How to keep your Jungler happy



Thu 23rd Apr 2015 - 5:36pm

Jungling is an unappreciated job. A lot of us commit to the role without realizing just how terrifying it can be. You're on your own in the forest, having to fend for yourself from camps, the enemy jungler, and sometimes even your own teammates. In fact, a lot of the time, the jungler finds himself being blamed for every problem in the game. Sometimes, this gets to the jungler and it results in a very unhappy camper. To have a better chance at winning your games, you'll always want to make sure you keep your jungler happy. Just follow these tips and your jungler will always be in a cheery mood!

1. Ward the rivers in the beginning of every game.

The reason behind this is to ensure there's no invades or early cheese that could potentially set your jungler behind. If a jungler gets set behind, this can hinder his early game pressure and/or delay his powerspikes (e.g. level 6). The basic ward spots are below. You can also ward at other jungle entrances such as the tribush.

Bottom side river ward 

Top side river ward

2. Give the jungler a decent leash.

Trust me when I say the Season 5 jungle hurts a fair bit. While the creeps have been nerfed down a little bit, it's still painful. It won't kill you to do a bit more than one or two autos. Heck, you could even toss in a spell if you're feeling generous. 

3. When asking for a gank, make sure to ask, not demand. 

If you're nice to someone, it's likely that they'll respond in kind. If you feel like you need a gank or you'd like a gank, ask the jungler if they could help you out. Nothing too special. Just a "Hey, could I get a gank? I need a bit of help!" It works a lot better than yelling at him for not ganking your lane.

4. Communicate everything to your jungler.

In this case, I mean communicate what summoner spells have been used as well as where wards are placed. This provides an opportunity to make plays with your jungler. As a jungler, I prefer to only pressure lanes where I know I can force a kill. If you let me know that your laner has used their escape summoner, I'll be sure to come gank your lane soon. If you let me know where wards are placed, I can outmanuever them or wait until the wards expire. But I need the information so make sure to provide it!

5. Don't take camps if your jungler is heading in that direction.

I know that it's done in the professional scene. The jungler is set behind in favor of the carries. But in solo queue, the jungler CAN be the carry. If the jungler is heading bottom side, try not to clear out their entire bottom side jungle. Or at least ask.

6. Ask for buffs, don't just take them.

Remember that the buffs are IN the jungle. That means that, despite popular belief, the buffs belong to the jungler. If you want the blue buff or red buff, politely ask if you can have it. More often than not, your jungler will cooperate with you. 

7. Do NOT yell at your jungler.

This is critical and something that a lot of people don't realize. The jungler has a few important roles in the game. One, the jungler can provide a lot of early pressure that can effectively snowball lanes. Two, the jungler provides vision control that can ensure your safety in lane. Three, the jungler has smite, true damage to secure neutral objectives such as dragon and baron. Yelling at your jungler can very likely result in your jungler tilting which will ensure a reduction in performance in all aspects. Rather, strive to be nice to them and they'll be sure to excell in their duties.

8. Listen to your jungler on his neutral objective calls.

The jungler is the one with smite so they are the ones who are going to securing the neutral objectives. So if, for instance, you're on dragon and the jungle calls that he has no smite and that you should peel off the objective, you should probably listen to him so the objective isn't stolen. Similarly, if the jungler calls that you should burst the objective down, make sure to pop your entire kit on it. 

9. Pay attention to your junglers whereabouts.

Sometimes, a jungler may be feeling a little rambunctious. The jungler might run into the enemy jungle like it belongs to him and may be caught out of position. Watch where he is when he enters enemy territory to potentially provide him with back up if he finds himself in a sticky situation. You can either help him escape or even turn it around and collapse on the enemy team, resulting in more gold for you. What you shouldn't do is just watch him die and then ask him what he was doing there.


At the end of the day, your jungler can be your bestfriend but could also be worse than useless. If you treat your jungler right, it's likely that your jungler will try their best for you. Follow these steps and you'll be sure to keep jungle mains happy. Thanks for reading!