The Best Champions to Play When Autofilled



Fri 11th Sep 2020 - 10:33pm

Nothing can be more frustrating than queuing up planning to climb the ranked ladder and getting stuck on a role you haven’t the slightest clue how to pull off. Unable to play to your fullest in a game like League of Legends makes it extremely difficult to climb and have a good time. There’s nothing that can be done about avoiding autofill. It is placed in the game to help matchmaking and make the queue times quicker. Therefore we must work around it and that means we have to take our gameplay to the next level. This means we must branch out and spice up our knowledge on the rest of Summoners Rift. The key here is how much information we want to pour outside of our specialty without losing our touch with what we are good at. With how diverse the Champion pool is for each role, it can be hard to decipher what to play while still going along with the meta. Luckily there are a few Champions for each role that work well in the meta and are easy to pick up on the whim of getting autofilled. Here I will highlight the champions themselves and why they are ideal to play when you are Autofilled. Keep in mind these picks are not 100% perfect but they are some that can fit in with most team comps and should feel good enough to make work when off your main role. 

Top Lane

Top lane is currently getting spiced up with the meta shifting towards Champions who want to fight nonstop but when you’re tossed into the role it may be best to take a tanky approach. In an Autofill scenario, it is best to play for comfort rather than matching the aggression coming from an experienced Top laner and slowly falling behind and these Champions are just the ones to pick up for that.

Ornn - The Fire Below The Mountain

Ornn is the kind of Champion that will always be a priority in high elo and pro play. The amount of value he can bring to a team is completely nuts and there is no reason not to play this Champion in lower elo as well. Complemented by incredible base stats, Ornn’s early game can be tough to beat due to his general tankiness and his potential to out duel others thanks to his kit. His W (Bellows Breath) leaves the opponent “brittle” when it hits them fully, which powers up Ornn’s auto attacks and knocks them back. That’s only if you need to go on the offensive, defense and set up are Ornn’s specialty with his entire kit brings massive amounts of CC and his Passive (Living Forge) giving him bonus Armor and Magic Resist as well as upgrading items for the team and himself.

Maokai - The Twisted Treant

He may not be the flashiest Champion on this list but Maokai has proven time and time again that you can’t keep him out of the meta. Every bit of his kit has so much value for a variety of reasons. Maokai can live forever thanks to his Passive (Sap Magic) that heals him with a basic attack and gets a reduced cooldown when he is either hit by a spell or uses one himself. This Passive complements his up close and personal style with a point and click W (Twisted Advance) that transports Maokai to the target and Roots them in place. Combo that with his Q (Bramble Smash) and Knockback your target even further like a mini Lee Sin R. Maokai’s R (Nature’s Grasp) Is perfect for teamfights as he sets off a wide range bramble Rooting anyone caught it in. His build path allows him to live forever so your biggest concern is to either peel for your carry or lock down the enemy.


This role is very touchy depending on the rank that you are at. The higher rank you are, the more intricate your Jungle opponent will be as they most likely have mapped out several possible routes that could end up with them ambushing you. Keep your team aware that you are not familiar with Jungle and have them be ready to roam to your buffs since that’s the most likely spot for the enemy Jungler to attack you at. As far as Champions go, here are a few that Jungle with ease.

Nunu and Willump - The Boy and his Yeti

Nunu and Willump are one of the League’s most iconic Champions and their play style is friendly to anyone trying to learn how to Jungle or in this case, tossed in unexpectedly. They build like a Tank and hit like a freight train quite literally with their W (Biggest Snowball Ever!) where they roll a snowball that grows in size and speed until they collide with their target where they are damaged and Knocked up. Willump’s Q (Consume) deals True Damage to Monsters and Minions and heals for a generous portion of Health which makes his Smite contesting with Epic Monsters like Dragon or Baron unbeatable when you combo them.

Hecarim - The Shadow of War

Hecarim is a pretty straight forward Champion to understand. The horseman runs his opponents down at the speed of sound. With great sustain built into his W (Spirit of Dread), Hecarim’s clear through the Jungle is pretty fast and easy to pull off and move around. Spam Hecarim’s Q (Rampage) and run down enemies with his E (Devastating Charge) and R (Onslaught of Shadows) to create a near unbeatable early to mid game.


Mid Lane

With Mid lane being the more desirable role amongst players so the odds of actually getting auto filled this lane are pretty slim but not impossible. Mid lane brings a ton of diversity in Champions and in playstyles so it can be hard to keep up with a seasoned veteran. Rest assured though that there are still some solid Champions worth picking up that can help you prosper in the Mid lane.

Galio - The Colossus

This heroic chad of the Mid lane is an incredible asset to any team due to his ability to tank and dish out tons of damage. Galio’s bread and butter comes from his W (Shield of Durand) that gives him a passive Magic Damage Shield and an AOE Taunt of an active. He’s also well known for his R (Hero’s Entrance) that has him mark a location where an allied Champion is at and grants a Magic Damage shield to those allied Champions within it. Once he lands he damages all enemies in the marked location and Knocks them all up, consider the fact that this R is global and you have yourself some easy map pressure to anyone on the map since it is Mid lane. The rest of Galio’s kit provides great wave clear, burst damage, and gap closing that make his laning go by smoothly. All of Galio’s abilities are easy to follow and pull off so when your back is against the wall in Champion Select, you should always know Galio has got your back. 

