Tips and Tricks on How to be Tilt-Proof



Sat 10th Aug 2019 - 1:41pm

From the top to bottom of the ranked ladder, there is one feeling that we as players seem to feel at some point while playing League of Legends. Yes, I am talking about the negative feeling of tilt. The ways a player can tilt in this game are countless, from missing that lone siege minion in lane to going 0/20 after being flamed by the whole team. It’s different for everyone but one thing for sure is that it is a real feeling that is bent on destroying your time playing League. While it may be unavoidable, there are ways to tame the tilt and improve the quality of your games whether it be climbing through the ladders or having fun with the squad.

How Does One “Tilt”

Imagine yourself as a scale, you have a positive side and a negative side. Usually what you want is to have the positive side weigh more than the negative side. You can fill this positive side with anything that uplifts you whether it be in-game or out. Getting kills, objectives, and wins as well as anything out of game that brightens your day will increase this positive side greatly. However, as easy as it is to fill the positive side, the negative one is even easier. You’re down 40 CS to your enemy laner, the team is flaming you for not rotating fast enough, or the enemy is talking trash because of a gank they pulled off. These are all things that fill the negative side and happen more often than we would like. When that negative side weighs more than the positive, you are labeled as “tilted.” 

There are several things that can happen when you are tilted. For starters, your level of gameplay will go down as your judgement is clouded with negativity. You may do things that are out of character or spam the Missing Pings. Heck, you may even decide to run it down and have the captain sink with its ship. Those are just to name a few actions that titled players do, but none of them are good and they should be avoided at all costs. Luckily, I’m here to highlight a few things that can prevent this. 

In-Game Tips

The games where you tilt always seem like they go on longer than they should because of all the negativity happening. Thankfully there are some ways to block out all that negativity and keep you focused on the objective of winning. Staying focused on these will improve your gameplay and decision making for a much cleaner game.

Seeing the Big Picture

You must understand that at the end of the day, it’s just 1 or 2 bad games. Everyone falls into a slump eventually and you’ll even be the player who drops the ball for most of it. If we were all perfect at the game, then there would be no need to play again and improve. Don’t let the few random players tear you down just because you got caught out or you missed Smite on Dragon. We all mess up. Realize that and move on so you can find away back in the game.

Learn from the Mistakes

Believe it or not, even Faker makes mistakes in his gameplay. You cannot let small slip ups convince you that you’re a bad player and to throw in the towel. Instead, truly analyze why you made that mistake and look to improve on that throughout the game. While waiting to respawn, the game gives you break down of what killed you. This recap shows exactly how much damage you took, what kind of damage it was, and who dealt it so take advantage of this feature to clean up your gameplay mid-game. Play each game knowing whether you win or lose, you will find something to work on.

Do NOT Flame Others

This is something I cannot stress enough when trying to be tilt-proof. Since this is a video game, a little bit a trash talking is to be expected but there’s a big difference between that and straight up flaming someone. It doesn’t matter if you started it or not, flaming others will not get you anywhere. It will leave everyone feeling on edge to see who’s going to fire back stronger rather than focusing on the actual game. Muting would be the usual go-to solution for this, but I would save it as a last resort. League of Legends is a game based around teamwork and communication so taking away one of those factors severely hurts your chances of victory. Even if a few more rude comments are shot your direction, just ignore them and focus on the game at hand. This could pay off immensely.

Out of Game Tricks

Having a tilting game can be tough to deal with afterwards but I assure you there are ways to handle them. This is where you have a lot more control since you’re free from the source that tilted you. Take advantage of this time to the fullest so when you queue up again, you go in ready to face anything thrown your way.

Pace Yourself

Momentum is the main idea behind this method. Nothing feels better than a winning streak that lasts several games. Each victory you earn pushes you to do that again and climb the ranks. That push is called momentum and the more victories you rack up will greatly increase this. There is only one thing that can really get rid of that and it is defeat. Losing a game in general tilts people, even if it's just a little bit. The problem here is that momentum is very addictive and the only way to get it back is to play more games. Playing more games that wind up in defeat will not only take away the momentum but add to the tilt. You come across 2-3 defeats, then it's time to take a break and give yourself some time to de-tilt. It may be hard but spamming game until you get that victory is not worth the countless defeats. Pacing yourself will help you to get that momentum back overall so patience is the key.

Utilize that Break

By this I mean while you take a breather from your tilting game, do something else to truly help your mind reset. Because we are human, we can only take so much of one thing at a time. Take some time to blow off steam so you can get a fresh start when you come back to play. Relieving this tilt can come in many forms such as getting some exercise, grabbing a bite to eat, piledriving a pillow, the possibilities are endless. The goal here is to take your mind of league for a while so you can comeback tilt free and ready to climb.

Surround Yourself with Allies

League of Legends is a multiplayer game, which means it’s encouraged to play with your friends. Playing with people makes the game more fun, it's as simple as that. Communicating gets a whole lot easier and making plays become far more abundant when you play with your friends. Having people with you build up barriers that can stop tilting in its tracks. Find people to play with so you can get the most out of this game and become tilt-proof.

Here we have just a few things that can help keep you from tilting. We all face the dreaded feeling of tilt, but these tips and tricks can easily help you avoid it. Take advantage of them now so you can improve the quality of your gameplay. Nobody is the same so the method on how to become tilt-proof will always be a little bit different, but this guide is a perfect way to figure it out what works best. GLHF!

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