Season 9 Standard Rune Pages (Runes Reforged)



Tue 8th Jan 2019 - 7:56pm

Last updated: January 2019

Season 9 is here, and so is the updated Runes Reforged system. Choosing between paths, their unique Runes, and the Rune Stats is not an easy decision to make. To make it easier for everyone, we prepared standard Rune pages for every role.

Allround page


Recommended all-around page starts from the Precision path. In a combination with the Resolve path, this Rune page includes almost everything you need - healing, armor, attack speed, additional damage, etc. For Stats Shards, it might be best to grab a little bit of everything!

Top Lane (Tank)

Rune Top Tank

For a full-tank toplaner, I'd recommend going with the Resolve path and choosing Grasp of the Undying as your keystone. Grasp will deal additional damage while also healing you and increasing your overall health. Afterward, Runes include health and sustain boosts, as well as boots and dematerializer. For Stats Shards, grab CDR, armor/MR (depending on the matchup), and scaling health, respectively.

Top Lane (AP Bruiser)

AP Runes

AP calls for Sorcery path. This path allows you to deal more damage and to shield yourself, while choosing Resolve as your secondary path will add sustain and more power to your defensive stats. Bruisers are all about demolishing, and so should be your Rune Stats.

Top Lane (AD)

Top Mid AD Rune

Choosing Precision path for your AD toplaner will give you more attack speed and more damage. To gain more sustain and a chance to demolish towers more quickly, choose Resolve as your secondary path. As an offense Stat, CDR works great with most of the bruisers, but adaptive force works just as well too.

Mid Lane (AP)

AP Mid Runes

In terms of the main path, Rune page for AP midlaners is similar to the one for AP toplaners, with more focus on mana regen and cooldown reduction. For bonus AP and CDR, Inspiration is a great second path to choose from. Having the Stopwatch gives you a chance for some crazy outplays!

Mid Lane (AD)

Refer to Top Lane (AD) Rune page. 

Jungle (AP/AD)

Jungle Runes

To move quickly around the jungle and deal a fair amount of damage, choosing Domination as your main path and Inspiration as the second is the best way to go. Pick Electrocute to gain more damage, and the rest accordingly. Choose between armor/MR as your flex Stat based on the matchup.

Jungle (Tank)

Tank Jungle Runes

Tank junglers are more likely to pick the Resolve path for more durability. Inspiration path is a good second choice, since it adds health and movement speed.

Bot lane: ADC

ADC Runes

ADC's need damage, attack speed, and lifesteal. Choosing the Precision path will improve your attack, while Resolve as a secondary path will give you more sustain. Don't forget to grab more attack speed as your offense Stat!

Bot Lane: Support (Mage)

Support Runes

AP supports should choose the Sorcery path. Summoning Aerie helps you to target opponents or shield your allies, and the rest of the tree will add to your sustain, CDR and damage. Choose Inspiration as your secondary path for more damage, cooldown reduction, and the Stopwatch.

Bot Lane: Support (Tank)

Support Tank Runes

Support tanks also call for the Resolve path. Guardian as a keystone will grant a shield to both the support and an allied champion, while the rest of the Runes will add even more sustain. Inspiration path will give you even more health. Change your flex and/or defense Stat based on the matchup. 

Let us know what you think about our standard Rune pages, and give us your picks!

*Note: There is a possibility Runes will undergo more changes, so this article will be updated accordingly.