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Mon 20th Nov 2017 - 6:30pm

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to win ranked games? Are you stuck at the same old rank without any progress? Well you certainly aren’t alone. Ranked can be very frustrating when things aren’t going your way. It can be very easy to lose your cool, blame your teammates, or swear that you will never play ranked again. Have no fear because, with a few simple adjustments, you can start winning more of your ranked games and start climbing your way up the leaderboards! Here are five tips to help you win more ranked games.

Pick in your Comfort Zone

Many of your ranked teammates will most likely tell you to pick whatever is in the meta at the time, which works just fine if you are comfortable playing those gods. If you aren’t, then don’t force yourself to play with the meta. You will be much better off playing whatever you are comfortable playing. If you are comfortable on a god, then chances are you will perform better whether or not that god is in the meta.

Buy Enough Wards

It may seem simple, but I can’t stress enough how important strong warding is when it comes to ranked. Vision allows your team to make smart decisions throughout the different stages of the game. Perhaps more importantly, wards will help you and your team avoid unexpected ganks so you don’t fall behind after an early death. Knowing where the enemy team is helps your team play safer, as well as give you the opportunity to make aggressive calls like invading with a bit more safety than without any vision.

Wards are your best friend when it comes to fighting around objectives. Having vision of the objective and the area surrounding it will help you and your team control the fight and make informed decisions about how and when to fight or take the objective safely.

Regular wards cost 50 gold, and sentry wards cost 120 gold but reveal enemy wards

Communicate with your team

Communication is one of the most important aspects in ranked. With Smite’s new integrated voice chat, it is easy to communicate with your teammates during the game. Another easy thing to do is to be in voice chat with your duo queue partner. Having reliable communication with one teammate is better than nothing.

At the very least, you can form the habit of making calls with the VGS system. While it might not always be optimal, VGS commands are very helpful to know, and often times can provide your team with enough information to make decisions as a unit. Practice using more commands than just the basics as well. The more specific you can be, the better.

Listen and be Positive 

It is always a good idea to listen to your teammates and move as a unit during the teamfight phase. If you aren’t the type to take charge and make calls, it is wise to follow the calls of your team and make decisions together. Playing as a five man group will help you when securing objectives and sieging enemy structures.

Another important part of communicating with your team is to always stay positive. All too often, players will get upset and start to blame others for anything that happens in the game. Do your best to avoid any negativity. A negative team environment significantly lowers your chances of working together successfully. So be nice and keep a positive attitude!

Practice Multiple Roles

Knowing how to play multiple roles fairly well is very important. With the exception of being a pro player, chances are you are often not going to get your preferred role, so knowing how to play the other roles will help you succeed in those games. It is best if you can learn all of the roles well enough to play in ranked, but at the very least, knowing three roles should be enough to give you options.

Another benefit to knowing multiple roles is that you can begin to understand how other roles think during the game. This is especially helpful for getting through the laning phase. For example, if you learn how to jungle, when you play another role, you can start to predict where the enemy jungler might be even if you don’t have vision of him. If you know he might be in your side of the jungle as a side laner, then you can play safer since the enemy jungler might decide to gank your lane.

It is always a good idea to know how to play support since often times most people will want to play carries early in the pick order. Having comfort on a few Guardians will help you be more comfortable playing support when you need to.

Hopefully you start to find some more success in your ranked games! Let the grind to the next division begin!

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