Interview with qu1ksh0t - "As long as Riot Games continues to support LoL, it is probably going to be the dominating MOBA"



Fri 15th Jun 2012 - 9:00pm

Trevor "qu1ksh0t" Henry is a shoutcaster for League of Legends. He is getting pretty popular casting important events such as the Dreamhack Qualifiers and recently he is part of a big project called in2LoL, a  great tournament for the top EU-West and NA teams.

He is a great shoutcaster with lots of emotion and also a great person always ready to help, contacting his fans via IRC and giving any advice you want. Check his facebook page, his twitter page  and in2LoL's facebook page.

Below the written interview is the audio version of it, although I am sorry if you don't understand some things of what I have said since I am not a native english speaker. Thank you very much and enjoy.

Present yourself in few words please.

qu1kshot: Hey, my name is Trevor Henry, I go by the name of qu1ksh0t, I had to go with the “leet” speak of course because fair to say it. I am originally South-African, lived there for 23 years, and moved to Germany for work about an year ago and I am just an hardcore PC addicted gamer, played a whole lot of Call of Duty 4, managed to enter and compete at the Antwerp eSports Festival in 2010, actually played against the Team Dignitas’ CoD side when they were warming up at Outpost on Fire.

Once I stopped playing competitive CoD4 I moved over to League of Legends, I have been trying to get involved in the shoutcasting scene, I have actually competed or dreamt of being a competitive LoL player. I focused on watching the professionals play and working towards becoming a shoutcaster.


Why did you leave Call of Duty?

qu1kshot: It was primarily because I left South Africa. I player for a clan in South Africa called Big Fat B*stards, I was the clan leader and the team captain for our team called lArd and we won a whole bunch of events and tournaments in South Africa, I competed with them for about 3 years. I just decided to have a bit more fun and play League of Legends socially and I have just been watching other people play it in a professional level.


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What do you do in Germany, concerning your social life?

qu1kshot: I arrived here on the 9th of May of 2011 and I actually came to be a community manager for a game called War to Glory, an online strategy game and I was pretty much just doing costumer support, event management, item creation, mission creation. I was just working in a gaming company, and really happy with it and during the course that I was working there.

One of my colleagues, that I actually work with now, introduced me to her boyfriend who runs an eSports company. I was very lucky that through talking to him and chatting and letting him know how much I love League of Legends, gave me an opportunity to use his studio and start doing some shoutcasting.


How do you consider yourself as a League of Legends player?

qu1kshot: I am a complete social player, I just play for fun. I have never played 5v5 or with any teams, I just play solo queue and normal games. I think in two years I have been playing the game I have got 120 ranked games played in total and I don’t really pay much attention, I just enjoy watching the pro players at LANs and online and I just play for fun in the background.


Was this your first MOBA genre kind of game? Did you play DotA before for example?

qu1kshot: I have actually played DotA. I played a lot of DotA at LANs but I never played it online. In South Africa, the pings for the Battlenet servers are really really high so I never played it online. I never played as seriously as I played LoL, probably a couple of hundred hours with DotA and obviously when I moved to Europe I just got completely addicted to League of Legends, the style and graphics and gameplay. I just enjoy the game.

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What do you think of the future of League of Legends and what do you think of its increasing popularity every day?

qu1kshot: As long as Riot Games continues to support League of Legends, it is probably going to be the dominating MOBA. How is League of Legends going to grow? It is going to depend on what DotA2 and Valve have to say about it, because if Valve jumps in there and if they want to put a lot in to the game and they want to invest huge cash, they did with the The International already. If DotA2 gets as much support as League of Legends has from Riot then I think it is going to be an interesting competition.

I think the majority of organizations and pro DotA players prefer to play DotA over LoL but I don’t know if the numbers are going to be there. This because LoL is a slightly easier game to get in to so because it has got a bigger viewer base and a bigger audience than DotA2 can potentially have, it still may be the king. I have played a few games of DotA2 (in beta at the moment) but I am not very good at it since I have been a custom to League of Legends too much.


What do you think makes a shoutcaster a good shoutcaster?

qu1kshot: A shoutcaster needs to be able to convey emotion, they need to get across excitement and tension and awesome plays. At the same time that he is getting that emotion through, they need to be able to keep tabs of what is going on in the game, keep up to date to what made that play win that fight, what made that team win that big fight, why they were able to win that game when they were behind or whatever the story is, so an equal balance of emotion and education or knowledge is great.

