A look into the Sejuani Rework



Thu 25th Apr 2013 - 7:03pm

So with the Sejuani rework on the way, let's take a look at the changes coming up for her. 

Just to help analyze her better, I want to give my thoughts on what is wrong with her right now. She has a weak early game, due to poor jungle clear and lack of powerful ganks before 6. She had no defensive steroids or any abilities to help her become a better tank.  Her lengthy cooldowns make it so she's not that large of a threat. In a teamfight she spends too much time waiting for cooldowns to be up. 

Awkward combos that make playing her difficult and tedious (needing to auto attack every enemy to keep frost applied in order to do your optimal damage).

Sejuani's old passive in my opinion was very underwhelming. A 10% slow is just too weak of a slow to be impactful.

This new passive solves one of Sejuani's largest problems which was her poor early jungling. Her new passive gives her 10 armor at level one, and goes up as she levels. With this change her armor will be much higher, allowing her to have a safer and healthier jungle, which will give her freedom to roam and gank (which was hard for her in Season 2 because her health was often low after her first clear).

Sejuani's Q now has a shorter cooldown at rank 1, and has a knockup. Previously Sejuani had no form of hard CC pre 6, making her ganks very weak. With this addition it will give her that extra little bit to make her more of a threat before she gets her ultimate. And the cooldown change is very needed, 19 seconds at rank one was way too long, this will allow her to use it to get through the jungle faster, and have it up more often in skirmishes.

And in addition the Q will gain damage that scales with the enemy's health, doing a % of their health for damage. This helps Sejuani to actually dish out some damage to enemy, and it will greatly help her out when doing damage to jungle mosters like Dragon and Baron Nashor. 

Sejuani's W works essentially the same. Previously it lasted 6 seconds, now it lasts 4, but in those 4 seconds it will do the same or more damage than in the 6 seconds before the change. And her W gain damage based on Sejuani's health, so building tank stats will give her more damage, allowing her to remain a damage threat mid to late game. 

Her E is mostly unchanged except for one very importatant part. It now applies Frost on all abilities, instead of forcing her to reply on her auto attacks to keep it applied to targets. This will make it so much easier for her to dish out slows and disrutipion, and her slows will be so much more threatening.

And Sejuani's Ultimate, the most iconic and fun ability in her kit is going to be changed just slightly. Her ultimate now stuns all enemies caught in it for 2 seconds, but if it does not hit and shatter, it now detonates and slows enemies around it by 90% for 1 second, stunning no one.

This will make her ultimate a little less forgiving, as previously if you missed it would still shatter and stun your enemies. Now it takes a little more finesse but is still a very powerful engagement tool. 

So of the problems I addressed at the start, long cooldowns, weak pre-6, no defensive steroids, and awkward combos; Riot has managed to fix every single one of them. Sejuani's new kit manages to tweak all the areas where she had weaknesses, all while keeping her theme and playstyle the same. It may be too soon to say it, but I feel confident that with these coming changes, Sejuani will not only be in a much better spot, but she will be a very strong pick. 

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