The importance of the Elixir of Speed on Conquest



Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 12:54pm

Introducing a game-changing item: Elixir of Speed. This is a Conquest-only item that is made specifically to change the existing builds that players could have for each god. It was introduced on the preliminary patch noted for Season 6, and since the Season started, it has been a very controversial item, not only because it made boots (a core item for every build so far on the casual and competitive scenes) an optional item, but because it sparked the debate about if it's necesarry to have certain items on every build.

If we go back a few seasons ago, we can find something extremely similar. We all remember the importance of Rod of Tahuti. This item that boosted the end magic power to 125%, so it was crucial to have it at the end of any game. I cannot remember any game where the magic mid-laner didn't have this as a final item on the build, which made it a core component for anyone, and we all had to get it at some point of the game. With the changes made to it, we have now a new slot for all mages that rely on their magical damage, making things a little more interesting!

Going back to the center of our discussion today, the Boots and the Elixir, we can see a similarity. Now, it's not necessary to have a specific space reserved exclusively for boots, because we have now many options to fill this gap. We can use items that can give us the same 18% movement speed that the boots give, or we can wait until the end of the game to buy this amazing potion (I talk about the latest stages of a match mostly because the price is elevated) and simply use another key component to our build.

As we have seen over the first weeks of the Smite Pro League, there have been some cases in which we have seen players rely solely on movement speed items, such as the Katana tree (Golden Blade, Hastened Katana, etc.), the Emerald Ring tree (Demonic Grip, Shaman's Ring, etc.) and many other items.

This showed the entire community that there are new viable builds for every type of player, and that the boots are no longer a mandatory item to have, but rather something that can be used if we require it.

But what happens if you don't want to have any item that has movement speed? What happens when you want to trade off that movement speed with raw power or with a specific item that is going to counter a specific god? This is where the brand new Elixir of Speed comes into play.

Conquest players have the opoortunity to exchange the boots for another specific item, and then buy this amazing Elixir, which can give the same amount of speed that the boots have (the 18% that regular boots have), and give you the opportunity to get that anti-healing or extra penetration that you desperately need in order to close up the game.

Here are some specific tips that can help you use the Elixir wisely and effectively at the latest stages of the game.

1. Get it when you have a lot of money. It is possible to try and rush it, but with the elevated price that the item has, it's not worth it.

2. Take into consideration the stage of the game that you are in. This goes with the point mentioned above, try to use it when gold is not that relevant, when people have full builds or when you have a lead. Please don't try to get it if you are playing from behind. You can really use that gold in something else.

3. Remember that it's a tradeoff. You are going to change one of your movement speed items (in most cases, because you may also want some boost it) for something that can impact the fight that you are going to have.

4. Movement speed can be a key for some players, so use it wisely and don't buy it just to buy it. You should always think of the necessities that you have on the battlefield. Is it something that can impact you fights? That can give you an edge? Or are you buying it to be faster and chase your enemies?

I really hope that these tips can help you use this item in a better way, and can really impact those long conquest games that everyone has at one point in time. Remember, it's a new item, so experiment and have fun!

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