This is of course for a play by play caster, if someone is interested in doing the colour commentary, they need to have a really in depth knowledge of the game and need to be able to explain in an easy to understand fashion.

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(Picture courtesy of do Gaming)

How is your casting history?

qu1kshot: I have been casting for six weeks officially, it started with a random all bot dominion cup. It was a Thursday night and I talked with some guys from ESL, they gave me permission to join and to cast. I think I had about 50 viewers it was just the people who were playing in the cup and then went to go4lol. From go4lol I was lucky enough to get invited to cast 4PL, from 4PL I was invited to cast the Dreamhack qualifiers, while that was going on I also applied for IPL5 qualifiers.

Just recently I have done the Medion Challenge for eSports Heaven and the Raidcall cup on behalf of Fnatic and I am one of the official casters for IPL5 so, luckily people seem to enjoy my casts and I am putting a lot of hours into it. I am casting 3-4 nights a week at the moment, long cast, long tournaments and it is a lot of fun.


Is Panky someone you like to shoutcast with?

qu1kshot: I think Panky and I have very similar styles, I really like Panky. I like listening to him and I think he is a great caster but we don’t really complement one another. We both tend to do the same role, we have worked very well together on the 4PL cast and on the first night of the Dreamhack qualifiers. We worked really well, a lot of viewers as well, like 22000 viewers that night and people like Panky, people like me and it works well. I would like to cast with him again in the future.


Is there someone you would like to shoutcast with but you still haven’t had the chance?

qu1kshot: Actually if I am going to say it is going to be someone that is not actually in the LoL scene and I don’t know how many League of Legends players would know this particular guy but his name is Stuart "TosspoT" Saw. He used to be a caster for QuadV and he is now working for own3d but he is a FPS shoutcaster he has been around for Quake, Enemy Territory, he did a lot of CoD4 franchise and I think he did a little bit of Battlefield as well.

A lot of my excitement and yelling and weird sayings are sort of inspired by TosspoT so I think that would be the dude I would most like to cast with, and secondly I think RivingtonThe3rd. I really like him, I like his analyzes of the games and I think we could work very well together, my excitement and his knowledge.

Have you ever had the opportunity to talk with RivingtonThe3rd about that possibility?

qu1kshot: Not yet unfortunately, I am not in touch with anybody from Riot yet so maybe we can get some community to poke them and introduce us.


Why do you say the name of every skill instead of just naming it Q-W-E-R, for example?

qu1kshot: I only started shoutcasting about six weeks ago but I have known I was going to be shoutcasting for about 3 months. There has been a little bit of build-up and some talks in the background, so when I knew about 3-4 months ago that I wanted to work towards becoming a professional shoutcaster I was just looking everybody else and very very few shoutcasters know the spell names for all the champions.

They know them for the guys that played or that they like, I just went: “I want to be the guy that everybody notices as the spellname” it was just making some effort and trying to be a little bit different from every other shoutcaster.


Do you feel angry at yourself when you don’t know a champions’ skill name? For example if I say “Zenith Blade” who is the champion?

qu1kshot: I get very cross, I get very cross with myself if I don’t know the abilities. It is Leona’s E. If you threw some champions’ spell names at me, I think I could guess most of them but I struggle a little bit with the passives. I don’t remember all of the passives’ spell names but other than that I think the spell names I have got down.


What do you think of the top teams worldwide at the moment?

qu1kshot: What I like about League of Legends is that it changes quite often, just recently we have seen Team Acer – a relatively unknown at the top level of play – but they defeated Millenium, Na’Vi, exHCL and Fnatic. We have also seen recently Fnatic taking out Moscow 5 in the Medion Challenge but Fnatic just barely made through the DreamHack qualifiers.

We have seen Moscow 5 two months ago dominating and now they are not necessarily as strong as they were at least on online events so I like the fact that they is five to eight teams at the top level and the strength keeps rotating. for example, they got knocked out 2-0 against exHCL and then 2-0 against Na’Vi and they are considered one of the best teams but even they can get dropped 0-2, 0-2 so I like the fact that there is a lot of strong teams and that the power keeps switching between plays.


Is there any team specifically that you like more than rest concerning their gameplay?

qu1kshot: I have watched a whole lot of teams but if I am honest with you I don’t actually have a favorite team. I have favorite champions and I like to see those champions being played by good players like. I love watching Shyvana the way Diamondprox plays it.

