League Quickie: Going On Tilt & How To Recover By Your Average Platinum Player



Wed 2nd Apr 2014 - 10:25pm


If you've ever played a decent amount of ranked solo queue games, you may have experienced win streaks as well as loss streaks. Typically when you're on a good win streak you're feeling more confident and think rather clearly about your play since you are playing at a higher than average level compared to that of your league.

However, when a player goes on a loss streak and a particularly long one, there is a term called 'tilt' that most associate with it. In a previous article I talked about using the mute button as a way to prevent tilt and how it could improve your play in solo queue, but what happens if you are already on tilt and can't get out of it?


What Is Tilt Exactly?

In my previous article I gave a very textbook definition of what tilt is, but for those who haven't read it: what is tilt? Since tilt is a common term in the League of Legends community as a reason for performing badly in competetive play, emphasizing how to deal with it and get off it seems more appropriate.

"Tilt is a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive. This term is closely associated with steam and some consider the terms equivalent, but 'steam' typically carries more anger and intensity." (source: wikipedia) Even though the term tilt is a poker term by origin, the applications of it to any competetive scene is limitless.

Gbay99 did an excellent explaination on tilt (video link below) and how it affects the player as well as his own methods to dealing with it. In addition, many of his videos are quite informative and actually have made me myself a better player so I highly suggest checking him out.


Your Average Platinum Player's Guide To Getting Off of Tilt:

As a player of any level, going on tilt is actually almost inevitable. If you reach your peak level of performance and play with those who are at a higher skill level than what you are placed in, the league system is designed to balance your wins and losses to about 50% if you are where you belong. That being said, going on tilt inhibits your ability to perform and will in turn lead to more losses. So are you ready for some remedies?


1. Play Another Game & Have Fun (just remember why you decided to play the other game in the first place)

For me in my case, in order to just get off that losing mentality and to relax, I decided to venture to the dark side and actually play some Dota 2. "Why?", some might ask? Dota 2 is another MOBA just like League of Legends with quite a few differences, also in terms of approach to playstyle. I wanted to play something that would allow me to have fun and remember my original intention when starting to play League of Legends in the first place.

Since the general concept of Dota 2 and League of Legends are the same thing, I enjoyed exposing myself to a new way to play the game. Getting relaxed off playing a few games of Dota without any fear of dropping a division or losing more league points was very refreshing (though I didn't lose any games in Dota when I did play).

Note: It doesn't have to be Dota 2, I just went to the dark side.

2. Take A Break Entirely

Now this one is a given and it should always be common practice to take breaks in between games, but what I mean specifically is to take a few days off or even longer from Summoner's Rift. Though your mechanics may falter a bit while you are away, you'll get them back within one or two games upon your return. The entire notion behind stepping away from your computer for a while and doing something else really breeds new life when you pick it up again. In my opinion it actually keeps the game less boring and it's healthier for the player and the community if people on tilt take breaks. 


3. If Possible, Look At Replays Of Your Games & Point Out Your Own Mistakes

When your frustration with the game is at its max, looking at more games may make it all the more enraging. However, after you've calmed down a bit, it's good practice to watch and see your mistakes in the games from when you were on tilt. The reason behind this is simple: if you can identify the problem and fix it, you'll play better as a result. When we're in-game we don't realize the little things we could have done better as easily as we can from a spectator perspective.

In addition to pointing out your own mistakes, just be humble about the game. You and the players around you are on average of equal skill level. This means that they also are likely to make just as many mistakes and peform just as well. Keeping this in mind is the best way to keep yourself from falling further into tilt and becoming toxic. 


4. Upon Your Return To Summoner's Rift, RELAX

Now that you've come back to playing League after a break, its good to get in a few warm-up matches in normals to get mechanically prepared but also to mentally prepare yourself. Bringing a clean and open mind back to the game is the most efficient way to get off tilt. Without the constant criticism and anxiety over whether a player will perform well or not, the mind allows itself to do more and think less which can offer really good results (potentially win streaks).



Going on tilt is something that can affect even the best of players. Anyone can see it almost on a daily basis. Someone performs badly, they rage and end up going on losing streaks. It is a necessary evil in League of Legends that things like this happen but in order to help manage it better, the first step lies with the players themselves. As a Platinum tier player this has happened to me reaching Platinum II and then dropping down to Platinum IV because of tilt. Now that I've taken my break and am getting back into the swing of things, I find myself slowly climbing back up the ladder.

Hope you liked this article, and if you liked it or disliked it please leave some feedback :)