How taking a break will improve your game



Fri 19th Sep 2014 - 6:38pm

We all know that in order to become great at something you need to practice hard and a lot this is very prevelent in physical sports, martial arts, general skills and much more. But you can also get better in games like League of Legends by just taking a break and doing certain stuff in it to improve your game. This might help you if you tend to get on losing streaks and want to get better so it ends.

Keep calm and take a break

Something new and different

First what I think is the most drastic of these options; if you've had a few bad losing streaks following up on each other quite soon. And you've just had that one bad game where you maybe dropped a division and now are about to drop another as your team has been flaming you as you might have been a bit toxic to them as well. This one might be what you need. Maybe the best option at the moment might be to stay away from League for a week or two.

To play that one game you just bought but haven't gotten to yet because you were trying to climb out of Silver before classes start again. That time where you just stay away from League might just cool you down a bit because all too often I see people on a losing streak just jumping straight back into ranked getting annoyed by the fact that they're not playing well and just becoming a pain to the team.

If you find yourself starting to tilt. Just take a break, play something else, watch some Anime or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, just don't jump straight back into soloqueue. And when you eventually come back to the game you should maybe start by watching a bit of LCS, OGN, LPL, or IPL to get some League hype and your morale up before you jump into a normal game and then ranked.


Learn the League

The next thing you might be able to do is take a break to study up on the game. Read guides, watch videos, watch pro and high ELO streams. If you can find a streamer that answers questions from the chat and explains his decision makings he or she play that is great. You should read up on the champions you play, learn what your abilities do, whether they have been nerfed or buffed. You might even find out things about your main you didn't even know yet and learn how to use it. Ideally you would study all champions and their abilities, but with 117 or so champions that is a daunting task. Make sure you study the champs that counter your mains. Find out why and try to find ways to negate that counter and maybe turn it completely around.

League of Legends: a wargame

This is probably the hardest of all the options I'm going to put in this blog. Read up. Not guides or the latest patch notes but books. Books like the Art of War. Stuff like this will greatly improve your strategising in game. A lot of what is written down in militairy science books is useful for games not only like League but also Starcraft, FPS and grand strategy games like the ones made by Paradox. You can implement almost any of the ideas in the Art of War into any game in which combat is present. Reading up on history is also incredibly useful.

Read up on the successes of Hannibal, Ceasar, Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Erwin Rommel to name a few. What might they have thought when having their greatest victories. And read up on the failures of the Romans at the Battle of Lake Trasimene or the Battle of Cannae or of Napoleon in Waterloo and in his invasion of Russia or the defeat of the Nazis in Stalingrad. What led to the losses, what might they equate to in League? These things will all help you strategise in game. Like maneuvering and rotations. Also if you touch on these subjects in class you will seem like a genius which is always a nice bonus.

Battl of Lake Trasimene

Build your identity

Lastly. Taking a break to just do theorycrafting. For this you will have to plan taking a break or not because you have to record a few games of yours. You would have to watch these games preferably with the same champion. After doing that you would have to build a set of runes and masteries that fit your playstyle the best. That is why you really have to be very concentrated on watching how you play the game. Since you have to calculate what runes and masteries would fit your playstyle the best. Yes playing 20 games to test a rune page is fun but those 20 games might equate to spending 15 hours just testing a runepage and after that you might still have to make changes and it might take weeks before you finally get something that really is good for you.

If you bring that calculator out you would have it done in a few days to a week. You want that AP Tryndamere? Just put some numbers through and end up with a runepage that might actually be half decent and afterwards you just need some minor fine tuning. And eventually you will see that you are getting better and better at finding your playstyle with a new champion and creating a good runepage for said champion.

This was my first blog post so put your critique  in the comments if you please and now I would like to thank you for reading this and I hope that you found this at least a little bit helpful.