PAX East: Recap of Riot's Booth



Sun 7th Apr 2013 - 5:18pm

I have finally had the chance to relax and catch up after a crazy experience at PAX East 2013. I drove close to 16 hours just to be there, and it was well worth the drive. Riot,  I applaud you.

The League of Legends booth stole the show at this year’s PAX East. People crowded the surrounding area to meet the Rioters and fellow summoners. Each day Riot held a cosplay fashion show, a Riot vs. Community game, and the process of a possible new ‘Sunbathing’ skin for Leona. There was always something to do, and someone to talk to.

Completed concept of Sunbathing Leona drawn at PAX East.

While hanging out in the AD Carry area, I had the chance to talk to RiotVox. His answer to a question along the lines of “will Riot ever stop making champions” sparked my interest. He said that though they are cutting back the release time, Riot will never stop as long as the game is live and running. The announcement period has been pushed back to about one month between champions from two weeks. All details could not be disclosed, but many said Riot has been working on some pretty exciting things lately. Regardless, the game still feels as active as ever, and there never seems to be a huge gap between releases. Just look at the release of Zac, and announcement of Lissandra. RiotVox made a point to say that this is why he loves Riot. The company tries to make the community feel like the game is consistently flowing, and that they are a huge part of the world’s largest game.

Instead of throwing out swag to everyone, we are taking the time to talk to the fans. It has been a really great experience for everyone and we have heard some really amazing ideas for the game. We love coming out here and talking to you guys. It is just a huge plus to working for Riot.

Out of the ideas I heard people suggest, Dunk Master Darius was my favorite. I will personally create the concept art for this to become a thing. Other great ideas included Captain Morgana in which her recall would include the notorious pose, and a Girls Generation themed Ahri which I have seen the concept for floating around the forums. I say thumbs up to all of these.

Exactly what I was envisioning. 

Everywhere you went at PAX, there were Rioters busy at work. They never rested as they created the best experience possible for the community. The energy at the Riot booth (I should say stage, really) was absolutely outstanding, and it was easily my favorite exhibit there. If you went to PAX this year, leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the event! If you missed it, consider taking a vacation and heading up there next year. You will not reget it.

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