Fight or Flight: Picking Teamfights While Behind



Thu 22nd Jan 2015 - 7:30pm

We've all been there: 30 minutes in, 15 kills behind, the enemy breathing down the neck of our base. What can you do when you're this far behind? How do you fight a team you're losing too? Fighting from behind is never easy, especially when the enemy team is up in gold, kills, towers, or dragons. It may seem hopeless in these situations, but it very rarely is. There are plenty of ways to pick favorable teamfights from behind, and here are some of the most common ones.

Teamfight team image 1

Both of these teams have some great opportunities to get picks, but with Zed, Mal and Voli on the same team, plus the Fiddle for extra teamfight, the top one has the advantage.

Numbers Advantages

A numbers advantage is not always a guaranteed win in a fight, but it certainly helps that much more. If an enemy champion is split pushing and you have the ability to engage a 4v5, that's typically what you want to do, especially if the person split pushing is someone pivotal to the enemy team, such as their adc or mid laner. This happens a lot in bronze and silver; the enemy gets a bit over confident or miss communicates a play, and one or more of their team ditches the rest in favor of farm or a buff. Make sure that you actually do have a numbers advantage with some good wards, as the "missing" enemy could really be waiting in the bush behind your team. Make sure you can see the enemy champion well away from the rest of his team. Watch out for teleports from the split pushing champion, as they may be trying to bait a fight.

Getting a Pick

Everyone gets caught out of position from time to time. With good vision coverage, you can ensure that the enemy is punished whenever a key member of the team is. Catching the ADC taking your read buff is a fantastic way to make what would normally be an winnable fight into something favorable for your team. Once the pick is made, your team now has a numbers advantage, and can typically pick a fight if they want. Make sure that your team isn't low from the catch, and if they are, a fight may not be the best option.

Five low health champions can be easily dispatched by four full health ones. Also be careful about who gets caught out. Catching a tank is great if you can burst them down fast enough. If they can survive long enough for the team to get there, there's no point trying to kill them. Blowing key abilities on the pick can also be detrimental if you want to engage a fight or take an objective right after.

All for one loading screen

Only one thing is clear from these teams: Demacia

Having a Superior Teamfight Team

Team composition factors greatly into fights. Every lane may have lost, but if your team is superior in 5v5's, it's extremely easy to turn a lost game around. Similarly, if your team's abilities work well with one another, and the enemies' don't, you have a massive advantage in fights. Some great examples of this are a Leona/Orianna combo. Leona engages and ultimates, Orianna ultimates on top of her. Jarvan/Vayne works well, as you can stun the enemy on his ultimate. Think of creative ways that your team's abilities can be combo'd. All it takes is a bit of communication and a pinch of coordination.

Locations That Suit Your Fights

Having a favorable fighting location is one of the easiest ways to win fights. With the aforementioned Leona/Orianna for example, fighting in tight areas of the jungle and using choke points is key. If they're already all clumped up chasing your team out of dragon, use one of your jungle entrances as a point of engagement. If your team is built around kiting and disengage, make sure you have a long way to run. Nami’s ultimates, Sivir’s boomerang or Tristana’s shot can provide a huge amount of fade away damage while staying mostly out of harm’s way.

All of the Above

The more of these aspects you have, the more likely you are to win a fight. Can you get a pick and THEN pick a fight in the jungle where your area of effect ultimates have the highest chance of catching more than one? Perfect! Can you stop a siege and poke long enough to whittle the enemy team's health and mana down? Awesome! The more you think like a team, and think with your champions in mind, the more likely you are to win, regardless of how far behind your team is.