Yone, The Unforgotten - A Guide to Sealing Your Enemies' Fate



Wed 9th Sep 2020 - 7:13pm

Yone is the half-brother of the fan favorite champion Yasuo. Eventually, fate would bring them to fight one another and Yasuo would best his brother, Yone, in the end. After being killed by his brother, Yone was being hunted by an evil entity in the spirit realm. Yone was forced to slay the entity and he is now cursed to wear the entity's mask. Yone continues to hunt similar entities in hopes to better understand what he has become. Yone is a very mobile and high DPS champion with sufficient crowd control that is similar to Yasuo. However, Riot found ways to make Yone's abilities stand out and feel distinct from Yasuo. Despite having different abilities, Yone has a very similar playstyle. It is important to know the ins and outs of Yone's abilities to be able to see the how the interact with each other, and this guide will show you how to use Yone to his fullest potential in League of Legends. 

Yone, The Unforgotten

Passive - Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter allows Yone to wield a Steel Sword and an Azakana Sword that gives him two types of damage. His first auto attack deals physical damage with his Steel Sword. His second auto attack deals half magic and half physical damage with his Azakana Sword. Similar to Yasuo, Way of the Hunter grants Yone double critical chance as well at the cost of a slight decrease in critical damage.

Q - Mortal Steel

Mortal Steel allows Yone to thrust his sword forward dealing physical damage to anyone caught in the way. This ability can critical strike and apply on-hit effects. If an enemy is struck by Mortal Steel, Yone gains a stack of Gathering Storm just like Yasuo. After gaining two stacks of Gathering Storm, Yone can expend those stacks and dash forward dealing physical damage and knocking anyone up that is caught in the way. In some situations, Yone can even use these stacks defensively. He can dash away to save himself from a gank or dash over a wall to put more distance between him and his enemy.

W - Spirit Cleave

Spirit Cleave allows Yone to cleave with his Azakana Sword in the direction of his choosing. The cone deals damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health to all enemies hit, equally split between physical and magic damage. Not only that, but the Spirit Cleave also grants Yone a temporary shield based on the number of champions hit.

E - Soul Unbound

Soul Unbound allows Yone to enter his spirit form and leave his physical body behind him for a short time. His physical body is untargettable for the duration Soul Unbound. In his spirit form, gains movement speed so that he may chase down his opponents easier. Yone marks anyone damaged by him while he is in his Spirit Form. Once the duration of Soul Unbound expires, Yone dashes back to his physical body and the marks he left on enemy champions detonate for a percentage of true damage based on the amount that was stored in those marks. Soul Unbound allows Yone to cross over small walls as well. Although this ability sounds amazing, you must be wary of where you leave your physical body as enemies can wait till you snap back to punish you.

R - Fate Sealed

Fate Sealed allows Yone to deal physical damage to enemies in his highlighted path and he blinks behind the last enemy hit. Enemies caught in the way of Fate Sealed are knocked airborne and are pulled towards Yone which allows him to combo his abilites very well off of his ultimate. The range of this ability is deceiving, because no matter how far it says you will go, you will always blink behind the last enemy champion hit. The only way you would go the full distance of the ultimate is if you hit no enemy champions at all. Fate Sealed is a great teamfighting tool and escape tool if used correctly.


The thing I like about Yone is that he can run so many different rune pages to give him an edge over his enemies. If he is in a terrible match up, there is a page for him to have sustain and be able to trade if you choose to do so. If he wants to really be in touch with his assassin side and trade heavily, there is a page for that. Lastly, if you he wants to be a teamfighting monster, there is a page for that as well. I will share each of these runepages with you!

Sustain Runes


Fleet Footwork makes your next attack heal you and grant you movements speed when you have 100 Energy stacks. The healing gets through those pesky poke matchups and the movement speed allows you to either run away from an unfavorable fight or use it to close the gap to initiate a fight with your Q stacks!

