Interview with double EUW Challenger Series champion, Heimerdingers Collosi's YamatoCannon



Mon 27th May 2013 - 12:30pm

After Heimerdingers Collosi won the last two EUW Challenger Series run by KaosTV, I managed to speak to their top laner; YamatoCannon. I spoke about his past LCS experience, his new team and what does the future have in store for them.


Congratulations on your two recent wins in the Challenger Series, Is this going to carry on?

YamatoCannon: Yes, this is going to continue throughout the entire Amateur Scene as there isn’t much competition for us and I feel we could be a top LCS Team.


So you don’t see other teams such as Absolute Legends or Anexis Esports as competition?

YamatoCannon: They have potential but due to the experience in our team we outshine a lot of them.


How did you end up on Heimerdingers Collosi and where did the name come from?

YamatoCannon: I played with Malunoo on DragonBorns in the LCS and he had played with Extinkt a long time ago on Curse.Eu. We then met Freeze and Mithy as they were playing for Samurai in Jeans and Wizards respectively. Then because all 3 teams didn’t qualify for the LCS, including DragonBorns, that is when we became a team. The name came about when I was smurfing and I ended up in a division named Heimerdingers Collosi.


Speaking of DragonBorns, how did you find that LCS experience?

YamatoCannon: It gave me a lot of respect for other teams, especially the bigger teams; Fnatic and Gambit and how far ahead of the curve they are. When they were on form, you really gained respect for them as a player. The experience was also exhausting for me as I was going to school and travelling to the LCS every week and I jumped in during the middle of the season so I couldn’t really plan ahead.


Was it a big surprise for you to be moved to the main Roster?

YamatoCannon: When they invited me into the team, they said I should be prepared to jump in at any moment but it all just happened so quickly and was quite overwhelming at first but I soon settled in.


How did your parents feel about this situation?

YamatoCannon: They have seen me play in LAN tournaments before and bring home some pay-checks, so they have a positive attitude towards the game. It was different when I first started playing as they saw it as myself just sat in front of the PC playing and not getting much out of the game.


You started off playing Warcraft and then moved onto League of Legends, how did you start PC Gaming?

YamatoCannon: I played a lot of Warcraft 3 with my brother when I was younger also my brother and mother both play Video Games so it’s something that’s always surrounded me growing up.


When you first started playing League of Legends, where you always a high elo player or did it take time for you to reach it?

YamatoCannon: When I started playing League in Season One, I ended up around 1900 elo. It was okay at the time but I was on a team which played against the better players. The games were hard at the time and it gave me a lot of experience. I still play because I enjoy the game and want to keep getting better as a player.


Last Weekend you played Irelia in a two versus one lane on Blue Side, when the switch usually happens on Purple, is she the champion you like to use in a two versus one lane?

YamatoCannon: I pick Irelia when I’m not sure what I will come up against because I feel safe with her due to the fact she’s one of my most played Champions and one of my favourites too.


You also played quite a few Jarvan Games at the weekend is he another of your favourite Champions or was there more strategy involved?

YamatoCannon: The Jarvan pick was kind of random, I felt like playing Jarvan so I picked him. The last time I’d played Jarvan was at I45 a long time ago. The pick was more based so the enemy teams didn’t have the chance to pick him for their Jungler or Top Lane.


You’ve played a various number of positions in League of Legends throughout your career, is Top lane finally your position?

YamatoCannon: To be honest, Top Lane is kind of boring but I feel I can adapt to any position and play anything. Top Lane is what the team needs and that’s where I’ll play but I play the game for the thrill of winning and the competition that comes along with it.


Speaking of Top Lane, who was has been one of the hardest players to lane against?

YamatoCannon: Soaz and Darien where the harder lane opponents in the LCS but I wouldn’t say it’s hard to lane against them but I respect them so it’s one of those things.


Now Soaz is obviously at the All-stars at the time of this interview, who would’ve been your EU All-star Team?

YamatoCannon: Soaz definitely, then DiamondPr0x, Genja and Edward with xPeke mid. Just because you’re only allowed 3 Gambit players.


Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to allow me to Interview you today and best of luck in the future.