Taking Down the Enhanced Fire Giant in Smite



Fri 2nd Aug 2019 - 2:35pm

Season Six brought new changes to the jungle bosses in Smite. The Gold Fury gained new friends and the Totem of Ku was built on the solo side of the map. The Fire Giant also saw some major updates this season. Once enhanced, the Fire Giant now becomes a dangerous foe with that awards a massive buff to the team that takes him down. In this article, we will examine what the Fire Giant does and how to conquer the Enhanced Fire Giant to gain his power.

The Fire Giant is the strongest neutral monster in Smite. He is a difficult to fight boss that provides a powerful buff to the team that kills him. The Fire Giant has a lot of health and takes a long time to kill. Usually, most or all of a team has to be present to attack the objective or guard against the enemy team interfering. The Fire Giant will respawn and be up for grabs five minutes after he dies.

Fire Giant’s Might is the buff that is granted to all living members of the team that killed the Fire Giant. The buff lasts for four minutes and increases the user’s power and grants them hp and mana recovery as well as a 25% increase in damage done to towers and phoenixes. This Fire Giant rewards some gold and experience on death, but this buff is the real reason you want to kill the objective. The increased stats are great in teamfights, while the extra regen and tower damage empowers sieging towers and phoenixes. The Fire Giant buff is very powerful and the result of a game can rest on a team sneaking or stealing away the objective.

Killing the Fire Giant grants a large buff to your whole team.

The Fire Giant has an attack chain where he mixes in abilities and ranged basic attacks. His abilities include rifts that slow and then knock up players, meteors that do damage split between people in his pit, lava pools that do ticking damage, and a ring of fire that damages people who cross it. The Fire Giant’s basic attacks also debuff their target for a couple seconds, reducing their healing received by 40% and damage done by 20%. While attacking the Fire Giant, you have to be careful of all of these abilities to minimize damage taken or risk dying to the encounter. Even if you manage to survive the fight and secure the Fire Giant buff, if you are low health and the enemy team is nearby, they can kill your team and remove any buffs and advantages you got from the objective.

The debuff on the Fire Giant's basic attacks makes it harder to kill him.

At 30 minutes into the game, the Fire Giant becomes enhanced. While enhanced, the Fire Giant gains additional health, protections, and power, making him even harder to kill. In addition, the buff for killing the Enhanced Fire Giant also gets more powerful. The Enhanced Fire Giant’s Might buff provides more power and allows players to ignore 50% of a tower’s backdoor protection. This makes it easier for teams with the enhanced buff to dive and destroy towers without minions present. The Enhanced Fire Giant is designed to end games quicker and being able to destroy towers without minions helps to set up pushes into the titan room.

The Fire Giant used to get enhanced at 25 minutes, but the objective was a little too strong and teams couldn’t kill it reliably on spawn, leading to steals and thrown games. The transition time for the Enhanced Fire Giant was pushed to 30 minutes in Patch 6.6 to allow players to obtain a few more items and levels before the Fire Giant gets enhanced. The enhancing isn’t a spawning of a few model, but instead the Fire Giant gains stats and a new purple effect. This can occur mid combat, so teams can start the Fire Giant right before the 30-minute mark and get him low enough that he becomes an easy kill after he gains his enhanced stats and granting teams the full power of Enhanced Fire Giant’s Might.

When a team has the Enhanced Fire Giant buff, they should be setting themselves up to win the game. The best way to do this is to siege the enemy base. With the extra power, regen, and tower damage, a properly prepared Fire Giant team can dive the enemy Phoenixes looking for kills and/or the objective. This can be as a 5-man unit, or a member can push some minions in another lane into the enemy base. Often times, the jungler will siege a Phoenix by himself and demand an answer while the rest of the team fight. Even if you don’t win the game off of a Fire Giant empowered push, you should be able to wipe out enemy structures, giving yourself map position, fire minions, and gold to spend before the next tussle over the Enhanced Fire Giant.

The Enhanced Fire Giant is difficult to kill. He has a base health pool of 7000 and gains health based on how long the match has gone on. The jungle boss also comes with both magical and physical protections. These stats make the Enhanced Fire Giant difficult to kill and you have to plan ahead if you want to commit to the objective. If you don’t have enough damage to kill the Enhanced Fire Giant before your team dies to the objective, or if you give enough time for the enemy team to get to the pit, you can lose the game by pulling the monster. There are items and team compositions you can use to quickly burn the Enhanced Fire Giant, giving you his mighty belt early earlier than expected.

