Five Fun and Effective Compositions for Playing Olorun In Smite



Wed 9th Oct 2019 - 7:22pm

Olorun is the Ruler of the Heavens and is one of the newest additions to the Battleground of the Gods. He is a magical Hunter in that he is a Mage who primarily deals damage through his basic attacks. Olorun’s kit comes with both damage and healing abilities. Olorun also has access to one the most powerful ultimates in the game, Sanctified Field. In this article, we will explore different team compositions that make full use out of Olorun and his abilities.

Olorun is the first member of the Yoruba pantheon and is a basic attacking Mage.

Olorun is a Mage that heavily relies on his basic attacks for damage. Olorun is relatively weak in the early game, but scales phenomenally with items and is very scary come the late game. Olorun’s kit seems simple, but it contains little intricacies and synergies that may not be apparent at first glance. Before we examine the compositions that Olorun excels in, we should take a brief look at his abilities.

Olorun’s passive is Touch of Fate. Upon reaching 150 power from items, Olorun gains 15% crit chance and gains an additional 1% chance to crit per 10 magic power from items. Olorun’s critical hits only deal 50% increased damage. In addition, Olorun gains 5% extra scaling on his basic attacks.

Focused Light is Olorun’s wave clear ability. He shoots out a line projectile that goes through minions and stops on enemy gods. Olorun can charge this ability for up to 2 seconds to increase the range of the projectile. Focused Light can crit and provide stacks of Overflowing Divinity.


Overflowing Divinity is a multipart ability. Initially, Olorun gains 40% attack speed for 4-6 seconds. Every successful basic attack or enemy hit by Focused Light during the stim provide a stack of Overflowing Divinity. 

During the attack speed buff or for 4 seconds after, Olorun can refire Overflowing Divinity to shoot out a damage in a small area. The ability shoots out a number of projectiles based off his stored stacks. Projectiles deal less damage when hitting an enemy already stuck during the same cast of Overflowing Divinity. The charges from Overflowing Divinity can be stored between uses, stack up to 20, and only get depleted upon firing the ability.

Consecration is a unique spell for a Hunter-like god to have. Olorun pulses energy around himself, knocking enemies back and slowing enemies while providing a heal over time to his allies. For every ally healed, Olorun gains protections.


Sanctified Field is the hallmark ability of Olorun and is one of the most powerful ultimates in Smite. Olorun creates a rectangular field in front of himself that dilates time. Enemies caught in the field suffer 40% slower attack, casting, movement, and even animation speed. Olorun himself speeds up by 30% while inside his own Sanctified Field.

The time dilation does not work like a normal crowd control effect, but CC immunity will suppress the effect for their duration. Not only do characters animate slower in a Sanctified Field, buffs and debuffs becomes slower, sometimes benefiting the user in the case of Aegis Amulet and Kali’s Destruction. Sanctified Field is large enough to cover most teamfights and objective arenas, making it very valuable in every engagement. Because of its power, Sanctified Field has a very long cooldown, starting at 140 seconds, so it has to be used intelligently or you can be punished for having it down at the wrong time.

Olorun's kit contains a lot of utility and teamfight presence.

Now that we know what Olorun does, we can look at the team compositions he fits into. The following are five compositions that synergize with Olorun’s abilities. Some compositions rely on specific gods and others use general god archetypes that can be filled with multiple gods based on match ups and player preference.

Knock Ups Everywhere 

The first Olorun composition we will cover is based around having several knock ups. Knock ups are already the most powerful crowd control in Smite, but they become extra strong when paired with Olorun. While time dilated by Sanctified Field, knocked up enemies stay airborne for much longer, meaning enemies are vulnerable and unable to act for uncomfortably long periods of time.

Jing Wei is a strong god in this type of composition because Persistent Gust is a giant knockup that is hard to avoid while time dilated. Jormungandr also partners well with Olorun because The World Serpent can knock up multiple people multiple times and cause major havoc inside of a Sanctified Field. Other knock ups are valued and all benefit from Olorun’s Sanctified Field. Olorun’s own Consecration has a knock up component. With all these knock ups, Awilix can be considered for her ultimate ability. Knock ups are terrifying to experience, and Olorun makes them even scarier.