Triumph is the rune you'll get the most out of. You will rarely get enough excess healing to activate the Overheal shield so that rune is not a good one to take. Since Yone does not have mana or energy, Presence of Mind would be a waste of a rune slot. Triumph grants extra gold and restores 12% of your missing health on takedowns. Yone can really benefit from this if he gets a solo kill in lane or is given a gank leading to a kill or an assist.

Legend: Alacrity is the best rune to run out of the Legend rune selection. Yone thrives off of attack speed more than he does off of lifesteal or tenacity. With a higher attack speed, it increases his DPS and really synergizes well with his passive. As I said above, Yone deals physical and magic damage with his auto attacks. You will be able to swing both swords faster dealing tons of magic and physical damage.

Coup de Grace helps you deal more damage to low health enemy champions. With Yone's ability to get to the backline, he can easily kill ADCs and squishy mages and this rune helps him accomplish that goal. You could argue Cut Down is a good rune, but that is purely situational on the enemy teams composition. Plus, you are already dealing magic and physical damage, so it is hard for enemy tanks to itemize against you and not leave themselves vulnerable to the other members of your team.


Bone Plating is a great rune for Yone to run in his tough lane matchups. It lets you take reduced damage from enemy attacks or spells from a short duration. If you decided to go in for a trade, you can maximize your damage while mitigating the damage from your enemy. If you are going to take guaranteed constant damage from your enemy that is difficult to trade back, this rune will mitigate that damage and help you stay in lane longer.

Revitalize is a rune that synergizes with Fleet Footwork. Revitalize makes heals and shields you cast or receive 5% stronger and that is increased by 10% if the target is low health. I know you are wondering why this is a good rune for Yone. Fleet Footwork counts as a heal that you cast and receive. Since you receive the heal, Revitalize activates giving you a little bit more healing. You can constantly heal yourself in order to stay in lane longer. If you forgot already, Yone's W grants him a shield and increases based on the number of enemy champions he hits with his W. Again, this counts as a shield you cast and receive and that shield strength is increased with Revitalize.

Rune Shards

You benefit more from the +10% Attack Speed to help your DPS than the Adaptive Force or Cooldown Reduction. The next Rune Shard slot is where you get your Adaptive Force bonus as you can get your defensive options in the next slot. These last defensive Rune Shards are based upon your match up. Choose Armor for attack damage heavy matchups and choose Magic Resist going into magic damage heavy matchups.

Burst Runes



Electrocute is a rune that deals bonus damage to your target after hitting a champion with 3 attacks or 3 abilities in 3 seconds. Yone's E ability allows him to step forward and quickly trade and snap back to his body when he is done to stay safe. After a expending his Q stacks on his target, cleave them, and auto attack. This will allow you to be more of an assassin and proc this rune to get that extra burst damage.

Taste of Blood is a rune that rewards you playing aggressively. If you go in for those trades and get damage off, you will heal a little bit because of your damage. This gives you that edge so that you man come out on top of those trades.

Eyeball Collection provides you extra adaptive damage for every takedown you get. This stacks up to 10 and when you complete the collection, you gain additional adaptive power. This aides in your snowballing and letting you stay ahead of your enemy.

Ravenous Hunter gives you healing from your abilities that deal damage after unique takedowns. This just means you have to get a kill or assist on each of the enemy team members to increase the healing you receive. This works well with Yone as he relies heavily on his Q. While fighting or trading, Yone will be able to heal up any damage you have taken to either stay in the fight longer or win those trades.


From here, its the same reason to run Legend: Alacrity. You want to increase your auto attack DPS and deal as much split damage as possible.

Coup de Grace is still the best rune for you to run here to be able to deal extra damage. Again, Cut Down can be argued, but it is situational.

Rune Shards

These shards will stay exactly the same.

Team Fighting Rune


Conqueror is a rune that lets you gain bonus adaptive force damage and depending on how many stacks you have earned. You earn these stacks by damaging enemies with auto attacks or abilities and it goes up to 12 stacks. When at full stacks, you receive a great amount of that adaptive force damage and you get healing for 15% of your damage. Melee champions always generate 2 stacks on their auto attacks and abilities so Yone has no trouble procing this rune. He can easy takeover team fights on his own.

