What Runes To Pick in League of Legends: Precision



Sun 5th May 2019 - 9:17pm

Runes Overview

There are five rune paths to choose from, and each path has three or four extremely powerful runes you can choose from, called Keystones. Below those are three rows of minor runes, with three minor runes per row. When selecting runes, you may pick two paths: your primary path and your secondary path. For your primary path, you may select a Keystone rune, as well as one minor rune per row. For your secondary path, you may choose two minor runes from different rows.


The Precision path is largely described as the path of sustain, and the Keystones offered largely reflect that whether in damage or survivability. The four Precision Keystones are as follows: Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork, Press the Attack, and Conqueror. 

Lethal Tempo: After damaging an enemy champion, Lethal Tempo will begin charging, and after waiting a set amount of time, you'll gain a massive boost to your attack speed. In addition, it allows you to break the hard 2.50 attack speed cap. The duration of the buff is normally 3 seconds, but if you attack an enemy champion during that time, the buff will extend to 6 seconds.

Lethal Tempo is extremely good on carry ADCs who either utilize on-hit effects, such as Varus, or have a lot of AoE on their auto attacks, such as Jinx.

Fleet Footwork: FF is a simple enough Keystone. As you move and auto attack, you build up Energized stacks. Once you hit 100 stacks, your next auto attack will heal you and give you a short movespeed buff. However, ranged champions have the healing reduced by 80% if it is used on a minion.

Currently Fleet Footwork only has one dedicated user - Kai'sa. However, melee champions with weak laning phases, such as Kassadin, use this rune extremely well. Otherwise, this rune is rarely taken, unless you are playing a melee champion into a bad matchup and you need to outsustain your opponent.

Press the Attack: PTA is a three-hit passive. When you auto attack an enemy champion three times, they will take a small amount of bonus damage, and will have all damage taken amplified for a set amount of time.

Press the Attack is the go-to rune for many ADCs and some junglers. It is a reliable boost to damage and works especially well on champions with attack speed steroids or auto attack resets. This is a great rune in many circumstances and works very well against squishier targets.

Conqueror: Every time you hit an enemy champion with a separate auto attack or ability, you gain bonus Adaptive Force, stacking up to five times. Once you've hit five stacks, this rune will also convert 10% of all damage you deal into true damage, as well as healing you by 10% of all damage you deal.

Conqueror has been a controversial rune for quite a while. It is very good in extended trades, what with the bonus damage and healing, and so is very useful on brusiers and is especially good on champions who can stack it quickly, such as Riven.

Row 1

There are three runes in Row 1, which largely revolve around resource sustain. They are as follows:

Overheal: Acts as a kind of pseudo-Bloodthirster. When you heal at full HP, the excess healing will turn into a shield that goes up to a set percent of your maximum HP.

Overheal is commonly taken on ADCs to give them a bit of extra padding to protect against poke and burst damage. However, it isn't very useful on many other champions.

Triumph: A very simple rune. When you kill or get an assist on an enemy champion, you get 20 bonus gold and heal for a percent of your missing HP.

Triumph is usually the most common rune picked from this row. The health you gain back from takedowns can be huge in surviving in skirmishes, teamfights, or even after towerdiving. The healing will usually be enough ot save you from ignite as well, and the bonus gold is just the cherry on top.

Presence of Mind: This is similar to Triumph, except that instead of restoring HP, it restores mana, and reduces the cooldown of your ultimate ability by 10%.

Presence of Mind is situational at best. However, it can be good on champions with extremely powerful ultimates, such as Karthus, and the mana restoration is quite massive.

Row 2

The three runes in Row 2 focus on in-combat sustain and protection. They are:

Legend: Alacrity: After killing a set number of enemies, you will gain a certain amount of attack speed, which will eventually cap out at 18% total.

This is the go-to rune from this row. Attack speed benefits ADCs, junglers, and many bruisers. Attack speed in general is just extremely useful.

Legend: Tenacity: As this rune suggests, it also follows the stacking method of Legend: Alacrity, but instead gives Tenacity, up to a total of 30%.

This rune is normally taken into CC heavy comps, either to complement or replace Merc Treads. However, it isn't very useful against teams with less CC.

Legend: Bloodline: The final rune in this row, it also follows the same stacking method as the previous two runes. However, it grants Lifesteal, up to a total of 12%.

Most of the time, this rune is heavily outclassed by the other two. However, if you want that extra sustain and are already playing a champion loaded with attack speed or auto attack resets, this may be a good rune to take.

Row 3

The three runes in Row 3 are focused on increasing your own damage output. These runes are:

Coup de Grace: When enemies are at low health, you deal increased damage to them.

Very good in general, especially on assassins.

Cut Down: When enemies have greater maximum health than you, you deal greater damage to them.

Very good on squishies against beefier comps.

Last Stand: When you are at low health, you deal increased damage.

You'll likely want one of the two previous runes over this one, but certain champions can certainly make use of it, namely Tryndamere and Olaf.


And that's it! Precision is a powerful rune path and extremely popular for many different champions. These runes are all greatly impactful compared to those of other trees, so you should choose wisely. GLHF on the Rift, Summoners!

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