League of the Forgotten: AP Carry



Wed 28th Nov 2012 - 4:42pm

In the twists and turns of the balacing system in League, the community seems to forget certain champions because they fall behind in the game. The reasons for this could be numbers, or the kit just falling behind in the times. This weeks role is AP Carry.


What makes an AP better than others?

The current meta seems to revolve around assassin type AP Carries. However with the recent nerfs to Deathfire Grasp, assassins have seen a fall. Now AP Carries are heavily focused on high burst in the shortest amount of time. AP's are quite squishy and need to have high DPS to dish out before they are bursted down.

Tanky AP's are also popular because most of them have low cooldowns instead of high amounts of burst damage.  In the stead of these AP's, most of become forgotten even though they are still very useful. Let us dive in and take a look at the forgotten and how they still apply to the game.


Ahri is a strong and scary AP mid to come across. She has the ability to one combo someone by level 6 and with her ultimate can escape virtually any situation. She is a great counter for any assassin champion and if she catches an enemy champion with her Charm if can be a great initiate if not a free kill. A Rylais will keep her health at a decent level and her passive gives her the sustain she needs to stay on par with the other AP Carries.

Just stay back and farm with your Q until she has all of her skills and at that point you can burst and Ignite down just about any champion in the game. Going all in on the enemy is not a bad idea after you get her ultimate, you may just be surprised with her damage output. Her roaming skills also set her apart from the other AP Carries. With her ability to chase people down better than just about anyone else, Ahri is very scary for not only her lane but everyone elses as well.


Brand was a very popular preseason pick for Season 2. His high burst and Damage Over Time passive was scary and hard to deal with. Brand seemed to fall off once the rise of sustainable AP's came around. However, his amount of CC and high damage still allows him to keep up in todays meta. Early game is his downfall so politely ask your jungler for help.

Farming from a safe distance is always better than being greedy and dying over 20 gold. If you can keep up with the opponents last hits and get a few ganks from your jungler, you can easily achieve damage that will burst down an entire enemy team. Be sure to take advantage of Brand's AoE damage and pick the perfect time to use your ultimate. Watch for clumps, if the enemy team clumps together one ultimate will melt the entire team. This will make a very scary force out of an under picked champion.


Once the most fought for pick in competitive play, now one of the most underrated AP Carries in the game. With 2 Doran's Rings Cassiopeia can farm an entire wave with two skills and has enough health to survive a few sticky situations. A well placed ultimate is game changing. I personally have been in games being at least 10k down and with a few well placed ultimates, ended up winning the game.

Yet again, a champion to farm from the back until you obtain your CC and can easily 1v1 your opponent. Cassiopeia is very easy to farm with and once your jungler feeds you Blue buff, you can farm endlessly with her Q and worst case scenario you can just outfarm until the late game and build up your items. High DPS and one of the scariest ultimates in the game makes Cassiopeia one of the best AP Carries in my opinion.


An anti AP Carry if there ever was one. Galio thrives on building Magic Resist and still maintains a nice amount of damage from it. Not many champions have the survivability that Galio does and not as many have such a good ultimate. Since Galio is a melee AP, do not be afraid to use some mana to farm.

A Q and E can easily clear and entire enemy wave with very few items. It can cost you some CS at times but as mentioned before, it is much better to miss a little gold over dying and allowing your opponent to ignore all your Magic Resistance. In team fights a good Flash ultimate will give your team the upper hand in team fights and makes Galio a valuable asset to any team.


Now Karma has never been a very popular AP Carry because most see her as a failed support. Karma's shield is so high with AP it is not even fair. Having her ultimate at level 1 allows her to have fairly good sustain in the lane. To use Karma effectively you must stay at a safe distance to farm because she is incredibly squishy in the early levels. Since she is a ranged AP she can stay safe until you get the items and tankyness to stay alive in fights and become scary in 1v1s.

Her Q provides high damage and a heal at a good range so be sure to harass with it. If someone gets to close then use your ultimate with your shield to punish the enemy for getting to close to you. Nothing better than a good burst to tell the enemy to get away. Karma's role in team fights is to provide a mix of support and damage for your team. When the fight starts be sure to shield your bruiser with her ultimate so you get a get AoE burst to start off the fight. Heal when needed and you have just put out a mass amount of damage.


Thanks for reading this guys and I will be moving on to the next lane shortly. I really hope to see these champions more in the game because variety always keeps things interesting!


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  • Sat 1st Dec 2012 - 12:13am
    When I say forgotten, I more so meant very rarely seen. In the times I play I see and Ahri maybe once every 15-20 games. I still think she is very good and is a counter to many champs due to how slippery she is with her ultimate.
  • Thu 29th Nov 2012 - 5:21am
    Ahri is forgotten? Everyone else I agree with, but I feel Ahri is still good with comps to pick off people and as a counter to Karthus.

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