Interview with Dontmashme - "I see GGU going to Worlds. We are the future."



Fri 17th May 2013 - 2:42pm

Bradon "Dontmashme" Phan is the AD carry for Good Game University, a team that has been showing it is one of the top teams in North America by taking down some veteran teams to secure themselves second place in the LCS Spring Split.



Your team has had a lot of roster swaps, with Shiphtur being unable to play, and eventually transitioning between three different support players, how difficult was it to adapt to the new players? Do you think this prevented you from playing to your full potential?

Dontmashme: Personally I have played on 5 teams, so it wasn't really a problem adjusting to new players. The only thing I would have to adjust to is just play style which is probably the easiest thing to work on if both bottom lane players are on the same page. Eventually you will find your fit with certain players.

Daydreamin has made a big splash in LCS, and has been impressing people with his play. How has he been doing as the most recent addition to the team, and how is your lane synergy?

Dontmashme: Our synergy has already been formed. We duo queued a lot in ranked, we played at least 200 games before he joined. After the departure of Bloodwater we stepped up our game and took it to a whole new level. Around the time Daydreamin joined us we started to get serious and knew we had to win. So Daydreamin was an amazing pick up and a BONUS! With Daydreamin I feel like I improved and became a better AD Carry, he is a great mesh for me in the bottom lane and towards the team also.


Early in the Season you were known for your Twitch, getting it practically permabanned against you. Twitch is kind of a champion who has slowly been getting more play, getting picked up by more players mid way into the season, but it hasn't transitioned much to solo queue yet where he's one of the fewest played carries right now. So I'd just like your take on it as one of the original Twitch players,when is a good time to play Twitch, and do you think we will see him rise in popularity at all?

Dontmashme: Twitch has always been one of those heroes that was known as a "troll pick" because the champion was not considered good for competitive play. This also goes for the infamous Heimerdinger. These champions have a very unique play style. You could say this towards players and their niche champions. To explain Twitch, he is a teamfight hyper carry with Spray and Prey.

With his unique kit he can kill 5 people at once, but sacrifices the one thing about the AD carry role, which is staying alive. Twitch is a very balls deep champion that requires expertise, positioning, and always thinking that you will die. Every time I play Twitch, I expect to die, but if I took out my main target and I'm chunking enemies down I did my job.

Twitch's popularity will rise in popularity once other AD carries get nerfed or the meta shifts.


What in your opinion are the top three AD picks right now?

Dontmashme: 1. Caitlyn - she has the best early game and transitions into a monstrous late game.
2. Twitch - this is my next personal preference since I love this little rat
3. Ezreal - With some theory crafting players have done, he is slowly coming back


So Mash the big thing I have to ask about is the Spring Playoffs. You were considered an underdog, being lower seeded than Dignitas, Curse, and TSM, yet you managed to go toe to toe with each of these teams, taking 2nd after and intense 5 games against TSM. What were your expectations going into these games? Were your preparations any different than usual?

Dontmashme: Coming into playoffs requires a lot of mental preparation, we didn't actually scrim that much. It was basically us talking to each other and how it meant to us. We knew we could beat any team if we were positive coming into the playoffs.
Preparation wise was quite the same, but you can never really plan for the last game. You must be reactive during the last game in a bo3 / bo5. Planning for the bo5 is much harder because there are too many compositions to expect. Planning the very first 2 games is much easier because it is the same thing in a bo3, but for the 3rd and 4th is much different because teams can change compositions after the next 2 games. We stepped up a team for playoffs.


There has been some discussion changing Double Golems to prevent an AD/support lane from doing them before minions reach lane, a recent idea people have been discussing is making Golems spawn later, perhaps at 1:50. What do you think about these changes? Do you believe that would help balance the believed Blue Side advantage?

Dontmashme: I feel like the positioning of the double golem camp matters more than the time because you can still do them and just miss maybe 2 creeps. Honestly right now the solution to this in competitive play is lane swapping, but for solo queue players are starting to do wolves to match the golem advantage. I feel like there is no blue side advantage.


GGU is the only LCS team without a gaming house, are you considering getting one, or have you just decided it's not something your team needs?

Dontmashme: We will definitely get a house before the summer split begins!

Where do you see GGU in the future?

Dontmashme: I see GGU going to Worlds. We are the future. We're known as hot, young and talented, but seriously our team has so much potential because we are the only team without a gaming house and we ended up 2nd in the NA LCS spring split. As a team we still have much to learn and I feel like we are only getting better.


Do you have any shout outs?

Dontmashme: Shout outs to my family, friends and my team. You can like me on facebook, you can follow me on twitter and you can watch my stream.

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