Interview with SYDTKO: "if I had to guess it will be CLG.EU competing with Korean teams"



Fri 13th Jul 2012 - 5:21pm

I had the pleasure of talking to one of the most straight-forward and honest player that there is in League of Legends, SYDTKO. He's been around the scene from being a well-known theorycrafter to playing on a couple of highly-competitive League of Legends teams. I decided to poke and prod him,  finding out what he's been up to, and what his general views are on all things League related. 

SYDTKO goes into the kill against HotshotGG in a 1v1 matchup

I'm sure that a lot of people are wondering this one, as no official statement was made. Are you still a member of Team Curse, as a substitute player, or were you removed from the Team's roster?

SYDTKO:  They haven't told me directly that I'm no longer going to be playing. Liquid asked me to play in one random tournament but that wound up not happening. I was actually removed on the ranked 5s team, though.


So there's still nothing official, interesting. With that being said, Team Curse's newest starting roster consists of Westrice (Top), Saintvicious (Jungle), Cop (Ad Carry), Nyjacky (Ap mid) and Elementz (Support), do you think they're going to be a force to be reckoned with?

SYDTKO: No team is really a force to be reckoned with if they don't practice. That said none of them are terrible players, they each all have their own gameplay flaws, but we'll see. Curse has kind of had a past of very low practice as a team.


Do you feel that the gaming house will impact Curse positively then, as it opens up easier scheduling for practices?

SYDTKO: Yes, most likely. You can't really avoid practice when someone is there nagging you about it. It's also a lot more convenient to watch replays or whatnot, and pretty much test a composition into the ground.


Do you still keep in touch with any of the members of Team Curse, or any other team for that matter?

SYDTKO: I would say that I'm known for being very anti-social, so no. I only talk to people if they want to talk to me

An picture of SYDTKO, Liquid112, Nyjacky and Doublelift playing for Team Curse

Fair enough, I'm going to switch the gears a bit and focus on the general League of Legends competitive scene, and eSports overall. Do you think that League of Legends will continue to be a dominating eSport, competing with Starcraft's (Brood War) level of following down the road?

SYDTKO: Yes, it has a lot larger player base and it has very intuitive gameplay mechanics. Simply having a large player base means your viewerbase will be high. Ultimately, it also means Riot can keep funding publicity for their game. I think League will probably be a big game until a large portion of the playerbase becomes sick of the game for one reason or another.


Speaking of League eSports, with Season 2 inching nearer to its completion, do you have any predictions for the top three placements in the Season 2 Championships, or is it way too early to think about that?

SYDTKO: I haven't been watching each team's performance, but if I had to guess it will be CLG.EU competing with Korean teams. I haven't seen any of the Korean team's perform, but honestly, just because of their practice regiment, I don't really feel like the NA teams have a high probability of winning. Anything could happen and they could sneak a #1 spot, but I think the likelihood of that is a lot lower than a Korean team.


So you pretty much answered my follow up questions with that one, haha. Anyways, back to you. If you were given the chance to compete in League of Legends competitively again, would you do it?

SYDTKO: If a team offered me a spot, I don't see myself refusing. I don't want to actually get an 8-hour day job. So yes. Some teams I'd just refuse for roster reasons, it really depends though.


Let's assume you were some big shot free agent then. If there was any specific team that you were able join, on any realm, which role would you want to play and why would you choose that team?

SYDTKO: Heh, well CLG NA and TSM probably make the most money and I wouldn't say no to being set for a long time. But if it were for feeling good about playing the game and actually trying new strategies, probably Atlanta's upcoming team could be interesting. MTW also used to do things outside the meta.

 SYDTKO's Season 1 Stats

A look at SYDTKO's Season 1 Win Ratio and top played champions

SYDTKO's Season 2 Stats

A look at SYDTKO's Season 2 Win ratio and top played champions.


Speaking of strategies, you are known to be quite the theorycrafter, are there any champions that you think are underplayed currently that may rise in popularity within the next few months?

SYDTKO: Nunu as a jungler should become popular now, AP Ezreal, Lux. I'd really have to pull up a champ roster to give you them all. Caitlyn is underused. Katarina should pretty much be used a lot more with Karthus being overvalued. Yorick also seems underplayed


On that same note, do you think there are any champion's that are currently overrated and used too often, that aren't actually THAT good?

SYDTKO: Karthus is pretty overrated, Janna is highly overrated, Morgana, Ahri. Those 4 are actually heroes that have counter-play dynamics to them, so they're not actually overpowered.


One final, broad, question, do you believe that it's possible for both DotA 2 and League of Legends to share an equal, or close to equal, amount of playerbase? Or will one game have the majority of the audience?

SYDTKO: I think League of Legends will have the majority of the playerbase. It is possible for them to overlap, yes, but most people do not and will never see the allure of DotA as a game. There's no real reason that you can't enjoy both games, but there's just this competitive mindset between them.


Well, that about wraps it up, thanks for your time. Are there any final thoughts, that you might want to add, plugs to your stream and what not?