Winning with Wombo Combos - Team Compositions in League of Legends



Fri 31st May 2019 - 5:43pm

Is there anything sweeter in League of Legends as a Support than watching your Orianna throw her ball onto that eager Malphite after your Jarvan IV has just landed a 5-man Cataclysm for a clean Ace, then hitting them with that: 

Regardless of your main role, there's always a way you can link up with your team in teamfights that is going to be effective- how effective that is, exactly, depends largely on the champions you and your teammates have chosen and how well they work together. Of course, this kind of coordination is harder to achieve as a solo player and while this article will be aimed more specifically at full 5-man compositions, you can always pick your champion in a solo queue game based on the synergies that you see in these following teams. So let's dive in and have a look at some powerful team compositions that can have you screaming "WOMBO COMBO!" at 1am, leading you to victory and a noise complaint from your neighbours. 

Riven, Amumu, Ahri, Kai'sa, Thresh

This first composition is one of the more aggressive combinations we'll be exploring today - the mechanics that this team plays around are huge mobility and powerful all-in potential with a roster of close-range damage dealers capable of melting the beefiest boys in the League. 

During laning phase, the Sad Mummy's gank potential is something enemy laners will be constantly aware of - a well-timed Bandage Toss will almost always lead to burned Summoner Spells, if not a kill, across all 3 lanes thanks to the Crowd Control of the laners on their own. Each of the 3 lanes are occupied by champions with the potential to lock down the game on their own if they rack up the kills, so an actively ganking Amumu is spoiled for choice. In bot lane, Kai'sa's damage through Plasma can lead to some vital early kills after a clean Thresh hook, but it's once they reach level 6 that they truly become a force to be reckoned with- Thresh can throw himself at the enemy laners, locking them in with The Box At level 6 and allowing Kai'sa to follow up with Killer Instinct from a large distance away. Ahri's own ability to roam is greatly increased at level 6, and a dual gank from Ahri and Amumu together can often lead to the first tower falling after wiping out unsuspecting enemy laners. 

When it comes to teamfighting, the obvious choice is to engage with Amumu at the front, locking down the enemy team with a big Curse of the Sad Mummy and Riven, Kai'sa, and Ahri all moving in close behind, but this team is by no means limited to this method of initiation. A Thresh hook or Ahri Charm on overextended enemy carries means an easy kill for your team and creates the opportunity to either press forward and chase down the remaining enemies or pressure other map objectives such as Baron or Drake without the threat of a full 5-man opposition. Taking Teleport on Riven can also allow for some effective split-pushing, making this team incredibly difficult to deal with across all phases of the game. 


Malphite, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Jinx, Nautilus

This is a team composition that will not need much explaining- we'll call it the Riot Squad thanks to the insane amounts of Crowd Control that these champions have together. Corny jokes aside, it would be hard for you to find a more effective synergy than this in League of Legends at the moment, and with a frontline that's "rock solid", you might have your Orianna / Jinx mains begging for this combination every time you load into Champ Select. 

Jarvan IV, during laning phase, will most likely have to focus on ganking Malphite pre-6, especially against top laners with range since Malphite's Seismic Shard is his only real response to any kind of ranged harass. Orianna in the mid-lane will have enough range with The Ball to act either passively or aggressively depending on her lane opponent and Jinx and Nautilus in the bot lane have enough between the two of them to make it out of tough encounters or find picks early that they won't need to be worried about too greatly. 

Where this team really shines is in a teamfight, which really goes without saying. Even without all 5 members present, there is enough AoE damage and CC to pose a threat to grouped enemies - trust me, I've seen Orianna and Malphite delete enemy teams 2v5. With such strong engage from all of the tanks on the team, Orianna will have plenty of options for who she gives The Ball to and after Malphite, Jarvan and Nautilus have launched into the fray, Jinx's Fishbones can be shot from safely behind her tanky front line. If more damage is needed by your team thanks to an equally tanky opposing team, both Jarvan and Malphite (and lately Nautilus!) can build into more damage-focused items to help dish out some damage, although needing more damage than a backline of Orianna and Jinx will be often unnecessary. 

Jayce, Rek'sai, Xerath, Ezreal, Morgana

What's more annoying than having to Recall as soon as you walk back into lane? Pretty much nothing - and that's what this team is all about. Offering a blend of Magic and Physical Damage, there aren't many builds that won't be affected by the insane poke that these champions dish out. Making your opponents scared to stand opposite you is loads of fun for you, while being a tilt-inducing experience for your unfortunate enemies. 

Rek'Sai's global pressure is huge - it's not uncommon to see a network of tunnels all around the map as the game progresses, allowing her to farm and gank with ease. That being said, if each of these lanes get ahead then Rek'Sai's need to gank disappears and she's free to farm and counter-jungle to her heart's content. At any stage in the game, a Dark Binding from Morgana is devastating for its victim. At max level, it becomes a 3 second Root, and unless your opponents build into a preventative Mercurial Scimitar or Banshee's Veil they will find themselves helpless- in laning phase, this can cause significant grief for the enemy ADC and Support and put Ezreal at an advantage in farm. 

The teamfight strategy for this combination is simple - don't! That is, until you've whittled down their team to the point where you can all-in and finish off what's left of their health; with Jayce's Acceleration Gate-empowered Shock Blast, Rek'Sai's Prey Seeker, Xerath's Arcanopulse/Eye of Destruction, Ezreal's constant Mystic Shots and Morgana's Dark Binding, the opposing team is going to wish they'd have dodged this game. Once low enough, all it takes is for your team to run through Jayce's Acceleration Gate and lock down your weakened opposition with Morgana's Soul Shackles and you'll be handing out GGWP's as you march into their base. 

So there are 3 sweet combinations of champions that can see you dominating your next game of League of Legends. Of course, there are heaps of other team compositions that you can experiment with and maybe you could even replace a champion in one of these ones with a pocket pick of your own, but these are all strong enough in their own right for you and your mates to go wild with next time you're on the Rift. GLHF! 

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