Quick Snips: Changing up the Game Plan



Fri 22nd Feb 2013 - 6:03pm

Whenever I play a solo queue game or even queue up with a group of friends, I find that a losses are the best place to find improvements on certain flaws you make within the game. On top of this, being on my quest to become a better player, and make other players around me better as well, I began to notice a trend in a few of my losses. Every time or team went in to team fight, we'd focus the same group of champions, or try and execute the same game plan without changing anything. Constantly we'd get obliterated, and a lot of the time people just figured that we were too far behind. 

Well in today's Quick Snips, I went ahead and analyzed one of my games as Jarvan IV, and it really brought out the idea that changing up how you react to certain team fights can mean  the difference between a team fight won, and one that was lost. Overall this video looks to educate players on the basics of team fighting, and introduce the idea that team fights are more than a specific set of rules and regulations that must be followed. An AD carry does not always have to focus the tanks first, and an initiator does not need to initiate only on the back line just because he can. In emphasis, what I'm trying to bring out in the standard player is that don't lose hope in a game that you were winning because some of your team fights aren't going so well, instead look to adapt and change the way the team fight is fought.


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