Again, you get the most value out of Triumph than the other runes.

As I referenced above, you want that bonus attack speed to increase your DPS.

Coup de Grace is still the best rune because when teamfighting, the chance of there being so many low health enemies are high and this rune could really push you over the edge to finish them off.


Taste of Blood is the best rune for this tree because during your teamfights, the healing you get from damaging an enemy champion could save your life!

Ravenous Hunter is the best rune for providing healing to your champion. Yone is an ability heavy champion and he will get the most value from this rune!

Rune Shards

The Rune Shards will stay the same depending on your matchup. You will change them accordingly to help your laning phase.

Core Itemization

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is the first core item that you will need for Yone. The Unique Passives and all around stats it provides are invaluable on him. This item provides 30% bonus attack speed which increases your DPS and potential for more split damage. You gain 25% Critical Strike chance that is converted to 50% because of Yone's passive. Plus, Yone gets 7% movement speed that synergizes well with his E ability. The Unique Passives that this item brings are what also make it so good on Yone. The Unique Passive Spectral Waltz activates when you auto attack an enemy champion. This allows you to ignore unit collision and gain an additional 7% movement speed. You can really chase down your opponents with this item. The last Unique Passive is a must on Yone. The Unique Passive Lifeline grants you a decaying shield when you take damage that would of put you below 30% health. This really gives you that extra leg up on your enemy.

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is the second core item that you will need. The stats the item provides and the increased critical strike damage gives you is what makes this item key for Yone. The 80 attack damage you gain really goes a long way to scaling the damage on his abilities. Plus, you gain another 25% critical strike chance that is converted to 50% again. This gets you to 100% critical strike chance and this is your item power spike. The best part about this item is its Unique Passive. It makes your critical strikes deal 225% more damage instead of the regular 200%. This item really amps up your DPS.


Berserker's Greaves, Mercury's Treads, and Ninja Tabi

Berserker's Greaves are the ideal boots you would want to get on Yone as they provide a massive 35% attack speed boost to increase that DPS and yoou get increased movement speed.

Mercury's Treads are boots you want to buy if the enemy has a very magic damage heavy team comp. Not only are these boots good against heavy magic damage, but the are good to have against teams that have a lot of crowd control. The tenacity these boots provide shorten the duration of crowd control effects.

Ninja Tabi boots are the boots you want to buy if you are very behind against a champion who is auto attack heavy just like Yone. The increased armor and the mitigation of auto attack damage can really make the difference. It can increase your survivability and might let you back into the game!

Death's Dance

Death's Dance is the last core item you would want for Yone. All the base stats you receive give you plenty of resistances, damage, and cooldown reduction.  The 30 armor and 30 magic resistance make you feel a bit tankier, the 50 attack damage scales with all your abilities, and the cooldown reduction allows you to use your Q ability more. The Unique Passive from this item really makes you a force to be reckoned with. You instantly heal for 15% of the damage you deal. Since Yone is a heavy DPS champion, he will be healing up so much and will be almost unkillable.
Situational Itemization
Mortal Reminder, Bloodthirster, and Guardian Angel
After your core itemization, it is up to you what you would like to build. Use these last two items slots to itemize against your opponents or push your lead. If the enemy team has lots of healing, build Mortal Reminder for the heal cut. You could push your lead more and buy Bloodthirster to amplifiy your lifesteal and self- healing. Lastly, get Guardian Angel to give you that extra life so that you can resurrect and get that extra DPS off that could turn a fight!
A good trading pattern in lane for Yone is starting off on your full Q stacks and pressing E > Q > W > Auto Attack > E. That way when you press E, you can activate it to close the gap between you and your enemy, press Q to dash forward and knock up your enemy, press W to get a shield and deal more damage, auto attack for more damage, and press E again to snap back to your body when you get your combo off so that the enemy cannot trade back. If you do mess up at any point during the trade, you can press E to snap back to deny or mitigate the damage.