I love watching Mordekaiser being played by Alex Ich, Shushei when he plays Talon and just recently we have seen him playing Darius and I like the very aggressive playstyle coming up from those guys. Yellowpete in particular, I love his AD carries and he seldom has a bad game. I like champions and I like to see the champions being played by big players.


Have you ever had the chance to shoutcast games from the North-American teams?

qu1kshot: Not yet, because I have only been casting for a few weeks and I have been obviously focusing on EU-West. I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the North-American scene, but very recently I have just been in touch with a couple of guys from ggChronicle and we were busy chatting about how can I maybe get involved in shoutcasting some of the North-American games. So, soon, it is coming soon.

What are your dreams concerning shoutcasting?

qu1kshot: Just to be a professional full-time shoutcaster. I want to do this for a living and have a salary from doing this full-time and as many games, as many tournaments, as many teams as possible.


What do you think of the current meta?

qu1kshot: I like the way that the meta game currently is. If you asked me that question 3 or 4 months ago I would have said that it is a boring meta game because we had very passive starts and Riot Games noticed that so they made jungle easier to kill, easier to clear and made the game a lot more aggressive.

I think Moscow5 were the first team to implement that very aggressive playstyle so I like the fact that now LoL is becoming a lot more intense, a lot more kill-focused and if you watch the OGN tournament you will see Korean teams are playing League of Legends like it is DotA.

DotA games have very early ganks, they have champions leaving lanes before they get their ultimates to set up kills, coordinated tower dives at lower levels so I am hoping that more of the Korean playstyle can come in just add a little aggression. I quite like the meta, we have seen for example Darius being picked for toplane and melting people’s faces.

So I like the meta, I just think that players need to play a little bit more aggressively and I think that if we start to see a little bit more of aggressive play we will see a few more, slightly unorthodox champions that we are not used to at the moment.


Is there any champion that you think needs a buff, nerf or rework?

qu1kshot: There is two things that I always think about and wonder about: the first is obviously the Stealth Remake that have been promised for so so long, the stealth mechanic, how is it going to work, how do you counter it, and I don’t even know how Riot Games what they want to do to counter it, so that one I don’t know. I am not a huge fan of stealth, I don’t know if I like it or dislike it, it is always arguments.

But the thing I would like to see a little bit less of is this dashes and blinks, and every single champion having some form of escape. It’s good, yes it is fine and it’s awesome, but it is very frustrating when you look at the characters that get played. Every single one of them if they don’t have a blink, or a dash, or an escape ability they don’t get picked and that to me is a little bit frustrating. It limits so many champions, it limits so many people that are available to be picked who are so good but unfortunately theydon’t have a blink, a dash or a speed-up to get away.

What are your projects in a recent future?

qu1kshot: I would just like to say thank you to everybody that supported me and has enjoyed my casts and has given me… Without the viewers, without them actually tuning in I would not be able to do this and I would just like everybody know about in2LoL (facebook page) keep an eye on it.

It is a project that I am involved with and we have got a good team behind us: Methis, she is the newswriter for CLG and I think she was on Absolute Legends for a little bit, she is involved in the project and we are going to build in2LoL to be a kickass League of Legends’ Portal and I am not allowed to say more than that right now.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

qu1kshot: On a throne of gold. Ahahah. At eSports LANs. That is where I would like to be in 10 years time at an eSports event, full of yelling and screaming and calling Udyr a man-bear-pig to thousands of spectators.

You think eSports will have a future just like the other sports and you can live from it?

qu1kshot: Completely. It is growing more and more and more and a lot of companies will be paying attention to what Riot Games have done by investing money into the eSports and seeing how their game has grown and I think you will are going to see more companies doing similar things in the future.


Anyone you would like to thank or any shoutouts you would like to say?

qu1kshot: First and foremost thank you to Maky for introducing me to Freaks4U Gaming and everyone at the office that actually gave me a chance to do this full time. I also wanted to give huge prop’s to all the event organisers in the LoL Scene that offered me spots to casts their tournaments and an even BIGGER thank you to every single one of the people that tuned in to watch my stream and support my shoutcasting. You guys totally rock.


Here is the audio interview. Thank you very much for reading and thank you qu1ksh0t for the awesome interview!