Interview with MoMa: "I fear those OP COWS coming from behind, giving you no chance to escape their ganks. :("



Tue 31st Jul 2012 - 9:46pm

I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most talented AP mids in Europe, Maik 'MoMa' Wallus. He is currently playing for mousesports and has also represented Team Dignitas in the past.

We sat down for a talk about his way into League of Legends, his career so far, gaming houses, season 3 expectations and the Asian scene.

Thank you for finding the time to answer a few questions for us.

MoMa: No problem, I’m always glad to give some insight in interviews.

Why don't we start off with you introducing yourself?

MoMa: My nickname is MoMa and I play for mousesports. I consider myself being one of the best AP carrys in Europe. Currently I’m 21 years old, living in Germany, studying in the university besides professional gaming.


How did you first get into League of Legends?

MoMa: My brother told me about a new game, so I asked him what it’s about. He explained to me, it’s a newer version of Dota in Warcraft3. At first I wasn't really sure if I should give it a try, since I never played a single game of Dota. But then I tried it for some time and quickly felt the love for the game. I kept playing it, because I saw the constant improvements in the game from week to week (Updates, Champions, Designs, growing community, entering the professional gaming scene). These are all deciding factors why I kept playing this game longer than I ever played any other game.


Being a long time pro, how do you prepare for events?

MoMa: I prepare my personal skill almost every day in Soloqueue, personally I think that especially AP carrys have to play a lot as solo players to maintain their overall skill level. It’s also rather easy to improve as an AP carry playing solo, unlike bottom lane for example.

However, the most important thing is of course to practice as a team, prepare new strategies and raising your level of teamplay above the other teams. But still I believe that personal skill matters very much in League of Legends: if you have powerful individual players that are among the best in their specific roles, you don’t need a special strategy to win the game. Only to beat the very best teams you have to make use of good strategies.


What do you do on a typical day when you are not preparing for a tournament?

MoMa: Waking up at around 8-9 am, going to university or studying my lessons. 2-4pm I do sometimes sports like gym or running. Then in the evening I play with my team, or doing some games in solo queue or just hang out with friends.


Out of all the events you've participated in, does one in particular stand out to you - and why?

MoMa: DreamHack Summer 2011, Season 1 Finals. For me it was a fantastic event with spectacular games. I considered our team as the strongest in this time but we sadly lost to fnatic in a really great final. This was the best event I’ve ever been to. The only thing what was missing there, was playing in front of the audience, but it was still awesome!

Dreamhack Summer 2012

The new mouz line-up has really proven to be effective. How does it feel being teamed up with so many big names, like Dedrayon and Candy Panda who have been a part of SK Gaming before joining mouz?

MoMa: It feels great, not only because they have big names. More because they are really good friends of mine for a long time already. Dedrayon is maybe the best friend I have in this game, and now he’s my jungler, it can’t be any better. When I was building up this new team for mousesports I was looking for four other players, who I can play over a long term: Strong character and personality, combined with gaming skills. People still don’t realize how important a good character in every team is.


Are there are any teams or players you fear going up against?

MoMa: You should never fear anyone, just show them your respect. Personally, I have the hardest time laning against Froggen. But mostly I fear those OP COWS coming from behind, giving you no chance to escape their ganks. :(


What expectations do you have for season 3?

MoMa: I expect our team to be one of the biggest contenders for the Season 3 finals, even if it’s still far away. You always need a goal and our goal is to become a top contender for Season 3.


Who do you think will win the season 2 finals - and why?

MoMa: Will see, I’m having a hard time predicting this, as it’s just too random currently. There’s no dominating team. But if I had to make a call, I would say some Asian team will win this year.

IEM Trophy

What do you think of gaming houses in general?

MoMa: It’s awesome for people who live their dream being a total gamer. But personally I think you leave too much behind and start a new life with your team, which can end good but maybe after some time you will regret this decision. I’m not able to leave everything behind (including friends, university, girlfriend & family) for a gaming house.


Will we be seeing you playing in the OGN tournament in Korea?

MoMa: Most probably not. I don’t think it’s possible for me right now, but you never know.


What do you think of the Asian teams?

MoMa: Really professional and serious coverage!


Any shoutouts?

MoMa: Shoutout to all my fans and supporters, also to mousesports, giving us great support overall. And of course special thanks to all our sponsors GeIL, Razer, MEDION, Intel, Thortech & who support us as best as possible.

Thank you so much for your time! I am looking forward to seeing more of mouz in the future.