Interview with Variety about the SPL, metagame and state of the solo lane!



Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 10:26am

Team Dignitas is back! So far, they've proven themselves to still be one of the best teams in the region after their amazing win at the Dreamhack LAN. We caught up with our solo laner Harry "Variety" Cumming and asked him about being back in the SPL, some of the new teams, the state of the metagame, and the current state of the solo lane!


After a short break, how does it feel to be back in the SPL as the top seed?

Variety: It feels great to be back in the SPL! This was probably one of the longest breaks between the splits so it’s always nice to have some time off and enjoy the summer, go on holiday, etc., but it got to the point to where I was counting down the days to the SPL. In terms of coming in as top seed, that doesn't matter to us because at the end of the day what happened last split, the LAN victory, etc., doesn’t help us (outside of confidence) in any way to win once again.

What do you feel has been the most significant change to the game since last split?

Variety: The most significant change to this split has probably been the change to Teleport. Solo laners can't get a amazing TP flank in the early game gold fights which could win you the games there and then. Instead it is more about being able to survive ganks with actives like Shell and Sprint. This obviously leads into more team fight actives so the teams who can utilise them the most have the best chances of winning the fight.

Do you think this meta will be slower or faster than the previous one? How will it be different in general?

Variety: I think the meta will be around the same speed as the one before since people have adjusted well enough to make it as 'normal' as possible. The only difference is the team fight potential from the extra active in the solo lane.

Which lane is going to be the most different from the last split the most and how?

Variety: The solo lane will probably be the most different due to the fact that there is no more Teleport, so more offensive actives can be bought or even ones to outplay, like a Bracer.

Which new team do you feel has the most potential and why?

Variety: Potential-wise and being a threat at LANs and worlds etc., I would have to say probably Obey, since they have one of the best teamplays in the world as well as solid individual players, maybe even EUnited from NA. In terms of taking games off top teams, probably the PAP1S since they just picked up MrNazer who is doing work in the mid lane for them.

What team are you most afraid of and why?

Variety: I wouldn't say myself or anyone on the team is afraid of any team or player. Personally I think it’s the wrong attitude to have to be scared of someone or to think that someone is better. However, with that said we don't underestimate anyone and have respect for all teams and how good they are.

Do you expect this split to be easier or hard than the last one for Team Dignitas and why?

Variety: This split will probably be harder since it’s the most important split of every single season, so all the teams are going that extra mile to make sure they're playing at their peak in order to make worlds.

Has anything changed within the team since Dreamhack? Synergy improvements or anything like that?

Variety: Nothing much has changed from Dreamhack. We just keep improving as individuals and as team. We do have some rough scrims but when it comes down to stepping up, we do.

Moving on to the Solo lane specifically, what are some of the most underrated gods in the solo lane right now and why?

Variety: Underrated gods in solo are probably Ymir and Sun Wukong (post nerf): they both still have great clear as well as good brawl potential. Ymir is especially underrated since he forces a physical/magical split between jungler and solo, so the enemy solo can’t build a specific defence.

What would you say the solo lanes primary role in this meta is?

Variety: The role is the same as it has always been: to front line, cause disruption to the enemy back-line, and peel, since you can build two team fight actives now.

What items are core for the solo build right now?

Variety: Core items are probably Breastplate and Genji's Guard. Obviously there are situational items, and not all warriors should build Breastplate (e.g. Osiris).

Final question, what's your top 3 prediction for this split?

Variety: Top 3 will probably be DIG, Obey, and either VAC or NRG.

Thanks for your time. Any shoutouts?

Variety: Shoutout to Team Dignitas, all our sponsors as well as my team and our fans!

You can find Variety on his Twitter and Twitch!