Interview with Dadyrus, the father of Dyrus.



Sat 10th May 2014 - 9:31pm

A relationship brought back together by gaming, Mark 'Dadyrus' Hill originally planned to teach his son the family trade, plumbing. Once realizing that Dyrus wanted to game rather than learn the trade, his father let him go, straining the relationship between father and son. Fortunately, his late aunt convinced Dadyrus to talk to his son, learning that e-sports was something that he could make a living off of.

I got to speak to Dadyrus about these changes in his sons life and some of the personal pain of being a father. Being a league player himself, I also got to touch on what he thinks people at his level and lower need to work on in order to improve their game.


Have you always been supportive of Dyrus?

Dadyrus: Have I always supported Dyrus? Well in life always, but what many people assumed is that I knew about E-sports at the time. I had my son working for me to learn plumbing. About this time I had no clue about being able to make a living in E-sports. Dyrus never talked about being a pro gamer, and at this time in his life our relationship was being strained by broken promises between him and I. It was his aunt, my older sister, that opened my eyes to understanding what being a popular gamer could mean.

As soon as I heard he was leaving for New York to attempt being a pro, the day before I went to visit him and ask him why he never mentioned that he may be able to do it as a job. He just said he did not know that much about it at the time. Anyway, I gave my blessing and to be honest I was scared because my son has always lived close to me and now he going to New York. As a father, I had one thing to offer him and thats learning my trade and up to this point he had not presented me with another option I could support. His aunt died after this and the beginning of his Esport Career will always bring to life that moment of clarity between my son and I that my sister last days were bringing me and him together for a understanding of each other.

Why did you begin playing league?

Dadyrus: Honestly, because this is what he did for a living and I needed to fully understand so I could feel like I still had my son close. I always play games myself, mostly shooter games and never play games like League, so without him doing it as a career I would probably never had played it myself. Now I play it cause I have grown to love it as many do, and that's just a plus since I get to see my son do it on the big stage.

What is the biggest issue people are lower elos face?

Dadyrus: This is opinion but there are many players out there that just play the game and never really get into learning about the pros or the LCS many just play it to play a game. This create a enviroment that is mixed with serious players wanting to improve to be more like the pros and players who just play to play a game. I dont know if everybody understands the different and maybe it's a fine line. Many times I watch players whos movement on the map are so out of place you can tell they dont watch LCS much because if you just watch the game you can learn so many things from it. I consider myself still a noob at the game and being older probably my older working hands have slowed down compared to a younger person hands. Last people in lower elos need to take even normal game seriously to improve and when they do not they pick up bad habits and carry them in to rank games. Just my opinion.

How has Dyrus' success affected your relationship with him?

Dadyrus: My relationship has always been more of if he needs me he calls me and I am all right with that. He as many know is not the most talkative person and I have always been a father if he is okay then I am okay until he needs something. So in some ways as a parent when you finally realize that your child needs you less, there is a pain only a parent feels and it's not anything a child is doing to be mean but a separation due to growing up. Still hurts and is invisible to those who havent been a parent. Not a bad thing but just part of life.


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