The Fire Giant gains purple effects when he enhances.

Some team compositions are better at killing the Enhanced Fire Giant than others. Hunters and other auto attack-based characters have high sustained damage while most Mages have more burst-oriented playstyles and can’t keep up the damage while their spells are on cooldown. Compositions with multiple Hunters are great at killing the Enhanced Fire Giant because of their DPS and range. Other compositions can take down the Enhanced Fire Giant, but it will take longer to kill him. The team gets the last hit on the Fire Giant gets his buff, so teams have to coordinate a final burst to secure the objective. This can take the form of a big Mage ultimate such as Release the Kraken or Circle of Protection, or several smaller abilities timed at the same time. Failure to secure the last hit can allow the enemy team to sneak away with the fruits of your hard work.

Tanks are also important when taking on the Enhanced Fire Giant. The big guy hits hard and his basic attacks reduce the damage the target deals, meaning you don’t want a squishy damage dealer to tank the boss if they don’t have to. Tanks and other frontliners can also be used to zone and guard against an enemy team walking into the pit to secure kills or the objective. Gods with crowd control can position outside of the Fire Giant pit to look for approaching enemies and try to stop them from interfering with the objective pull,

Fafnir is a strong character when deciding to kill the Enhanced fire Giant, or any other objective. In both his normal and dragon forms, Coerce provides his allies with increased damage and attack speed. This steroid, especially with the AoE of dragon form, greatly increases the damage output of characters like Hunters that are already excellent at burning the Enhanced Fire Giant. After he drops the Coerce, Fafnir can burn the objective with his team or move out to zone or screen opponents.

Fafnir is a great character when it comes to killing objectives.

There are some items that make killing the Enhanced Fire Giant much easier. This jungle monster does have protections, so penetration is a good stat to increase damage on the Fire Giant. Items that reduce the target’s protections, like Executioner and Spear of the Magus are great because they increase the damage of the rest of your team as well. Unlike the Titan, the Fire Giant is able to be critically hit and items that have crit chance allow Hunters to take down the fiery behemoth even quicker.

Not every item effect works on the Enhanced Fire Giants. Items that deal percent health damage, such as Qin’s Sais and Soul Reaver, only hit gods, so only their base stats contribute to a Fire Giant kill, not their passives. The same is true of Titan’s Bane and Obsidian Shard, items that provide percent penetration against enemy gods.

Some items make taking down the Fire Giant easier. 

The Belt of Frenzy Relic suddenly become popular in pro play thanks partially to how good it is at killing the Enhanced Fire Giant. A support or solo laner can pick up Belt of Frenzy at level 12 and if their team is well-coordinated, they can walk to the Fire Giant and blow it up. Belt of Frenzy provides the user’s team with 10% increased damage, 15% attack speed, and when upgraded, 10 penetration for 5 seconds. This is a humungous team dps increase, especially for Hunters and other characters that benefit from attack speed. With Belt of Frenzy, teams can quickly burn through the health pool of even the Enhanced Fire Giant in seconds, meaning they can take the buff before the enemy can get in position to steal or interrupt the attempt.

In a recent Dev Update, it was revealed that Belt of Frenzy had the second highest winrate among upgraded relics in ranked conquest. Belt of Frenzy is really good in team fights, not just against the Enhanced Fire Giant, so the Relic is just generally a good pick up, even in games where you don’t craft a team comp to burn objectives early and often.

Belt of Frenzy is a powerful Relic that allows teams to quickly destroy the Enhanced Fire Giant.

The Enhanced Fire Giant is one of the hardest monsters to kill in Smite. Taking down this jungle objective rewards teams with incredible power for four minutes. In order to claim the Enhanced Fire Giant’s Might, however, you have to be careful not to die to the boss or invading enemy players. In order to do this, you have to kill the Enhanced Fire Giant quickly. Double Hunter compositions are great at this because items such as The Executioner and Deathbringer allow Hunters to have very high sustained DPS. Securing the last hit on the objective is also important, as the reward goes to whichever team took the last bit of health. Belt of Frenzy is a great tool for a team looking to quickly burn through the objective and can be used later during sieges and team fights. Overall, the Enhanced Fire Giant is a crucial element of the Conquest map and properly approaching him is often a key to victory,

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