Who is this guy anyway: Lucian the Leaked Idea?



Sun 12th May 2013 - 6:55pm

A couple weeks back, a leaked image on the League forums caused quite the uproar. It featured a sleek looking champion concept. He was referred to as Lucian, the Gun Templar. Many were hoping for this to be the newest champion to be released, however we now know that Aatrox will be our next champion on the Fields of Justice.

Riot took the original thread down quickly, but that didn't stop the image from making its way around the community. Riot has made no statement as to whether this is a champion in the works, or just a mere concept they tossed. Just a small disclaimer here, THERE HAS BEEN NO CONFIRMATION REGARDING ANY INFORMATION ON THIS IMAGE.

The leaked concept art for Lucian, The Gun Templar... UNCONFIRMED.

With that out of the way, it is time to think of the possibilities of this.

Lucian, as we will call him for now, wields two guns. This leads me to believe he could be an AD Carry. Or, maybe his guns are very ...magical and yield the damage of an AP Carry.

The ADC world has been pretty straight-forward. You have your two most (arguably) popular ADC's, Caitlyn and Miss Fortune. There are of course others, but you know most certainly that the champion is an ADC. As for AP mid, picks have been very spontaneous. The possibilities are endless as far as mid goes. Quinn was quite the let down for ADC's, and Lucian could definitely provide for a more interesting bot lane.

All that we know as of now is that we can expect to see Aatrox in the next month or so. For a complete look at his lore and kit visit League's site!

Screenshots for the newest champion, Aatrox. (THOSE WINGS)

I am really excited to see if Riot has anything planned for Lucian in the future. I love his look, and the possibility of a new ADC. I am pleased with Aatrox at the moment though, so only time will tell whether or not we can see Lucian in our roster as well.

And for those who are really interested... there is a poll on EUW's forums to bring him to the playing field. Interested in voting?

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  • Mon 13th May 2013 - 6:44pm
    I think having some sort of AP Carry that acts as a scaling/sustain damage dealer (kind of like how AP/AS Teemo works) would be super helpful for team compositions that are already AD heavy (since top/jungle/mid all have multiple options that focus on AD)

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