Lux - The Lady of Luminosity

League of Legends' poster girl is much more than just an easy way to make a quick buck through skins. Lux’s kit is very user friendly and universally known to have a good balance of damage, utility, and CC. Her combo all starts with her Q (Light Binding) that Snares and damages up to 2 enemies. Follow up with her E (Lucent Singularity) and ranged AOE Slow that damages on detonation and finish the job with her famous R (Final Spark) that shoots a long range laser that damages anyone caught in it. A very simple combo that is complemented by very low cooldowns making any enemy watch their step around you. It all starts with hitting that Q so as long as you got basic skill shots down then picking up a Champion like Lux for autofill could secure a comfortable win. 


Bot lane

Bot lane or ADC is the role that absolutely takes the most patience and tilt-proof attitude. This is because Bot lane is often weaker than most in the early game making it a prime target for 3 to 5 man ganks that can set you behind. However, if you can hold out and farm up, your presence from mid to late game is unmatched regardless of your experience in this role. Luckily you don't have to do it alone because for the majority of the game you will have a Support with you but for now let's just focus on this role.

Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover

As of Patch 10.18, Caitlyn is perhaps one of the strongest Champions in the game. Her power is widely due to how well her early game is and how easily she can transition into the later parts of the game. It all revolves around her Passive (Headshot) that allows her to shoot a headshot that deals bonus damage after a few basic attacks. Her abilities are what trigger this Passive whenever she needs them which is where her early game prowess comes into play. Caitlyn is Autofill friendly because these abilities are easy to pull off and she can play from a safe distance. Her W (Yordle Snap Trap) has you place a trap that Roots whoever steps on it reveals their location and gives Caitlyn extra range to shoot a Headshot. Combo Caitlyn’s W with her E (90 Caliber Net) that shoots a net Slowing the target and giving Caitlyn another Headshot Auto Attack. That's about as hard as it gets for Caitlyn and that difficulty gets cut in half when you have a Support with any hard CC.

Ashe - The Frost Archer

Just like Nunu and Willump, Ashe has been in the League since the very beginning and is still proving to be a strong force in the current meta. Ashe gives right clicking a whole new meaning with her Q (Rangers Focus) that builds up “focus” by Auto Attacking and once you max that out you can trigger the ability and gain Attack Speed and pelt your target with a flurry of arrows. You can poke with her W (Volley) that deals damage and slows who ever is hit. Reveal any location on the map with Ashe’s E (Hawkshot) and get Assists on whoever you light up and is killed. Ashe’s R (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) has you shoot a global arrow that damages and Stuns whoever is hit with the duration lasting longer the further it is hit. The whole kit is extremely useful and pretty easy to pull off in an autofill situation, not to mention she is super cheap to buy in the store so every account should have her.



Support is the true unsung hero of most games. It’s like the behind the scenes crew that makes the star of each movie shine, they may not get all the credit but the finished product would be impossible to achieve otherwise. The best part is that the amount of easy to pick up Supports are endless but here are a few that stick out.

Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Golem

If you are mildly familiar with Bot lane then you absolutely hate this guy. Blitzcrank is annoying to deal with and can totally take over a lane and tilt his opponents off the face of the planet. The worst part about it is that his kit is completely and utterly simple. It all relies on his single Skill Shot Q (Rocket Grab) where he shoots out his arm and grabs whatever he hits and brings that target straight to him. Riot has been able to nerf this ability to where missing it over and over can be costly but at the end of the day, you only need to hit one grab to make an impact in a 2v2 scenario. He can close the gap and get in range with his W (Overdrive) that increases BLitzcrank’s Movement Speed for a brief amount of time and then Slows himself afterwards. Once a target is grabbed Blitzcrank can Knock it up with his E (Powerfist) that empowers his Auto Attack. To top it all off, his R (Static Field) damages any nearby enemies, takes away shields and Silences them briefly. The only real skill in this Champion is his Q and positioning because the sheer presence Blitzcrank can bring is second to none.

Lulu - The Fae Sorceress

What’s not to love about this power packed Support! Lulu has a lot of versatility in both her playstyle and kit with most of it being point and click abilities. Her E (Help, Pix!) can either shield an ally and give the Pix who aids their attacks or it can damage an enemy and reveal their location. The shield will most likely bring more use than hitting the enemy with it so try and focus on that. Lulu’s W (Whimsy) can either be casted on an ally granting them Attack Speed and Movement Speed or casted on an enemy turning them into a cute little creature that prevents them from attacking or using spells. Both uses have a ton of value so use wisely and focus on either your carry or the enemy with W. To add to the point and click madness, her R (Wild Growth) enlarges an ally that Knocks up nearby enemies giving them more Health and Slows enemies in the aura. Great for peeling and clutch saves when someone gets caught out. A one track mind to enable your ADC is where Lulu shines and is ideal for being autofilled. 

Autofill is never fun to deal with. It is unexpected and unwelcome when we want to climb in ranked and play our very best. That being said, we must be ready for when it happens and this guide will absolutely prepare you for the worst. Who knows, maybe trying these Champions out will open a whole new play style for you and enhance your gameplay to the next level. Either way, best of luck and I’ll see you all on the Rift!