Interview with Najin Sword PraY: "In our opinion with MakNooN we have the best top-laner"



Fri 12th Oct 2012 - 7:55pm

This interview was conducted they day before Najin Sword took off to L.A.

If there is a "Rookie Team of the Season" award, Najin Sword (NJS) would be a top candidate for it. The brother team of the old-favourites Najin Shield has posted impressive results in the OGN Summer tournament as well as the Korean Regionals even though it is not even five months old.  Led by MakNooN, Sword has posted wins against some of the world-renowned teams, and it is going to compete in the Season 2 Championship in Group B against Team Dignitas, CLG.EU, and Saigon Jokers.

It seems that a new heavy-weight contender, literally, for the "Top AD Carry" title has emerged from the new-found Sword team along with its rise to the top. Kim "PraY" Jong-In was not known very-well in the LoL community until he showed that he can go toe-to-toe against the best AD carry players such as SBS, Yellowpete, and Captain Jack.  

As NJS was packing up to fly to L.A., I had a chance to ask Kim "PraY" Jong-In quick questions about Sword's recent success:  

PraY; Image courtesy of Fomos

What does PraY mean? Does your previous ID "Troll Kim" have anything to do with trolling? 

PraY: Troll Kim was my previous name, and it was an easy name to be referred by and witty at the same time. When I changed my name for Najin, the first name that I thought of when I was quickly going through possible names was PraY... there was no though process behind the selection.


It seems that either Corki, Ezreal, and Graves are the only champions picked to take the ADC position. Which champion would you pick if they were all banned? What about Draven or Varus?

PraY: Those three are popular because they all have an escape skill, and I think I would take Sivir or Ashe if those three champions were banned. Draven or Varus doesn't have an escape skill also... 


PraY taking out Yellowpete in the S2 Championships


What separates the "good" ADC players from the "best" ones?

PraY: As the person who has to shine in the late game, not missing a single CS is the key.  


In the 3rd/4th place match of the OGN Summer tournament, and especially in the Korean Regionals, you played some very good matches against Azubu Blaze and Cpt Jack, who is considered the top ADC in Korea.

PraY: We practiced a LOT after we lost to CLG.EU in the OGN Summer semi-finals, and I think the amount of practice showed itself in the 3rd/4th place match against Cpt Jack.  


If Azubu Blaze has a weakness...?

PraY: Top lane? In our opinion with MakNooN we have the best top-laner´╗┐ and he did a lot of solo-kills in lane.


Did you expect to be where you are right now, competing for the S2 Championship considering that NJS is a relatively new team?

PraY: Honestly, I didn't. I thought Azubu Blaze would enter the Championship as the 1st seed and that we wouldn't be able to participate in it.


MakNooN called you Dodoria in his Reddit AMA, and the Korean LoL community seems to label you as such.

PraY: I find it funny. I would think that that is an indicator of popularity.



 Hmm...Images courtesy of Inven

Do you have a "rival"? In which position do you see yourself among the ADC players around the world?

PraY: I don't think there is someone that I would consider a rival. I don't even know if I'm a good player myself. People can make their judgments in the S2 Championship.


Is there something that you think you need to work on to improve your play?

PraY: I still miss CS in situations where I'm not supposed to, and I'll have to work on that.


Can you talk about your coach and how important he is to your team?

PraY: He organizes our schedule and arranges scrimmages for us. This is very convenient for us. He is also very helpful for the mental game.


Do you think there is a difference in skill level between Asian and non-Asian teams? In which perspectives?

PraY: Only Abuzu Blaze has competed overseas, and for that reason I think it's too early to state an opinion.


What is the meaning of life?

PraY: I live to become rich.


Any last remarks?

PraY: Please cheer for NJS XD. I thinks Cain is the best support in the world... I hate it when a global ultimate is used in bot lane... and like probably any other player in the S2 Championship I wanted to face M5 in the Finals... unfortunately that didn't pan out :'(