Riot the enforcers?



Tue 28th Jan 2014 - 10:43pm

Recently, Riot has stated that they are changing the outer turrets in the top and mid lane to take 20 less damage from auto attacks. Mainly because they wish to offer a bigger incentive for people to run with the 1-1-2 style of laning. They had tried last year to enforce this by the outer turrets having more armor before the eight minute mark, but it turned out that it wasn't enough for Riot. This will have a bigger impact on the game as the standard 1-1-2 lanes will now be more common, or possibly mandatory, in that we could see champions appearing that don't favour the 1v2 situation, leading to more diversity aswell.

Due to both teams having a 2v2 bot, we could see the return of the "kill lanes". While we have them now, they aren't really getting up to much as it is 2v1 and the lane opponent is playing extra careful. In a 2v2 we can see them really shine, as they'll be given more opportunities to cause bigger impacts on the game. As such champions like Leona, Thresh, Blitzcrank, and possibly even Lulu will be making more of an appearance in the current meta, while AD carrys such as Graves may also make a return with the high damage burst from Collateral Damage. This could have an indirect effect on the junglers picked aswell. All of which would create more action, which is good for the viewers!

Of course, having the 1-1-2 lanes will mean that both bot and top will be more equal in terms of presence and raw power. One side won't have complete control unless mistakes are made, and as such the vision control will be more equal across the jungle on the map. Junglers will be able to contest their buffs on an even playing field, which does mean that we may see a decrease in counter jungling aswell. Again, with this change we could possibly see some different junglers come out that are heavily affected by counter jungling.


Now that we have two people in the bot lane on both sides, a team won't be able to dominate the other side and take easy dragons anymore unless they're already ahead. So more fights will happen in the mid game for the dragon, which once again, is going to be a good thing for the viewers, as more action will take place. Knowing that more fights are breaking out in the early game over dragon, it's a possibility that we'll see more team fight orientated compositions, as they'll have the advantage in any big fights that happen.

Lastly, with no more 1v2 lanes appearing, or at the very least, appearing infrequently, there won't be a lane for a hyper carry to free farm in such as Vayne or Jinx to name a few. Any hyper carry that is picked will likely have to fair their own in a 2v2 lane, and most hyper carrys are infamous for having a poor early game. This will be another factor to be taken into consideration when a team is picking the marksman for the team, as laning will now matter a whole lot more.


To conclude, while Riot changing the towers can be argued as a good thing, seeing as it'll create a lot more action elsewhere on the map, there's more than a few things that could change because of it. With the meta being relatively unsteady with all the possible options already open, it's going to be interesting to see how the competitive matches are played going forward when it hits the tournament realm.

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