer and more of an annoyance. Assassins on the other hand don’t have as crucial a need for it because they will always be relevant in some form or another. But that one rotation to mid could be the difference maker in the long run, so you need to weigh the pros and cons of each choice. 

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The single biggest thing a solo lanner can do to force games in a different direction is split pushing. Of course any role can split push, but the solo lanner is probably the best role for it because they will generally have the teleport relic so they can always get to a teamfight if needed as well as have a persistent global presence. Often times, split pushing as a solo is a good way to break the siege of one of your towers as it forces at least one person to deal with you or risk losing towers themselves. This relieves the pressure on your team, and if multiple members of the enemy team begin to collapse on you, can possible set up for a map objective like the gold fury or a tower on the opposite side of the map, meanwhile you can just teleport out safe and sound while the enemy team has wasted time trying to stop you. This kind of strategy is especially good on a god like Loki who has low teamfight presence but incredibly high split push.

The last thing a good solo remembers is exactly what they can do with their god and push it to the limit. Hercules is nicknamed the “Raid Boss” for a reason, he can run in, disrupt entire fights, dive freely, and walk out losing just a little health thanks to his Mitigate Wounds. Guan Yu can cause a highly organized team to instantly scatter if he decides to use Cavalry Charge or risk getting stunned. By taking full advantage of what your god can do and by being a general nuisance that forces the enemy to waste time dealing with you or ignoring you and having their health slowly whittled away, you can easily change the pace of teamfights or entire matches. A game may never revolve around a single role or a single person, as each has their own importance, but the way a solo lanner plays can shape how the rest of a team plays.

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