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Tue 10th Jun 2014 - 6:08pm

Tyrin 'LC DandyChap' Davidson is a Diamond 1 Fiddlesticks main. He currently has about 1800 games on him. Playing since the Elise patch (November 2012.) He did not always play Fiddle, he started off mainly playing Teemo and going 8/10 in his placement matches. He was placed into Silver 3.

However, it became clear that no one really liked AD Teemo. While on his search of finding a new champion to play, he found a video guide for Fiddlestick by Piece_of_Sheet and instantly fell in love. I got the chance to chat with him about his love of Fiddle and the mistakes lower elo players make while climbing the ladder.

What drew you to Fiddlesticks, why him out of all the champions that had been released?

Dandy Chap: A large reason I was drawn so much to Fiddle is that I always had a big problem of feeling the need to recall and lose valuable time and money if I lost a miniscule portion of health with other champions. With Fiddlesticks, I could always make sure that I was on 100% hp and enjoyed the ability of being able to just sap all your health back in just a few seconds after a rough fight!


You told me before we started that you have 1800 games with Fiddlesticks, does he get boring?

DandyChap: The most popular question people ask me is "Surely you must get bored" and I always tell them the same thing, "Winning is never boring!"


Fiddle has somewhat fallen our of flavor since the fear nerfs, what is your opinion on those nerfs?

DandyChap: I feel like the fear duration nerf was justified. Playing against a Fiddle when his fear was still 3 seconds, it very annoying! I found it fair because although others champions like Morgana still have a 3 second snare, her snare isn't a 'point and click' like Fiddles so it's a higher risk ability for a higher reward.

However, I did feel like Riot's justification to change how fear worked and made people run directly away from Fiddle was silly. It was claimed it was done to 'remove randomness' in the game but I don't see things like critical strike chance going anywhere soon! I felt like the 'random direction' fear was better because although it could work better for you, it could also work against you but I felt like that was an enjoyable aspect of fear.


That's a good point, random gave it some kind of chance that it would be useful. Do you think they should have done either one nerf or the other, rather than both?

DandyChap: I just thought it was ironic of Riot to claim the change was made to eliminate 'luck' when you were feared yet so many other factors of the game are also determined by 'luck'. For example, a lucky Tryndamere at level 1 might manage a few critical hits on his opponent in the early game which could essentially win him the lane and quite possibly the game simply from 'luck'. At the time of the change Fiddlesticks had become a semi-popular support in the LCS and I believe the main reason for the change was to make it more of an 'escape' tool for support Fiddles. I've learned to adapt to the change and use it to my advantage.


Do you think that he became weaker with the nerfs or just changed the way he is played ot his full potential?

DandyChap: I think that he only seemed weaker at first because I wasn't used to the change, but adapting to change is a big part of LoL and seperates the good players from the great ones. I think Fiddlesticks is just as strong as he was before, despite the fact he's barely seen in pro competetive play. I think he isn't considered much in pro team comps because he doesn't have the strong early game pressure that many current meta junglers have at the moment, but perhaps one day I'll be able to bring him onto the scene!

Do you think it was the nerfs that were the main reason he left the competitive scene? Rather than the rise of other junglers at the time?

DandyChap: I definitely think it set him back quite a lot from being considered a 'suitable pick'. For a while now, the current meta has been highly mobile junglers who always offer a strong map presence. The threat of Fiddle's ultimate is an incredibly strong map presence ability but when it's on cooldown he is hardly a threat and easy to pick off in late game if the enemy plays it well. Nerfing his only CC ability made him an even easier target!


What do you think is the biggest mistake that low elo Fiddlesticks players make?

DandyChap: There's multiple mistakes I notice low elo Fiddle players make when I spectate lower ranked matches. Firstly, DON'T START MACHETE! Doran's Ring does more damage to monsters than machete does, gives you some mana sustain, but the main reason is because Fiddle is the most counterjungled champion in the game. The extra health and extra AP will save your life a LOT if you get counter jungled pre-6. Another big mistake I notice low-elo Fiddle players make is instantly activating Zhonya's Hourglass the moment they ulti.

There is no reason to use the Hourglass active until you become the enemies' main focus. If they're all running away from you rather than attacking, run with them! Your job is to deal the most damage you can. If you activate your Hourglass the moment you ult in the enemy will have an easier time escaping you. Try and use it the moment people start trying to burst you down quickly. If the enemy wastes their abilities on you then they won't be prepared to deal with the rest of your team in time.


Do you think that Fiddlesticks is good in lower divisions despite these mistakes? Or in soloq in general? Or do you think he requires good teamwork to really be effective?

DandyChap: Fiddlesticks has one of the highest winrates in the game, particularly in lower leagues. The main reason for this being ward coverage. In lower elos, people ward a lot less, and it's much easier to simply go to the nearest brush and ulti into your enemy (I've won 25 out of 26 games on an alternative Silver account, lost one where we had 2 DC's from the start!). In higher elos, where people begin to ward increasingly well, you cannot use the same tactic.

You have to be extremely careful where you tread and you have to make sure the enemy can't see you when you ult, or you have to catch them off-guard when they're mid fight and don't see you ulting in from the sideline. Teamwork with Fiddlesticks is incredibly important against high ranking players because while you're visible, you're a sitting duck.

That's very interesting that it shifts like that, what do you do when Fiddle is picked/banned?

DandyChap: I always make sure I have a box of chocolates, tissues and a romantic comedy ready to watch. In seriousness, I've been getting more involved in the Ranked 5v5 scene for the last couple of months, and joined my latest team, London Conspiracy, about three weeks ago. So far, in tournaments I've played in, there has been a 100% Fiddlesticks ban rate against me in all my competetive matches, so I've been starting to play other junglers a lot more (Fiddle will always be my favourite though!). I've become a fan of Evelynn and Kayle, and have just started picking up Vi with decent results! I've become accustomed to Fiddlesticks being banned and I don't mind it now, it just means my teammates will get their favourite champions instead!

What are your future plans with the team?

DandyChap: We are going to be competing in a weekly online tournament as well as having practice days during the week. We have a couple of competetive LAN events we're attending over the summer which will consist of quite a few semi-pro teams. I'm really excited for them, I've never been to a LAN before and they look like great fun! Of course my future goal like many others is to one day be in the LCS, but I know I have a lot of work to do to reach that goal (I need to become as skilled with other junglers as I am with Fiddle for a start!) It might seem like a bit of a long stretch, but I at least want to be able to look back in a few years time and be proud that I tried. My father passed away a couple of weeks ago and he always wanted me to 'make something of myself'. I hope with enough effort and determination I can achieve what he hoped of me, doing the thing I love to do most.

I wish you the best of luck! What advice would you give lower elo players to climb the ladder?

DandyChap: Be positive at all times! A lot of people complain to me that the majority of their games are simply lost because of a 'troll' or a 'feeder' etc. The truth is, a lot of trolls tend to react the way they do when others comment negatively on their play. Don't ever criticise your teammates. Sure, some might play bad but they're YOUR teammates. If you get fed up at your teammates you're simply lowering your own chance to win the match even further because they will have no incentive to win the game.

Praise them for their good plays (Put a smiley or they might think you're being sarcastic!). One last point I'd like to mention is, don't become pessimistic if you start losing a game and give up. Good players do well in lane and help their team. GREAT players are the ones who make bold yet smart plays when their team is losing to turn the scales. Always remember, you learn most when you're losing. Embrace that.

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