The Art of Warding in League of Legends



Sat 10th Oct 2020 - 10:00am

Wards are extremely useful tools. They allow you to see an area and can often give you vital information. Everyone should contribute towards warding regardless of role. Vision (sight) can make or break a game! 

What is a ward?

If you're a veteran, you probably want to skip ahead to the Tips & Tricks section. Otherwise, keep on reading. In any game you play, you'll be surrounded by the Fog of War (the area you can't see). It's represented as a dark area where you're unable to see anything. You can see this in the game when you move around or on your minimap. Without a ward, you are only able to see areas when you move through them. Wards are items that are placed in an area by a player and grants them and their allies vision of a surrounding area. When you enter the game, you are able to purchase different types of wards.

Types of Wards

Totem Ward - The Warding Totem (yellow trinket) trinket allows players to place a Totem Ward. This is the standard ward that players start out with. It lasts for 90 - 120 seconds (based on champion level) and grants sight for the surrounding 900 units. You are only able to place three at a time and this limit is shared with Stealth Wards. It has a health bar of three and takes you three auto attacks to kill it. Upon killing it, you are also granted gold and experience. This item is also stealthed, meaning it is invisible for a certain period of time.

Stealth Ward - This is very similar to a Totem Ward, but this type comes from a support item (Targon's Buckler/ Runsteel Spaulders/Frostfang/Harrowing Crescent and their upgraded versions). The only other differences are that it lasts for 150 seconds and gives more gold when it's killed in comparison to a Totem Ward

Farsight Ward - The Farsight Alteration (blue trinket) allows players to place a Farsight Ward. This can't be purchased until level 9 and is most often bought by ADCs/Marksmen or Mid. Once the ward is placed, it shows an area up to 4000 units away for about 2 seconds. If an enemy is in that area at the time the ward is placed, they will be revealed for 5 seconds.  It's important to note that the ward is visible and is able to be easily killed in one auto-attack. Unlike the other two wards above, this one lasts forever until it is killed.

Zombie Ward - The Zombie Ward appears when a player kills an enemy ward and has the keystone Zombie Ward equipped. It allows people to see the surrounding area for about 1100 units. It lasts for about 120 seconds and has one health. It's visible to anyone as well. It's important to note that the ward is visible and is able to be easily killed in one auto-attack and grants one gold when it's killed.

Control Ward - The Control Ward is a great tool that players can purchase from the shop. It's and important ward that lasts indefinitely and grants sight for the surrounding 900 units. Keep in mind that you can only place one of these at a time. If you place a new one, the old one will disappear. This ward is able to disable enemy wards (except control wards), reveal stealthed traps, and any camouflaged champions like Evelynn or Twitch. It has a health bar of four and takes you four auto attacks to kill it. The health will regenerate if it's not being hit for six seconds. Upon killing it, you are also granted gold and experience. This item is not also stealthed and can be seen by everyone.

**Note, an Oracle Lens/red trinket is able to kill any stealthed ward (Totem Ward or Stealth Ward).** 

Warding During Early Game

Before minions spawn, it's ideal to place wards around here at these times if you are unable to place them at the enemy's buff. This prevents late invades or from your getting ganked early. It really allows you to track the jungler quite well. 

Top Side Wards

On the island of top lane, there are many places that you need to watch out for. It's possible for you to get lane ganked. Thus, it's good if you place a ward in a lane bush in case you think that might happen. As you progress deeper, you can place more wards to look for where the jungler or mid lane might be if they're planning on ganking you. Additionally, control wards allow you to have control over an area. Not only does it grant you vision, but you're able to prevent the enemy top laner from safely placing vision.

Top/Mid Wards

Here are some more offensive and defensive wards that you can place. For the wards in the lane, I wouldn't recommend placing these until the turret around them is gone. Often, placing these at key entry points allows you to understand where a player might be rotating.

Mid/Bot Wards

Now, there are many opportunities to ward offensively or defensively. Usually, you want to ward near a camp/objective or multiple entryways. As you can see above, there are many spots that you can place wards. It'll depend on what you want to do.

Tips & Tricks

- You can ward over walls. If you're skilled enough, you can place the ward on certain terrain, and it'll go towards a certain spot. If you're able to master this, you'll be able to reach spots without putting yourself in a compromising position. 

- Ask your teammates to go with you to ward if you're going into enemy territory.

- Make sure to ward effectively. Don't place a ward in places you will be frequenting often. The key is to gain more knowledge of where everyone else is!

I really recommend watching this video if you want to learn special tricks

In Conclusion

There isn't exactly a right or wrong when placing wards. You should experiment in order to find out what works best for you. Every game will be different and will require wards for different situations. The warding places listed above doesn't fully cover every single warding spot but gives you a general idea of the kinds of wards you can place. Don't forget to also kill any enemy wards to gain more ground on vision and remember to upgrade your trinkets! GLHF!