7 Tips to Help You Climb in League of Legends!



Mon 9th Nov 2020 - 7:27pm

League of Legends can be a hard game to get better at. So I've put together some tips to help you in your quest. These tips come from my personal experience along with the experiences of teammates and coaches I've had in the past. I hope these help you climb and become a better player!

Tip #1: Keep a Good Mental

“Mental” is basically a word used by League of Legends players which helps quantify many things regarding how you think about the game. This includes how focused you are, how motivated you are, how happy/sad you are, and many other small factors which indicate how well your brain is going to work for a League of Legends game. A player with good mental will often win more and improve faster than a player who constantly has bad mental. Players prefer playing with positive players rather than negative, too.

Tip #2: Watch Your Own VODs

“VODs” are video replays of League of Legends games. It’s important to look back on some of your games to see what you are doing correctly or what you are doing wrong. It’s easy to know that you’ve messed up in the middle of the game, but true improvement comes from looking back after the game and seeing the mistake from a spectator perspective. The same goes for if you made a really good call/play during your game. Looking back and seeing what’s working helps you just as much as looking back and seeing what isn’t working.

Tip #3: Watch Challenger VODs

Piggybacking off the last tip, watching the VODs of Challenger elo games can give you an insight into the decision making and skills of a highly rated player. You can find these vods all over YouTube, or you can watch the games live on a Twitch stream. Be careful though, because Challenger elo games are often played in a much different way from Gold games.

Tip #4: Join an Amateur or Collegiate League

I rarely see this mentioned any time someone gives tips to improve. Playing in a team setting is super beneficial regardless of your skill level, since you have a consistent group of teammates that can give you feedback. Especially in the Collegiate scene, you will often times have coaches that can help you improve as a player along with your teammates. Constant team practice is also less frustrating than solo queue, since you can play to improve without worrying about your Master Yi support going 0/11.

Tip #5: Take Breaks

I can speak from experience when I say this. Playing a ton of games in a row if you’re frustrated will only lead to loss streaks. It’s important to get into the habit of making sure that you actually want to play a game of League. If you’re playing for any reason except to learn or have fun, then you are probably not going to perform well. This is why you see players with over 2000 games and a 50% winrate. If you’re looking to improve then its often better to play less games per day, and instead use some of that time to VOD review or relax.

Tip #6: The 2 Loss Rule

This rule is often used by higher ranked players that are trying to get the most wins possible without going on a massive loss streak. The rule is: If you lose two games in a row, either take a long break or play no more games for the rest of the day. I know that some people want to play League all day, but if you play a game just to play it or for LP then you are bound to lose. This relates to the last tip where I mentioned that you have to play because you want to, not because you need to.

Tip #7: Choosing a Main Role and Champion for that Role

The most common advice when it comes to choosing a role is just to try them all and then choose one you like. It’s oftentimes recommended that you play 2-3 champions in order to climb. What is not often recommended, is what I usually tell people when I coach them. You should only main a role/champion(s) because you find them fun and enjoyable to play. You can follow the meta and only play the best champions in the best roles, but how does it help you? If you’re in champ select and choose a meta pick that you don’t like playing as much as your favorite champion, then you’ll probably be focusing more on winning the game rather than improving. I do believe that maining 2-3 champions for your role is beneficial, but make sure that you actually enjoy those champions so that you can enjoy the game and become better.


Those are 7 tips to help you climb in solo queue, hopefully they help! The main thing to take away from this is that you need to take care of yourself before you work towards climbing in League of Legends. Oftentimes people will play 12 games a day without thinking about it, which is not helpful if you’re actually trying to climb and become a better player. I hope this was helpful, and I wish you good luck in your climb!