Tips for Defeating Olorun in Smite



Fri 25th Oct 2019 - 9:53pm

Olorun is one of the newer gods in Smite and is very strong. Olorun is a magical hypercarry and is often picked or banned in the Smite Pro League. The god can roll over a game once he gets going, but there are ways to shut him down. Olorun has a weaker early game and is vulnerable to gods that can penetrate his Sanctified Field. In this article, we will explore a few strategies and gods to counter play against Olorun and knock him off this throne.

Olorun has a few tools that make him scary. Olorun excels in the later stages of the game. He is a magical Hunter and scales very well from items due to his passive and attack speed steroid. After three or four items, Olorun throws out strong damage with a high attack speed. With some critical strike RNG, Olorun blows up carries in a few hits and chews through tanks with Demonic Grip and Obsidian Shard.

The flashiest part of Olorun’s kit is also his strongest. Sanctified Field is one of the best teamfight ultimates in the game. It dilates the time for enemies in an area, slowing their attacks, projectiles, and even animations. Olorun himself is sped up within the area. The time dilation not only leaves gods vulnerable and unable to counterattack, but also throws off the muscle memory and reactions of enemy players. Sanctified Field swings teamfights so hard that if you know you are facing an Olorun, you almost need to draft counters against him.

Olorun is a very powerful god in Smite

Olorun is not invincible and can be defeated. Olorun takes a while to ramp up, so he can, and should, be exploited in the early game. Gods with early wave clear and kill potential should lane against Olorun and pressure his lane. Olorun is usually played in the long lane and most Hunters will out clear and out box Olorun in the early game. When supports start in the duo lane, it is harder to single out Olorun, but a pushing lane can invade his jungle and strip buffs and experience.

Junglers should also try to gank Olorun before he hits level five and keep him behind. If given time and space, Olorun becomes a hypercarry, so the more he is set back, the longer it takes for him to become a monster. Olorun doesn’t have too many defensive capabilities outside of Sanctified Field, just Consecration with a small heal and knock up, so he should be easy pickings for Assassins and other junglers.

The same rules apply when Olorun is played in the mid lane. Hunters are viable in the mid lane and several mages can out clear him, but with Hunter’s Blessing and his attack speed steroid, Olorun is potent in an early 1v1 against ability-based Mages. Farm-offs are not also recommended against Olorun, unless your composition also excels in the late game and needs some time to ramp up.

Sanctified Field has long cooldown in the early game. At rank 1, the ability takes 140 seconds to recharge. At max rank, the cooldown is at 100 seconds, still very long, but more manageable. Olorun is vulnerable while his ultimate is on cooldown.  When fighting Olorun, you should use your cooldowns to force his ult and then initiate on him again after your abilities are back but before Sanctified Field is ready. Even the Blink Relic has a shorter cooldown than the first couple ranks of Sanctified Field, so don’t be scared to blow one to force Olorun to panic ult. Treat Sanctified Field like Purification Beads, track it and try to kill Olorun while he doesn’t have access to it. If you are able to force Sanctified Field and still kill Olorun early in the game, you can often kill him again when he walks back into lane or zone him off of experience and force him to show himself or call for help.

Olorun has a couple other weaknesses. His kit contains no crowd control immunity, so he will have to use Purification Beads often and can be repeat ganked or focused in team fights while the Relic is still on cooldown. Olorun has team-wide healing and builds life steal, so it doesn’t hurt to bring some anti-heal to limit his power.

Olorun is also an immobile god. He does get a speed increase while standing in his Sanctified Field, but he has no dashes, leaps, or other movement skills. Because he has to walk to his destination, Olorun can be blocked or zoned off.

Olorun has a weak early game and a long cooldown on Sanctified Field

Some gods are very good into Olorun. They have traits and abilities that exploit Olorun’s weaknesses detailed above. This is not a comprehensive list of gods that counter Olorun, but these are good examples of gods that deal with Olorun. Gods with similar abilities and roles are also able to beat up Olorun and put him in his place.

Vamana is a great example of the type of god to counter Olorun. He has a long-lasting CC immune ultimate that lets him walk into Sanctified Field attack Olorun. With Hastened Katana, Vamana can just chase Olorun around and kill him with basic attacks in Colossal Fury. Vamana is also tanky enough to withstand Olorun's barrage of attacks while he's diving into a Sanctified Field.

Amaterasu and Guan Yu have similar ultimates for killing Olorun. Both are CC immune, mobile, and end in a stun, all while doing high damage. Olorun has to run away, burn his Beads, or eat the Warrior’s ult and hope to survive. Olorun has extra movement speed in his ult, but if he is stunned as the ability fades away, he is very vulnerable.

Jormungandr is another character with an ultimate that can dive into Sanctified Field. However, Jormungandr is unique in that he is untargetable once his ult goes off and he can knock up enemies multiple times. This means Jormungandr can disrupt Olorun for a while, making him unable to have an impact in a fight. Jormungandr is also permanently knock up immune, making it harder for Olorun to peel him away, especially outside of Sanctified Field.

Gods with CC immunity that can walk into Sanctified Field can be counter picks to Olorun.

Dropping big AoE abilities on top of a Sanctified Field is another form of counter play to Olorun. This is especially true when the enemy team groups up inside Sanctified Field. Throwing abilities, even ultimates, on top of the Field forces a bad fight for the opponents. Either they take the damage, or they have to move to less advantageous territory. A shout out goes to Ganesha, whose Dharmic Pillars can trap, slow, and shred Olorun on the way out of his own ultimate.

The Morrigan is a special case in the fight against Olorun. The Morrigan has better clear in the laning phase and provides excellent gank assist as well as solo kill potential. The real key for The Morrigan’s ability to counter Olorun is her ultimate. Changeling allows her to turn into another of Olorun’s counters, provided one of the teams has drafted one. Having two Vamanas stomping on you is not a fun time. The Morrigan is also able to turn into Olorun himself. Two overlapping Sanctified Fields can quickly become a messy and entertaining team fight. Giving Olorun a taste of his own medicine by trapping him in a Sanctified Field while his own in on cooldown is very satisfying.

The Morrigan can transform into Olorun counters or even Olorun himself.

Some Relics also help in fighting Olorun. The crowd control immunity of Purification Beads suppresses the time dilation effect of Sanctified Field. Sanctified Field extends the duration of Aegis Amulet, so a smart usage of Aegis Amulet can absorb a lot of damage. Horrific Emblem is also a good relic to use against Olorun. It lowers the movement speed, attack speed, and damage of Olorun. Horrific Emblem is a great way to lower the DPS of any Hunter-like character in Smite.

Some Relics can be used to great effect against Olorun.

Olorun is the Ruler of the Heavens and acts like it. He is a magical hypercarry with an insane team fighting ultimate. Olorun is very strong, but he can be punished in the early game as he ramps up. In the late game, Olorun has no immunity to crowd control or any mobility outside of his Sanctified Field. Gods with CC immune ultimates can fight Olorun in his domain and kill him. Olorun is a powerful god in Smite, but the battlefield of the gods always finds answers.

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