Duo Domination: 5 Perfect Pairs in League of Legends



Sun 6th Oct 2019 - 5:43pm

The Solo/Duo Ranked Ladder in League of Legends can be both incredibly rewarding and extremely challenging for players of all skill levels. Being randomly grouped up with players of a similar skill level to you removes the element of chemistry that is so vital in a strong LoL team, meaning that you are required to adapt to your new teammates and their playstyles as you go. One of the greatest advantages you can give yourself when playing Solo/Duo Queue is partnering up with a player you’re already familiar with; be it a long time friend or that keen-eyed Blitzcrank from last game, taking a pre-made duo into your games eliminates some of the uncertainty that comes with a team made by chance. 

This guide will analyse some clean co-op opportunities that you and your Duo partner can use to give yourselves an edge in your next games - whether you’re an ace ADC/Support team, a well-oiled Top / Jungle machine or flexible enough to experiment, we’ve got you covered with the following perfect pairs.


In the bottom lane, there are a variety of important factors that contribute to your success- how well you can control minion waves, whether or not you can trade with your enemies, and your ability to defend against ganks are just a few. When the Sheriff and the Fallen join forces, they’re able to cover all of these bases and more. 

Both kits include nearly unparalleled range, threatening amounts of crowd control and formidable disengage mechanics. Nobody is safe in this bot lane, not even under tower; a well placed Yordle Snap Trap and a follow-up Dark Binding can CC lock an enemy while Caitlyn polishes them off with a Headshot and Ace in the Hole (if needed). When it comes to teamfights, the pair produces a significant threat as well, with Morgana's Soul Shackles dealing some serious damage as the game goes on and Caitlyn being able to pop off when 3 members of the enemy team are locked down. In any team composition with a little bit of tank in the front line, this duo will flourish with high levels of success. 


Patch 9.17’s Galio buff did wonders for The Colossus, making him a much more competitively viable pick on Summoner’s Rift. Yasuo is quite the opposite - his consistently powerful presence in League of Legends has allowed him to flex into more lanes with great success. This combination works so well because you can see either of these champions played in multiple different lanes, with near-equal levels of success. 

The gameplay mechanics of this duo are fairly straightforward and super deadly. Galio’s Hero’s Entrance and Justice Punch are both great engaging abilities for a teamfight that knock up their target/s, inviting Yasuo to follow up with a lethal Last Breath. Yasuo can also provide great utility while Galio is charging up his Shield of Durand by using his Wind Wall to ward off any ranged CC (an Ahri Charm, a Morgana Dark Binding, etc.). 


This combination is one of the cheesiest couples you’ll see in this guide, meaning loads of fun to play and easier to make mistakes with. These two champions are known for their face-tanking engages which are strong enough individually, but when combined as a top/jungle duo become even more fearsome. 

Picture this - you see Kled running out of top lane to place a ward in the river, you take a little extra farm while he’s gone and everything is seemingly normal until he flies back into lane with Volibear by his side. Scary stuff. At any stage in the game, Volibear’s Rolling Thunder amplified by Kled’s Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (yes, it’s really spelled like that) makes the pair a formidable, fight-starting force, as long as they have their team to back them up. It’s very easy to get carried away and stray too far forward from your team, leaving them exposed and easy targets for the enemy team. It’s all about timing! 


These beefy boys are currently very popular picks in League of Legends, bringing potentially massive tankiness and enough CC to lock down the most mobile of champions. Together, their teamfighting dominance is shown clearly for all to see, posing a huge threat to any enemy team, and their laning phase is no laughing matter either. 

Dr. Mundo isn’t known for his ability to deal incredible amounts of damage, but rather soak it up; against an enemy team with strong CC and kiting ability, however, Mundo begins to struggle if he has nobody else to help him in the frontline. This is where Mordekaiser shines, as he banishes an enemy carry to the Realm of Death and allows Dr. Mundo to run rampant through the rest of the team without the worry of being instantly taken down. Running this combo in a team with plenty of damage to back them up creates a significant challenge for your opponents to overcome. 


This last pair is one of my personal favourites, especially since Orianna got shown some love in Patch 9.19’s buff of her ultimate. Vi is an incredibly powerful jungle pick at the moment, as her kit allows her to dive deep into the backlines of the enemy team and cause chaos in their ranks, but unless she’s got a team that can follow up she won’t be used to her full potential. A friendly Orianna with a keen sense for when to attack is the perfect partner for The Piltover Enforcer. 

Their main combo is fairly self-explanatory, making use of Command: Protect’s ability to move Orianna’s centre of damage onto Vi as she flies into the enemy team. Targeting the back-lines of an enemy team with Assault and Battery is a huge teamfighting mechanic on it’s own, but adding in a Command: Shockwave to this engage is going to cause some problems, to say the least. Not only does it deal huge amounts of damage to the target/s of Vi’s ultimate, Command: Protect also gives an extra shield that will help Vi survive the charge through the enemy team. Orianna is often matched with Malphite in the top lane for a deadly wombo combo, but I would argue that this allows for a greater level of success, since there is no getting away from Vi once she’s set her sights on you. 

Use these partnerships to your advantage in your next games in Solo/Duo Queue and feel bad for your opponents as you sweep them aside on your climb up the ranks. There are many more combinations for you to experiment with in League of Legends, but give these ones a go and understand just how powerful they can be. GLHF! 

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