Interview with ForellenLord from Team Alternate



Wed 15th May 2013 - 6:04pm

Team Alternate were down 2 games in a best of five versus the OZONE Giants in the Summer Promotion tournament, but they managed to pull off an unbelieveable comeback by winning the next three matches, thus securing themselves a spot in the Summer LCS. I managed to have a chat with the mid-laner of Team Alternate - Carl ''ForellenLord' Lükmann - about their recent success, his thoughts on the tournament and his top picks for mid-lane.



You guys were 0-2 against Giants, but you managed to make a stunning comeback in the following games. Did some inspiring words come out during the third match? What was going on in voice chat during that game?

ForellenLord: There weren't really any 'special' inspiring words, but we did change our playing mindset. I decided to play Nidalee - even though we hadn’t played with her in scrims a long time - and Kerp started to talk as if we were playing a normal game. So, trashtalk was pretty much on the line in the third game. That gave us a nice moral boost since we won that game 'easy' compared to the games before.


What do you think of the promotion tournament? Is this the ideal way to decide promotion/relegation into the LCS? Were Samurai In Jeans unlucky to be seeded against Copenhagen Wolves?

ForellenLord: I liked the promotion tournament. Even though you can be unlucky, Riot did choose a nice way that people will enjoy watching. Keep in mind that Samurai In Jeans faced Copenhagen Wolves because of their seeding in the start, so it's still fair overall. One thing I really disliked was the really late announcement of the Lille promotion qualifier - we were quite lucky that we were in Challenger already.


How scary is Nautilus at the moment? Was banning him an important part of your turnaround in game three?

ForellenLord: Their jungler played Nautilus well. In our scrims we never had problems against anyone playing Nautilus. I guess we weren’t focused enough to pay attention to his ganks (especially me), so we decided to take this champion out.


How confident do you and the team feel going into the summer LCS? Do you think there will be a gap between the new teams and the returning spring LCS teams?

ForellenLord: I honestly can’t give you any predictions. Speaking about our team...we have potential and we need to make use of it, so if we train hard we can win against any team. LCS is a new format for the team and me, so we will see how well we will get used to it. Overall, I guess the upcoming season won’t have such a wide gap between the first and last place.


After subbing for Copenhagen Wolves during the Spring LCS, how do you feel about facing them?

ForellenLord: Bjergsen is obviously fitting well into Copenhagen Wolves  and I wasn’t good enough for his place in that team. We scrimmed against them a lot and the outcome was pretty even. Let's see if it will be different if something is on the line.


How will the team prepare for the summer LCS? Do you guys have a gaming house?

ForellenLord: Alternate does have a gaming house, in which we bootcamped already, scrimming every day for around 10 hours including a one hour eating break. We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but in the upcoming days we will discuss all this kind of stuff.


How often did you play to reach the top of Challenger? Is there a secret to your successful climb to the top?

ForellenLord: When I was in Challenger I didn’t play that much, but because of my high hidden elo I came into challenger pretty easy, even though I failed many promotion series. At the moment I am in Diamond 1 because  I derped too much with Katarina (I was around rank 14, down from rank 4). I guess if you want to join Challenger you have to play your best champion all the time and win.


Considering that Team Alternate’s roster consists of members from Germany, Spain, Sweden and Poland, what is the main language that you guys use to communicate? Is there a language barrier that the team has had to overcome?

ForellenLord: We speak retardness - since that is what every member of our team has in common. Maybe in the beginning there was a language barrier, but if you want to say something, you normally always find a way to do so. So language is not a problem at all.


Who are your top three mid-lane picks for season three? Will we see more game changing Orianna play from you in the weeks ahead?

ForellenLord: Orianna is of course a high rated pick for us, so if she fits into the setup, we do not hesitate to pick her. Overall my love always finds its way back to Ahri. I like playing her a lot. And of course Twisted Fate - that's if I am ever able to pick this champion again (pretty much perma banned all day long).


Thank you for your time, do you have any shout-outs/closing statements?

ForellenLord: Shoutout to all our fans. To Alternate and their sponsors. Thank you all.