One for the Team – A Look at How to Build a Juggernaut Composition



Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 11:32am

Juggernaut compositions have come and gone terms of ‘meta’ when it comes to League of Legends, but what is a juggernaut composition? Well, it is a team composition designed to create a giant carry that will be able to 1v5 with the help of a set of personal amplifiers around them to ensure that they can carry the whole team’s damage requirement to win the fights required to take the Nexus.

But why are we looking at this style of comp? Well if you are fortunate enough to have four friends to play 5-man ranked flex with, this composition can be an unbelievably powerful tool to use in that queue. Therefore, in this piece, we are going to breakdown how to build a juggernaut composition and what picks you need to make a set composition(s).

What Type of Juggernaut Composition are you Setting up?

Now when I say juggernaut composition, your first thought is probably the ADC that was dominant back in 2016 in the hands of the ROX Tigers when they pioneered the juggernaut/ADC setup with Kog’Maw (Juggermaw as it was affectionately called) to great effect.

However, juggernaut compositions are not just limited to have the ADC as the damage source. It can also come from the jungle role. This was most recently seen in the LCS in the opening weeks of Summer 2019 in the hands of TSM as they ran a Hecarim in a juggernaut setup (or Hyperspeed Horse, as I have named it).

But this means that now for those of you setting up your own juggernaut comp, you now have your first decision to make as which option you select will define all the other picks in the building of your team. So, jugger bot laner or jugger jungler?

Defining Your Carry.

Well now we know where your carry is located, you need to decide what champion will be used. However, not all champions can successfully carry in either jugger setup, as not every champion has the skill set required. But I hear you ask, what are the required skills?

When your running a jugger jungler, your carry needs to be a carry style champion (duh), have their own MS steroid to get into the fight/engage option to start the fight. For this there are 3 main options: Hecarim (Hyperspeed Horse), Kayn (Juggerkayn), Nocturne (Juggernight).

Meanwhile in the older jugger ADC compositions, your carry needs to be a marksman, have an attack speed steroid, and be a scaling hypercarry. Once again there are 3 main options: Kog’Maw (Juggerkog), Tristana (Juggertrist), and Jinx (Juggerjinx).

The Mid Lane Facilitators

The mid lane in a juggernaut comp is definitely more supportive than in other, more traditional compositions. But note how I said supportive, not support. This means that we are looking for champions that benefit from higher levels of ability power yet still bring amplification/buffs to their carry in a package that can still deal with waves. In this role, we want to have an MS steroid for the jungler to go in with/ADC to kite with paired with a second buff to give to the jugger target. Once again I present 3 main options for this role: Orianna (for the additional shield and potential CC wombo), Zilean (for the revive), and Lulu (for the health and knock-up provided by Wild Growth).

The Enchanter Support

This is the part of the composition that is the most obvious to us all, the enchanter support, and for good reason. This role is obvious, provide as much healing, shielding, peeling, and buffs to the team’s juggernaut.

And the group of champions that do this are very obvious, the enchanter support niche that is met by champions such as Yuumi, Janna, Lulu, Nami, and Sona among others.

The Top Lane Options

It has been a long time since a traditional support has been played in the top lane and hasn’t been a troll pick. The last one to be truly meta was Lulu top lane pick back in Season 4 as a counter to the Renekton/Shyvanna/Warwick trifecta. However, this does not mean that picks in the top lane cannot assist the juggernaut composition. In fact, there are 4 unique picks that can fit into a jugger comp for different ways:

  • Morgana – Even though she has not seen play as a top laner for several seasons, she can still slot into the top lane as she can push very hard and facilitate a juggernaut simultaneously through her Black Shield.
  • Jayce – A through and through top laner here, but his Acceleration Gate and potential for split push means he can facilitate a juggernaut composition.
  • Gragas – A pick that has been played in many roles but his ability to peel a team with his ultimate while being a tankier CC heavy menace means he can assist a juggernaut composition as a whole.
  • Shen – When it comes to cross-map shielding and peeling, no champion is better at that than the defensive ninja. That shield and peel means that Shen is potentially one of the best top laners to run in successful juggernaut setups.

Helping When You’re Not Carrying

Now when the jungler isn’t the jugger (and vice versa when the ADC isn’t the jugger), then the role that isn’t carrying has to become a facilitator. In this case, we see the jungler become a defensive amplifier and ADCs that aren’t a primary carry become setups for the juggernaut jungler in the form of engaging tools.

For the amplifying junglers we see two main options in the form of Nidalee who heals and amps a carry’s attack speed (via her human form E, Primal Surge) and Ivern, who provides a shield with defensive peel via his E, Triggerseed.

For setup ADCs there are 3 main options: Sivir via the MS provided by her ultimate, On The Hunt, Ashe by providing teamfight engage via her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and Varus who can also start a fight with his ultimate, Chain of Corruption.


So, there we have it, the breakdown of the building blocks behind the construction of a juggernaut composition in its known variants. But with this breakdown I add a disclaimer: If you don't play to set up your juggernaut, this comp will fail, so play for your juggernaut. But if you do use the setup in ranked flex (or even your local tournaments), then I hope you can execute it as it is a very powerful tool and, when pulled off, is great to watch. To finish remember the following, build your comp with the right picks, play to use those picks to create your juggernaut and watch it obliterate your foes. With that, I once again leave you with the thoughts of GL, HF, and GG.

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