Jormundandr brings strong knock ups, which keep enemies airborne for a short while inside of a Sanctified Field,

Overlapping AoE Ultimates

Another type of ability that Sanctified Field synergies with is large area of effect spells. Gods with ultimates and other spells that cover large areas are great when the opponents cannot react or dodge quickly. Gods such as Vulcan and Cupid love having an Olorun on their team for the easy set up. Remember though, that Aegis will last longer in Sanctified Field as well, so timing is still important.

Ganesha is another great partner to Olorun. Ganesha can drop the Dharmic Pillars around enemies within a Sanctified Field and those enemies have to either run through the pillars while time dilated and take several damage ticks, or stay in the center and try to juke with impaired movement. Remove Obstacles also throws enemies in the air and it will take a while for them to land back down. Susano also loves a good Sanctified Field, as Typhoon is a large AoE with a tall knock up, qualifying for the previous composition as well. Olorun is a great character to put in the mid or long lane when you have characters with impactful abilities that cover a lot of ground.

Stacking Large AoE ultimates on a Sanctified Field can win team fights and the game.

Basic Attack Composition  

Basic attack compositions have been a staple in Smite forever. Most iterations of this composition run two Hunters or Hunter-like Mages. Olorun is one of these Hunter-like Mages. Sometimes these compositions also run Assassins and Warriors that benefit from attack speed, such as Erlang Shen. Fafnir is one of the best characters to use in a basic attack composition. His Coerce ability can increase the attack speed of his entire team, causing a massive DPS boost. Belt of Frenzy is a meta support Relic right now, but it is even more likely to be picked up in double Hunter compositions due to the attack speed it provides. Other team-wide attack speed increases include Hachiman’s Heavenly Banner, Shogun’s Kusari, and Talisman of Energy.

Basic attack compositions excel at taking down objectives such as towers and the Fire Giant. Olorun is already great at destroying these targets and building such a composition around him leads to incredibly fast objective taking. Without any outside attack speed boosts, Olorun reaches 2.34 attack speed with his steroid active in his normal two-ring build. This means he’ll easily over cap on attack speed with buffs, but having high attack speed outside of Overflowing Divinity means Olorun can bring insane DPS in fights. Double Hunter and other attack speed compositions aren’t going anywhere and Olorun fits right in.

Fafnir significantly increases the attack speed and DPS of Olorun and his whole team. 

Healer composition

Olorun’s Consecration is a powerful healing spell and he can keep his team topped off. However, drafting another healer alongside Olorun means your team stays extra healthy. Healers are best outside of combat, but with two healers, one can die or be focused and your team can still swing fights with some sustain. Unless your opponents can apply 100% antiheal, a team with multiple healers can stay alive in long fights. Rod of Asclepius and Lotus Crown are good items that boost the effects of healing spells. Lotus Crown used to be built on Olorun in the competitive leagues, but it seems to have been phased out in favor of more power. Rod of Asclepius has a lot of power to fuel Olorun’s passive, but another magical healer can still pick it up and boost the healing of Consecration. Olorun is a sneaky good healer and works well with another healer to keep his team alive.

Olorun compliments Hel and other primary healers with his own team-wide sustain.

Death Ball

A death ball is when a team group up and run over anyone they encounter, looking for single targets or small groups in the jungle, away from the rest of their team. The death ball is also good at starting full teamfights out of the blue. Teams with strong frontline and engage can group up and Olorun can support from the back line with artillery, healing, and, if needed, Sanctified Field. Having a couple brawlers beating on you when your animations are slowed is not a good time.

Death ball compositions are often formed with several divers, often Warriors such as Bellona and Erlang Shen, or Guardians like Artio; characters that can jump or blink into the enemy team and dish out good damage and control. The other members of the team follow up with their own melee damage or help from medium range. Olorun can slot into a death ball in the same spot as a Hel, not right on top of enemy carries, but close enough for his heals and spells to be effective. Consecration gives Olorun a bit of self-peel and Sanctified Field should be used to cover the entirety of the fight, keeping Olorun safe from flanks and making his front liners happy.

Olorun can group up with Ravana and other brawlers hunting for fights.

Olorun is a deceptively complex god in Smite. He is a Mage that relies on his basic attacks while having an aoe heal and his unique, time-dilating ultimate. Olorun excels in various team compositions including compositions with several knock ups, large AoE abilities, basic attacking gods, healers, and brawlers. Olorun is appearing to grow in strength as the community grinds out the hours necessary to unlock his full potential. With only one patch remaining before the Smite World Championship, it will be interesting to see how powerful Oloron will be become and if he will live up to his moniker as the Ruler of the Heavens.

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