Examining Blessings, Smite’s New Starter Items



Mon 12th Feb 2018 - 8:58pm

Season 5 has brought a lot of changes to Smite. There is a new map with all new creatures, fog in the jungle, and several adjustments to gods and items. Today, we will look at a new set of items, the Blessings. Blessings are the new starter items in Smite. There are five Blessings and each one is designed around a different role in Conquest. Each Blessing brings something different and we will examine each one and how to use it.


Gone are the 800 gold starter items of the past. Gone are the Masks that cost 500 gold. Blessings have replaced all starter items in Season 5. The new starter items cost 700 gold and you can only buy one Blessing per game. Each Blessing will evolve after certain criteria, called role quests, are met and give the owner an additional effect upon evolution. The Blessings are Assassin’s Blessing, Guardian’s Blessing, Hunter’s Blessing, Mage’s Blessing, and Warrior’s Blessing.

Each blessing is named after a class in Smite, but any class can build any Blessing as the items are designed around roles and playstyles that just tend to fall to a certain class.

 Assassin’s Blessing is the first blessing we will be taking a look at. It is designed around the jungle role. Assassin's Blessing grants 35% bonus damage against jungle monsters and restores 7% health and 20 Mana when killing a jungle monster. The role quest is Jungle. Each jungle minion kill or assist gives a stack while five stacks are given for enemy god kills and assists. At 50 stacks, Assassin’s Blessing evolves and gains 10 penetration. This Blessing gives junglers everything they want: quick jungle clear, sustain while clearing the jungle, and damage once the item evolves. Junglers were upset that other roles were picking up Bumba’s Mask in Season 4 and should be relieved that the other roles cannot pick up two Blessings, so they get all the sustain for clearing the jungle to themselves.

 Guardian’s Blessing is the starting item oriented towards the support role. It provides 100 health, 5 physical and magical protection, 5 MP5, 7 heath and mana restored per lane minion assisted, and 3 gold per minion assisted. The role quest for Guardian’s Blessing is Support. It is stacked by assisting in minion kills. At 50 stacks, the Blessing evolves and provides a bonus 4 gold per 5 seconds. It its base form, Guardian’s Blessing is a strictly worse version of Watcher’s Gift, having decreased rewards for assisting minion kills. However, the GP5 from the evolution is very powerful and in order to keep Guardian’s Blessing out of the hands of laners trying to fill out their build extra quickly, the stacks were restricted to be granted just from minion assists instead of kills like the other Blessings. 

Assassin’s and Guardian’s Blessings are designed to be used with specific roles on Conquest.

 Hunter’s Blessing is the Blessing revolving around basic attacks. It gives 10 MP5 and adds 15 damage to basic attacks. Hunter’s Blessing’s role quest is Carry. Stacks are gained by killing or assisting in lane minion or god kills. Lane minions grant one stack while gods are worth five stacks. At 75 stacks, Hunter’s Blessing evolves and grants 15% attack speed and an additional 15 basic attack damage. The bonus damage to basic attacks is built into the basic attack and not an additional damage source. This means that the damage can be boosted by crit multipliers and items utilizing the basic attack damage stat. Hunter’s Blessing is best built on characters that rely on basic attacks for early wave clear. The bonus attack speed is also great for late game hyper carries.

 Mage’s Blessing is the other aggressive Blessing for laners. It is based around boosting ability damage and usage. Mage’s Blessing provides 25 bonus ability damage and mana equal to 2MP5 per 10% missing mana. The role quest, Mid, is identical to that of Hunter’s Blessing; it stacks off of minion and god kills and assists with minions worth one stack and gods worth five. Upon evolving at 75 stacks, Mage’s Blessing grants 10% cooldown reduction. The damage from Mage’s Blessing appears as a separate instance of damage instead of baked into the damage numbers of the abilities. Mage’s Blessing does not proc on each tick of an ability, but will trigger the bonus damage on the first instance of damage an ability deals to each target. Mage’s Blessing promotes ability spamming with cooldown reduction, bonus MP5 at low mana, and some bonus damage that gets applied on each ability hit. Mage’s Blessing is best built on characters that use their abilities to deal most of their damage early and benefit from the CDR.

 Warrior’s Blessing is our last Blessing to cover. It provides 100 health, a reduction of all damage taken by 3, and restores 40 health and mana upon damaging an enemy god with a 10 second cooldown. The role quest, Solo, stacks on damaging enemy gods, with a 10 second cooldown after gaining a stack this way. Getting a kill or assist on an enemy god gives five stacks. At 15 stacks, Warrior’s Blessing evolves and gains 10 physical and magical protections. As the role quest indicates, Warrior’s Blessing is intended to be used by a bruiser in the solo lane. The item provides defenses and sustain in a lane known for slap boxing and constant fighting. Choosing Warrior’s Blessing forgoes the extra damage early game from Hunter’s and Mage’s Blessings but provides some safety and sustain to its user.

When choosing between Hunter’s Mage’s and Warriors’ Blessings, you have to take your character’s strengths into account.

Blessings are a new type of starter item in Smite introduced in Season 5. They replaced all previous starting items. The Blessings are Assassin’s Blessing, Guardian’s Blessing, Hunter’s Blessing, Mage’s Blessing, and Warrior’s Blessing. Each Blessing is not limited to the class it is named after, but instead are designed around enhancing certain roles or playstyles. As Season 5 progresses, it will be interesting to see when players build Blessings and how to utilize them to their fullest.

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