League of Legends Role Select: Good News or Bad?



Sat 4th May 2013 - 1:15pm

I stumbled across a picture online that caught my attention. It showed a ranked queue with a “select your role” option before actually queuing up. On several posts, all that was written with it was “next patch…”.

Role-Select Queues

Surely with something this groundbreaking, Riot would announce the launch well in advance. After further research, I found that this picture was merely a concept. It originated on Reddit, though now there are many threads talking about the addition of a role-selecting queue.

So what is the point to having a World of Warcraft type queue?

If you want mid, but you are last pick, chances are you will probably end up doing something else. There are just those positions that are more desirable to a good chunk of the League population. Everyone wants to be able to carry themselves to a win, but you can’t do that if your team is depended on you for vision and buffs (and building damage while supporting does not help the team most of the time.) However, with this concept, you could queue up with people that more than likely want other roles. Last pick? No problem! There are the obvious advantages to this, but also some things that would need to be worked out before a system like this was implemented.

Good news, or bad news first?

We will start with the benefits this could bring to the game. Now you are second pick and called mid, but fifth pick wants mid as well. What would be the best thing to do is this situation? You could play another role, but you really want to mid. If you go ahead and pick your mid, you risk the chance of an AFKer or an insta-lock mid on their part. Call order vs. pick order is a huge debate in champion select, and can often determine the outcome of your game. With queuing up for specific roles, this would eliminate the champion select rage, or at least lessen the tension. You would be paired with people who want to do every other role you don’t. It would also create a better atmosphere in solo queue, and hopefully create better relationships and communication between summoners.

It would be a huge breakthrough for Riot. Ranking up would be a little more easier, and you wouldn’t have to worry about playing a position that is not your absolute best. I would personally love to mid every ranked game that I play, but unfortunately that is not the case. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made if you want a chance of winning. I would rather give up my position to someone who can’t do what is left than have someone doing something they have never done. Playing champions that you love makes the game all the better, and with role-selecting queues this could be that much easier. There are some downfalls that this system could face if it were ever to be introduced.


The Consequences?

Queues would be a bit longer, but I wouldn’t expect WoW dungeon queue long. Queuing up for mid would cost you more time, simply because that is the position that a majority want. Top would be another queue that would be full. Support could possibly be the shortest available queue, almost like the healer’s queue in WoW. What makes League substantially different is class specifications. In WoW, each class has certain talents that specifies whether you are damage, tank, or heal. You have your created character, with a specified class and role.

In League, you have every champion you’ve unlocked and whatever role you can do with them. So in League, you would be able to queue up for any position you want… and have the option to select a different role in champion select. People could do this for shorter queues, by queuing for support but saying they will mid. Limiting a players selection to deemed supports would not solve this problem either. Sona can support, and so can Elise or Morgana. Possibilities are endless, and suppressing players would cause an outrage.

Many also argue that this creates a set in stone meta for the game. League is a game of adaptation. Maybe you could create an advantage for you team by double-jungle, or no jungle at all. Though these cases are not seen as often as the meta, the flexibility of the game creates a sense of freedom for players. By creating this system, it would require a team to consist of one jungle, one mid, one top, one carry, and one support. A cookie cutter team with a very small area to work with.

There are many speculated solutions online that could make this system viable. I would definitely love to see this in action, but there are certainly issues that need to be sorted out. This would be a huge, and almost shocking chance to solo queues. There has been no official announcement from Riot stating that they have something like this in the works. Perhaps deep, in the darkest corner of Riot’s basement behind the water heater, one Rioter has an idea that will change a nation… Or rather, one huge gaming community.

What are your thoughts on a system like this for League of Legends? Do you have any solutions that could work out the kinks? Be sure to leave a comment and discuss what you think!

Your Comments

  • Thu 9th May 2013 - 9:31am
    This is an idea that has been suggested a million times through the many League communities, and I can never see Riot caving in to it because they're just too smart. This would break the game in too many ways.
  • Wed 8th May 2013 - 11:34pm
    I wrote about this a few months ago in the EUW LOL forums, and none gave a f*ck about it...
  • Wed 8th May 2013 - 11:26pm
    I like the idea, but the implementation of such seems very limiting to players. IMO the best way to implement something like this would be the ability to tick off multiple roles you like to play (for example, I like to support and top, and once in a blue moon jungle); by default all would be selected, and then you remove the roles you're not comfortable with. Then you enter match making, and the system takes your preferred roles into consideration against the preferred roles of other people queued up, and assign you a team with those considerations. That way there would be the elimination of argument without locking a player into "YOU MUST PLAY THIS ROLE NOW."
  • Mon 6th May 2013 - 6:46am
    Wajzero, what if they implemented a system that locked support to first pick, jungle to 2nd, and randomized the other three. Why randomize? Let's say 3rd pick is always top. Well, 4th and 5th or 3rd, 4th, 5th (depending on side of map) can counter that top. Support and Jungle can't really be countered with hard counters. Those counters tend to be soft and skill based. one cares if the support/jungle are top picks.
  • Sun 5th May 2013 - 10:48pm
    This system could be effective, but there are some kinks. As you mentioned, queue times would be longer, and trolls would thrive by choosing support but auto-locking mid. I also think this would ruin some communication in champion select. Sure you won't argue with your team about your role, but when you work out your roles, you start communicating. I often go into queue not knowing what role I want to play, and it depends on what my team needs me to do. I think this could be another sub option in Normals or even Ranked, much like Blind Pick and Draft Mode. If you really want to play a role, you could enter this queue, but if you want to play any role, or have had a bad experience with the queue, you can easily switch to the more familiar queue types. This system can have flaws, which depends on the community, and if it were to become the default queue type, those who disagree with it would almost not want to play League anymore, Great article!
  • Sun 5th May 2013 - 8:15pm
    Good post, gonna add that the que's won't be long at all for the simple fact we're talking about a region ( eu-west - NA ) etc etc with WoW it's about the bg ( battlegroup ) futher than that good post.
  • Sun 5th May 2013 - 7:48pm
    It's stupid in my opinion, example guy who queued for mid enters as first pick and demand to be mid even though they can counter him . And that bring us to situation where all teammates will try to explain to him why he can;t and he will rage or on lower elo/division whole team will rage at him , and when team is angry and pissed on each other there won't be any team play, coordination or fun (example jungler in that team will say i won't help you , noob , retard or something like that ). Well i see this as bad thing , maybe its good on bigger divisions but on lower it will just create problems.

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