Interview with Crs Saintvicious



Tue 23rd Sep 2014 - 8:49pm

I decided to take a week off from writing an article to interview one of the oldest names in esports and one of my personal favorite players, Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco.  Saintvicious is not  an unfamiliar name in the LoL eSports scene considering he's been around since the beginning of it. Originally the jungler for the early TSM, he moved to become CLG's jungler after Kobe24's move from player to caster.

Later he became Crs's jungler and main shot caller and kept that role until he decided to move to a coaching position. Saint also was the jungler for North America during season 3 All Stars. He now streams and is the jungler for Curse Academy. 

How did you originally get into gaming, and then how did you get into league?

Saintvicious: Been gaming since I was 4 years old when I got a Nintendo. Then my girlfriend at the time bought me the collectors edition for League and I've played it non stop since.

If you didn't get into pro gaming, what would you be doing now, and what will you be doing after pro gaming?

Saintvicious: I would have probably finished out school for business marketing and worked some office job, and I wanna stay in gaming forever.

With the LCS expansion tournament coming up, are you and the team preparing? What are you doing specifically to prepare (if you can share that information)?

Saintvicious: The team took a few weeks off, but we are gonna go full grind once everyone back in the house and situated.

So if the events play out and Curse Academy does make LCS, what will happen to you guys considering Curse can’t own both teams?

Saintvicious: There are lot of potential buyers for new LCS teams, but Liquid is handling all that though.

So you stepped down from Curse to be their coach but now are playing for Curse Academy. Can you explain a little bit about what happened with that move?

Saintvicious: I only really coached Curse for about a week then decided the team and I had too many conflicts from the past so I decided to stream and play again.

Can you talk about what happened between you and Chaox that caused him to not be on Curse Academy?

Saintvicious: He tried out, and there were just better options.

So you’ve gone from jungle to support and now you’re back in the jungle. Why is that?

Saintvicious: I was a mediocre support. Jungling is definitely a position thats better for me. It allows me to have more time to view the map for shot calling as well.

In your dream life, what other game would you like to be a pro in?

Saintvicious: Have not really thought about that question ever. Don't think any there is any other game.

I asked you in chat if you missed Vegas and your response was “hell no.” I would think Vegas would be a fun place to live, how come you don’t miss it?

Saintvicious: Vegas is just way too dry and theres nothing really around outside of the strip.

Can you comment on the whole Cop thing? What's your opinion? Was it the right move or did liquid mess up?

Saintvicious: It was more Cops decision.He just didn't have the drive anymore.

Do you know any of the potential replacements for Cop? Will Chaox be considered? How about Piglet (we can all dream)?

Saintvicious: Nope, I don’t know.

You say you want to stay in gaming forever. What will you do when you just cannot continue as a player? And what will happen when League isn't a very big game anymore?

Saintvicious: Probably stream, produce content, be one with the peoples.

Any shoutouts to fans or sponsors?

Saintvicious: Shout out to Alienware, Cooler Master, Astro, Loot Crate and Nissan.

You can watch Saintvicious stream on