A Basic Guide to the Best Warding Spots for Bottom Lane



Tue 11th Jun 2019 - 7:32pm

Warding may be the most important thing in the game. League of Legends revolves around what you can see. Vision in the game can lead to your team making good plays. Without vision, how can you make good decisions around the map? The enemy jungler can gank you and the mid laner can roam. Bottom lane is very vulnerable because of how long it is, so to avoid ganks and roams, you need to start warding.

Blue Side Warding:

Blue Side Lane Bushes


The lane bushes in League of Legends can give you a quite a few advantages, whether the support sits in there throwing abilities or a jungler uses it to lane gank. Placing wards in these bushes can ensure that you are safe at all times. If you are getting pushed in any time during laning phase, just throw down a ward in one of the bushes. If you care about getting poked out, the bush closest towards your turret is your best bet. Placing a ward in the bush furthest away from your turret has another bonus by allowing your team to make a play by Teleporting in. In today's meta, your top or middle laner will be taking Teleport in most of your games. If the enemy is pushing you in, they might want to make a Teleport play. This can be extremely effective against immobile bot lanes.

Blue Side River


Pushing your lane in is a good thing. You are getting the advantage over your opponent by having control of the lane, but with great power comes with great responsibility and your responsibility is to cover your back. Most junglers will come through the river if they see an opportunity when you are on blue side. By placing a ward there, you will see when they are coming. Most people like to place the ward in the river bush closest towards the lane. It's really effective if the enemy uses the blast cone at their tri-bush. It will allow you to see them coming, but you will have minimal time to react. This ward is effective when you are not at the enemy's turret. If you are at the enemy's turret, this ward will not give you enough time to react to the gank. If you are in this situation, the ward next to dragon pit is the best ward. This will allow you to have enough time to react if they come through river. Be wary of middle lane roams. These can be very dangerous, so you have to look at your minimap at all times. Your middle laner might not notice, but all assassins love to slip through towards the bottom lane. These wards will prevent them from doing so.

Blue Side Jungle


At some point in your League of Legends career, you have fought over a ward in tri-bush. This may be the most important spot to ward. Being on blue side, you have to be careful because of the gank opportunity that path gives. Junglers love to be sneaky, but you can't let them get the upper hand. Warding your tri-bush is very important because it may allow you and your jungler to react if he's nearby. Middle laners love to roam as well. If you are against an assassin, you are expected to ward your jungle to prevent them from making a play on you. In the picture above, you can see that the enemy jungler and mid laner are executing a play bottom.

That jungle ward can save your life because they will not be able to 4-man you. Never try and fight in these situations, just retreat. Try to help your jungler make a play bottom if you can. If you place a control ward in your tri-bush, your jungler knows that it's safe. If the enemy bottom lane starts to push on you, your jungler can sit and wait for the right opportunity to execute the gank.

Red Side Lane Bushes

These bushes are the same as blue side. These provide good intel on where their support is while trying to poke. They also tell you if the jungler is trying to lane gank you. If you want a Teleport play made by your team, place a ward in the farthest bush. If you want to see the support, place it in the closest bush towards your turret.

Red Side River


Placing a ward in the river bush can give you a lot of coverage. It can help you with seeing the enemy ganking you and mid laner roaming down. Red side ganks are harder for the enemy jungler because of how unnatural his path will be. A lot of the blue side junglers go through tri-bush and try to gank. Placing a ward in the river bush can allow your jungler to use the blast cone if he was waiting to counter gank. Your jungler using the blast cone can allow you to pinch the enemy jungler and kill him. Junglers early game are the weakest so taking advantage of that. Warding in the middle of the river near dragon helps you and your jungler out. Having this ward allows your jungler to freely do his camps without the worry of dragon being taken. It also prevents roams from mid lane.

Red Side Jungle

These two jungle wards can really help you out. The tri-bush ward is to see if anyone on the enemy team is trying to dive you. Having your jungler aware of the enemy jungler can really help him out. If he's close enough, he can react and come help through lane or attack him straight up from his own jungle. With you being closer, this gives you an advantage to help him out. Placing the ward next to blue is also really effective. If the enemy jungler is invading, you can help your jungler by moving towards the blue buff. This may lead to a kill or a simple retreat from the enemy. You have the advantage on the red side because of how close you really are.

This spot will also give you time to react because something may be happening bottom lane. With this information you may retreat or your team may try and help you. This depends on the current situation and how quickly your team can respond.

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