How To Reduce Rage And How To Respond To Ragers



Sun 16th Feb 2014 - 1:54pm

What I am going to be talking about is rage in Solo Q, why it is bad, and some reasons as to why you're still in a lower league. As well as that I will attempt to provide a brief introduction on how to talk to ragers. Anything you might read in this blog are entirely my own opinions, and are nothing more than what I have said.

So you have started solo q or are looking to start solo q for the first time. The first thing you will want to do is start climbing the brackets, getting up to the top level of play by winning as many of your games as possible, in reality the situation that you will find in many low elo games is that there will be one of three types of people that can stop you from progressing in your League of Legends ranked experience and you may even be one of these people yourself without realising it.

First of all I know I have been both on the receiving and the giving ends of these types of players and comments, the fact of the matter is before you type about an issue in-game, such as a bad play by a particular person in a certain situation, you first need to understand that you need to think about what you are saying before you actually click that enter button and send it to your team.

When you are not thinking about what you're saying and presss that enter button, then you run the risk of turning into one of the 3 types of ragers, and this can cause a morale de-boost for your team, and that will inturn spiral the game out of control.

AFK Players
The first type of person you see in ranked are afkers. These are the people who have connection issues or who go AFK (away from keyboard) because they are getting SHOUTED AT IN CAPS LOCK by their own team-mates.  This is partly bad on them for starting a ranked game if they have connection issues. Ranked games are primarily where people are more serious and passionate about the game than they are in normal games.

Straight Up Rager
Ragers are people who from the start of the game from champion select to the end of the game constantly use CAP LOCK to get their own point or opinion across, such as bad ganks by the jungler if you are in a solo lane, or in the duo lane having a bad support or carry, as well as hateful and aggressive comments.

These types of players and even being this type of player yourself can hinder your progression in solo q. The best thing I can tell you guys is not to become a rager. Think about what you say before you say it and always try not to have a god complex and take a leadership role if needed. Obviously you can make calls but also respect your team have good motivation and team-play; afterall, League is a TEAM GAME!

Next are the flamers. These are the type of people that will find mistakes within the game on your play, or another ally's play. This can be anything from to creep score at a certain time in the game, to feeding, being out of position in team fights, or over extending your lane too far past river. Although these are all factors in having a bad game it does not require them to make comments on your play.

Please note I said they will find mistakes in your play or another ally's. They are not focused on their own play when they can potentially being doing worse than you. If you are a flamer the best advice I can give you is just look at your own play before you start blaming your allies. If the result is your game was going well and you didn't make any mistakes and it's genuinely not your fault that you lost/are losing, try to give constructive feedback to them so in future they know better.

How To Deal With These Guys
So first you need to be careful about what you say. As I am writing this I have to be careful my words are not taken the wrong way. In solo q you should do the same; giving too many tips or advice, or even pressuring your teammates to do things/buy items they do not want to buy can be taken in a manner you did not wish it to be taken, so be careful how you word your comments.

Best tips I can give:
- Focus on your play before looking at your teammate
- Don't use caps lock
- Be a friendly person
- If you've learned from me, pass on the knowledge

What To Do If This doesn't Work
Well there is not a lot you can do really, there is a mute button for a reason, use it and try to communicate as best as you can with the other players in the game.

If you would like to contact me about anything in this article then please feel free to by hitting me up on twitter @DiomedesMonster.