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Sat 5th Jan 2019 - 1:02pm

Some knew Paul "Paul" Berger as the mid laner for Anxiety Onset where they beat out Insignem in the finals of the Smite Minor League for first place alongside MandoWarrior, themolluskk, Halfghost, and PainDeViande. The majority however know Paul from being picked up by Smite Professional League team Trifecta as their mid laner in Season 5 where they placed 3rd/4th in the Smite World Championship and 4th in the Smite Pro League.

Paul is the powerhouse of the mid lane known for his crushing He Bo skills. What some don't know is that he is a Grandmaster 1v1 Duel player. We sat down and chatted a bit about the mode, what it means to him, and some things to think about while trying to climb the leaderboards. 

What made you start playing Duel?

Paul: I started playing Duel for a few reasons. The quick queues for one, not losing because of teammates, and it also helps me improve myself. It is a pretty chill mode and a great warm up for the day. 

Which six Gods to you are top tier currently, that you yourself feel need to be banned out in lobby?

Paul: The six Gods that I feel are really strong are Bakasura, Freya, Ullr, Kali, Pele, and He Bo. Bakasura has buff secure because he can eat the red buff and get back to lane fast.  Freya has insane clear and her fight potential is strong. Ullr can keep up insane damage and pressure with his kit. Pele because her healing and wave clear is broken, and He Bo because each of his abilities is an ultimate, let's be real.

Which three Gods do you like to play in Duel, and why? What are their weaknesses?

Paul: I enjoy playing Chronos because I feel he is underrated and it's really fun to beat top picks with him. He Bo... because I love He Bo. And Ullr because his kit is fun as hell. With Chronos though, he can get bopped by Hunters early. He Bo also gets outpressured pretty early but once online, oof. For Ullr though he can lose late game to some Gods. 

What is your mindset when you get into a losing match-up? 

Paul: Whenever you go into a losing match-up, you just gotta do your best and try to play to the best of your ability. Try to think outside of the box and try to counterbuild as well.

What is your mindset when you're really ahead in a Duel and the enemy does not surrender?

Paul: When you're far ahead of the enemy just try to do objectives, like the bull and red and push your lead and try to end the game.

What are some go-to items that you feel are necessary against a Physical enemy? Magical?

Paul: Against physicals, Breastplate of Valor is solid. The mana is very nice early on and is stronger than other options available. Against magicals, I'd pick up Genji's Guard, it's pretty much the magical version of Breastplate.

Breastplate of Valor (Left) & Genji's Guard (Right)

When is the best time to go for Bull Demon King?

Paul: The best time to go for the Bull Demon King is when you can kill it and get away with it. If you can get their Tier 1 tower first and then do it, that's preferable but it's fine regardless.

What is your best advice to players as far as playing Duel?

Paul: Most important part about Duel is playing the broken gods. They are meta for a reason! Stop trying to play Fafnir and Kumbha! Just play a broken god like the ones I stated above and you will climb exceptionally fast! Make sure you're building correctly and going for objectives.

I would like to take this time to thank you for sitting down with me and going through my questions about Duel. Is there anything that you would like to add?

Paul: Hera is not good, stop banning her, she sucks. Thanks for the interview!

A special thanks to Paul for hanging out with me, please make sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch to see when he goes live!

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